WATCH: Cincinnati Crowd Agrees With Donald Trump About Flag Burning
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WATCH: Cincinnati Crowd Agrees With Donald Trump About Flag Burning

During a speech in Cincinnati, Ohio on Thursday night, Donald Trump again said that there should be consequences for burning the American flag, a statement that his supporters were in complete agreement with.

Trump spoke to supporters in Cincinnati at the start of what he is calling his “Thank You Tour,” during which he will pay a visit to key states that helped him win on November 8th. Although Trump had a teleprompter on stage and read from prepared remarks, he went off script quite a bit, as when he asked the audience how they felt about flag burning.

“Do you agree with my stance that if people burn the American flag there should be consequences?” Trump asked the crowd.

Supporters in Cincinnati immediately erupted in applause, also chanting “USA!”

Trump initially floated the idea of punishing those who burn the American flag in a tweet a few days ago. The president-elect said that anyone who burns the flag should be punished with one year in prison and a loss of citizenship.

Trump’s position on burning the American flag isn’t actually that controversial, and his proposal is far from unprecedented. In fact, in 2005, Hillary Clinton sponsored a bill that would punish flag-burners with a $100,000 fine and a year in jail.

The United States Supreme Court has determined that burning the American flag is protected by the first amendment.


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Jay Dillon (@vtology)

It should also be mentioned that we are at war against extremist Moslems. In wartime, the need for strict application of the laws of the land is paramount. We don’t want martial law, which is what we go to when our civilian legal system no longer functions to protect the laws and the people. So we had better make sure that lawbreakers are on notice and that we apply all laws fairly and equally, not allowing some groups to run rampant, rioting and destroying, burning property, attacking the USA during wartime. That should be nipped in the bud. Arsonists should be convicted fairly and properly and then shot as enemy combatants if Moslems, or deported if they are illegals or recent immigrants, especially if they are Moslem. It sounds very harsh, only because many USAmericans simply do not accept the fact that we are at war right now.


“Arsonists should be convicted fairly . . .” Ah, what are you, a Trump University graduate??? In the United States of America, the presumption of innocence prevails, until a suspect is found either Guilty or Not Guilty. THAT’S WHAT A FAIR TRIAL IS!! YOU TRY SOMEONE TO DETERMINE HIS OR HER’ INNOCENCE OR GUILT. A TRIAL IS NOT A MERE FORMALITY TO RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC CONVICTION. The lack of Constitutional knowledge and understanding by Trump and his minions is absolutely terrifying! It just a matter of time before America has its own gulags and speaks Russian! As far as deporting people, I’d rather deport people who shoot up the public at movie theaters, or children and teachers at schools. The real war in America is rational, objective thought vs. bigotry and ignorance.


What comes through in all these comments, is that they are written by individuals who are have no understanding whatsoever of the U.S. Constitution. Burning the American flag was settled by the SCOTUS many years ago, with Scalia siding the majority in that flag burning was protected by the First Amendment under its protection of free speech. Do I like flag burning–NO–but as a patriot I support my country’s Constitution, and therefore, allow others to exercise their Constitutionally-protected rights..

Jay Dillon (@vtology)

When rioters are emboldened by having the “right” to burn the USAmerican flag, then they will push for the “right” to riot and burn other things. You don’t want to embolden lawlessness. The USA has a right to have sacrosanct symbols. Individuals have free speech rights and rights to self expression, but this does not need to include the right to burn things. To argue that is simply a form of absolutism, claiming there’s some “absolute” right of expression. It’s very expressive to burn cars, for example, as moslem rioters do every day in France and wherever they are up to their normal shenanigans of rape, torture, murder, beheadings, you name it. We don’t need that here. We need to protect this country from these apes.

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