Faithless Electors List: Who Isn’t Voting for Trump in the Electoral College?

HERSHEY, PA - DECEMBER 15: US President-elect Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a rally at the Giant Center, December 15, 2016 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. President-elect Trump has been visiting several states that he won, to thank people for their support in the US election. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Which electors are flipping from Trump? (Getty)

The Electoral College’s vote is happening on December 19, but has any elector publicly said that they plan to switch their vote from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton? Trump has more electors than he needs to win. He has 306 electors (he only needs 270). This means that 37 people would need to go “faithless” and not vote for him in order to force the vote to the House of Representatives in January. Clinton’s only chance of winning outside of a House vote requires her getting all 38 of Trump’s electors.

In the midst of all of this, some electors are choosing to go their way entirely and not vote for Trump or Clinton. Some of them, the Hamilton Electors, are Democrat electors planning to vote for a compromise Republican candidate in hopes of convincing Republican electors to do the same and keep Trump from winning. Others are voting according to their conscience in different ways. In early December, David Bright, an elector in Maine, said he plans to vote for Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton.

Here are the reactions and plans that electors have publicly shared so far.

Most Electors Aren’t Changing Their Minds

Many Republican electors simply have no interest in changing their vote from Trump. Ken Crider, a Republican elector, shared this photo on Facebook, showing the number of people who wrote him letters that arrived last Friday alone, asking him to change his electoral vote. He noted that this wasn’t even indicative of the number of people who had emailed him also.

Ken Crider


Jim Rhoades, a Michigan Republican elector, told Politico that he’s solidly pro-Trump. He’s gotten thousands of emails a day from people who want to change his mind, and he’s going to stay true to his state’s vote.

Charlie Potts, a Republican elector from Oklahoma, said that he would prefer to vote for a different Republican, but he has no plans to go against the people in Oklahoma who voted for Trump. He’d need a more flawed candidate to do that, he told Politico:

Let’s say that somehow the American people nominated a guy who had murdered 47 people, carved ’em all up and put ’em in a ditch and hadn’t been caught yet, and he got nominated for president. Well, you know, then I might change my mind.”

Another elector in Texas, L. Scott Mann, has posted a blog about why he is not changing his mind or flipping his vote. He wrote, in part:

We have received more than 60,000 emails from anti-Trump forces. The emails include passionate pleas, promises of fame, death threats and every vile and vulgar language imaginable. Anyone who is tossed back and forth by waves of public criticism, or who is blown here and there by every wind of a crafty and cunning media, probably ought not be an elector.”

In fact, Martin is posting on Facebook, sharing messages he’s received from electors along with his reactions.


(Facebook/Sandstorm Scholar)

Depending on Who You Ask, the Number of Republican Electors Who May Not Vote for Trump Varies

The number of Republican electors who might not vote for Trump varies widely, depending on which source you’re listening to. On top of that, some have decided to resign rather than vote for Trump or take the highly controversial move of voting for someone else. Others have publicly stated that they’ve received death threats over their decision. It’s all very stressful for the electors during this campaign.

Lawrence Lessig, an attorney giving free legal advice to electors who want to flip, said he’s talked to 20 electors who may switch from Trump. He gave no evidence for this assertion and didn’t share any names. As an attorney, however, he’s bound by attorney-client confidentiality and can’t share that information anyway.

Robert Reich said three electors told him they might change their minds:

Meanwhile, sources with the Republican National Convention have said that they’ve been in touch with nearly all the Republican electors and only one is at risk of flipping. But once again, it’s hard to know how accurate this is or if the information is just being shared to encourage Republican electors to stay true to their state.

So far, only one Republican elector has publicly said that he doesn’t plan to vote for Trump and will flip his vote. Chris Suprun of Texas said he intends to vote for someone other than Trump and wrote a detailed column for The New York Times about his decision. A petition was launched seeking to have Suprun removed as an elector and, so far, the petition has gotten 35,862 signatures.

Meanwhile, Art Sisneros of Texas and Baoky Vu of Georgia said they didn’t want to vote for Trump, but they would resign instead of flipping their vote.

But despite a few that are wavering, it appears most Republican electors intend to stay the course. Brian Westrate, a Republican elector from Wisconsin, said he’s gotten 48,324 emails so far and he’s had some debates with voters. And Hector Maldonado, a Missouri Republican elector, said he talked with a worried single mom who wanted him to change his vote, and assured her that even if Trump won, everything would be OK, The Guardian reported. He said that although he voted for Ted Cruz in the primaries, he’s committed to voting for Trump as an elector and keeping his oath.

Some Democrat Electors May Not Vote for Hillary Clinton

Some electors have even stated that they want to go faithless and not vote for Hillary Clinton. Most of these electors are part of a group called Hamilton Electors. These electors want to keep Trump out of office by convincing Republican electors to support an alternative Republican, such as John Kasich or Mitt Romney. They’ll agree to flip their electoral vote and vote for the Republican alternative too, even though they’re Democrats, as a show of solidarity.

In Colorado, three electors — Polly Baca, Michael Baca, and Michael Nemanich — sued so they could vote for whoever they wanted and not Clinton, who won Colorado. A judge ruled that they have to vote for Clinton and if they don’t, they can be replaced during the vote on Monday, The Washington Times reported.

Vinz Koller, a Democrat elector in California, filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn California’s statute requiring electors to vote according to their state, so he doesn’t have to vote for Hillary Clinton.  And in Washington, two Democrat electors — P. Bret Chiafolo and Levi Guerra — filed their own lawsuit seeking a similar outcome. A judge rejected their lawsuit. They plan to appeal.

The Associated Press interviewed 330 electors. They found that Democrat electors are aggravated with the whole process, but few from either side expect the hustle, emails, and Hamilton efforts to actually change the results.

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      • Actually, if the “majority” decided, California would run the country. That is where Clinton’s “majority” came from. (What a surprise.)

  1. Donna Brazille the witch of the DNC she gets caught handing over debate questions to Hillary a debate Hillary won by a landslide, a debate that clearly helped her. The last DNC head Debbie Wassermann Schultz gets caught cheating for Hillary deny the DNC voter data base to Bernie Sanders giving all the 520 Super delegates to Hillary before any votes were cast. The black caucus and black church groups were already committed to Hillary 100% and the DNC still had to cheat for her and Bernie Sanders was completely shut out.

    Hillary Clinton creates a private server and then spews out 30,000 secret emails. The DNC and Podesta have emails showing they are lying and deceiving the American people. The fact is The liberal media was 100% behind Hillary, that same media would never report that Hillary was cheating. That same media would cheat to help her win.

    Hillary Clinton received 1 billion in donations many from the Saudis and China the same China the Clinton’s helped with most favored nation status and destroyed millions of American jobs..

    Hillary out spent Trump 2 to 1 and still lost. The fact is Hillary is a horrible person hated by the people a horrible campaigner she never campaigned in Pennsylvania Wisconsin and Michigan. the media repeated constantly that he was wasting his time, they were wrong.

    After these waves of attacks against Trump he amazingly he still won. The fact that no one is arguing is the only voter fraud discovered was in Detroit where the Michigan Secretary of state said one third of the precincts cannot be counted because the ballot box’s had been tampered with. Which leads to the real story the voting problems in Detroit are the same as Philadelphia New York, LA, San Francisco Chicago, and now Las Vegas. These inner city DNC nests are vote cheating machines totally illegal and the real fraud has been ignored by the media. Now the scum are going after the Electors!

    • They should be arrested for all they have done. Brazile cheated, they threaten electors. What they don.t realize is the things they are doing are making people HATE them. Not just conservatives either. their behavior is sickening. People are hip to them now and the media too. Noone believes anything they say anymore and they don’t even hide their bias anymore. Obama is poison. Believe it or not he IS a Muslim AND hates America. His goal was to weaken and hurt this country and he did a great job. Every decision from immigration to refugee flooding in to sanctuary cities and the Iran deal are ALL horrible in every way to this country. He has NEVER done nything to help this country. He should be in jail for treason period

    • Donald is the only hope this country has after 8 years of refugees flooding in unchecked, illegals flooding in whenever they want, Helping muslim countries and hurting allies. The Iran deal which is the worst deal ever. This country needs someone who actually wants to help AMERICA and not hurt it. Obama ruined our miltary we are so weak, the economy sucks and people flood in every day. That does NOT help this country it HURTS it. TRUMP IS OUR HOPE and GOD WILL PUT HIM IN THE WHTEHOUSE. The liberals scheming, threatening and cheating has finally ruined them. People see them for what they are now. Noone believes in the press, and except people that are in denial, noone believes in the liberals because THEY are helping to tear the country apart

  2. Spare me the meanness. We have a very strange situation, and the uncertainty needs to be respected. Trump has no government experience. He has no voting record, and his positions are completely confusing. Those who support him are probably just attending to some things he says and not others. If you look at the whole package it should be unnerving. More bankruptcies, lawsuits, and divorces in his background than any President in our history. Seems to want to align with Russia, our traditional geo-political rival. Seems to have been helped by same. Even a partisan, if honest, feels the stress of transitioning to such a person.

    • And Trump’s questionable persona still sounds worse than Hillary? ? ?
      I know it’s easier to believe a lie than to face being wrong about someone but at some point people really need to wake up and take a look at what’s going on around them and start putting 2+2 together. The Dems are out to do the same thing to the country that they have done to their own party people. How’s that disarray working out? Start subtracting those illegitimate votes. When you are awake enough to do that maybe you can start the see the bigger picture of what the Dem party is really up to. (oh and when I said “easier to believe a lie”, I meant easier to believe lie after lie after lie in her case) Wake the heck up people.

      • Let’s see…when Obama took office the stock market was down around 7000 and the unemployment rate was around 13%. Now the market is bumping 20000 and we are at statistically fully employment at a 4.6% unemployment rate. As a Dem I am proud of our President and ashamed of the racist fervor that has erupted since Sarah Palin’s candidacy for VP lurched ignorantly on to the scene. It has only grown since then. The Republican Party hung its hat and its hopes on Steve Bannon of Breitbart and Alt-Right notoriety, and in doing so, with this election, has cast our nation into the abyss. Russia, and Breitbart, have worked in concert, with hacking and rhetoric, to discredit our election system. If we have no faith in our electoral process then how will we survive as a nation. We have become third world.

      • You believe lie after lie after lie coming from the horse’s mouth: I mean Donald Trump there. You are so BLIND to the truth you wouldn’t know it if it smacked you in the face!

    • Catherine Rampell’s column on Sunday gives a legal, simple solution to Trump’s violation of the emoluments clause (Article II, Section 9, US Constitution) – NYC should seize Trump Tower. Her stated reason was that the congestion caused by increased security is depriving people of the use of their properties in the area, it is costing a prohibitive amount of money to provide security, and it is seriously disrupting commerce in the area. Under the New York ’eminent domain’ statute these would qualify Trump Tower as a ‘blight’ and allow the city to seize it. If they do so after Trump is inaugurated then they would have to pay Trump nothing for his $471MM property, as per the emoluments clause. Pretty clever.

      I am not so unnerved by Trump as I am by the legions who were gullible enough to be sucked in by this massive con. And then there are the Russians…