WATCH: New ISIS Video Shows Child Soldiers Mass Executing Tied-Up Prisoners

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “My Father Told Me,” ISIS child soldiers mass execute bound captives in a training exercise. Later, a man is thrown off a roof to his death. The video was released on ISIS terrorist channels on December 29 after a trailer teasing its release was shared earlier in the morning.

The nearly 34-minute video is stated to come from “Wilayat Raqqa,” or “the State of Raqqa,” ISIS’ name for its occupied region surrounding the Syrian city of Raqqa. ISIS took complete control of Raqqa on January 13, 2014.

The video features boys about 9 to 13-years-old participating in military training exercises, including carrying rifles, jumping and climbing over fences, and being woken up in the middle of the night by older jihadists. The boys are also shown taking Quran classes.

Later in the video, the boys are sent on a mock mission to an abandoned building to kill subdued and bound targets, including a man labeled “PKK.”

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party is often anglicized as “PKK” because its Latinized name is “Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê.” The Kurdistan Workers’ Party oversees the armed wing of its organization known as the Kurdish People’s Defence Force (YPG). The PKK is currently a major force on the front lines fighting ISIS. Kurds have proven their reliability to effectively fight ISIS.

During the execution portion of the video, the boys play a game of “cat and mouse” with their victims. One man is shot in the crotch or leg before receiving a point blank headshot.

Towards the end of the video, one of the prisoners is shown cornered by a gun-wielding boy on the rooftop of the building. The man throws himself to his death off of the roof, but the boy decides to shoot the man anyway.

Previous ISIS photo reports have shown them grooming young boys into jihadis. ISIS refers to their boys as “cubs,” as it refers to its adult male fighters as “lions.”

In June, ARA News reported that the Islamic State ramped up its child soldier recruitment program after losing massive amounts of militants to desertion. In February, CNN reported that ISIS was recruiting the children at “an unprecedented rate.” A majority are Syrian and Iraqi in origin.

The question remains as to what to do with these boy soldiers once ISIS is defeated.

Heavy is an independent news organization. We report acts of terror and violence so that the public may be fully informed. This may include content considered graphic, which is identified. We do not support, in any way, the individuals or organizations involved.

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In a new photo report purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS religious police, called "hisbah," behead an alleged wizard in accordance with sharia law.

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      And besides, NO religion is real, ALL religions are man-made and ALL religions are fabrications, none excepted!

  1. Yeah all the sympathizing wannabes will be impressed. However, the reality is that when these children of Satan go against real men with weapons (instead of mentally destroyed captives) they will perish for nothing but being in this garbage laden propaganda. Bravo…*clap clap*

  2. well the fat kid is the butchers executioners kid for sure, (pre intelligence it looks real), but educational thingy mentioned as an interview project for militant child soldiers would be nice (post intelligence, based on the fall, and one or two of the others i cannot tell), seems to be in a hospital setting, i have seen this before, where they kill the latency for an idea, it is not the people they are executing but the building, that building represents a target. the recruit style video, represents a reduced range of preferred targets, something stable. I think the little girl in the video represents spreading security resources thin based on emotional and political (Lateral contrast) morality.
    soft go to targets are Iraq, Libya, Turkey, etc due to market position. Perhaps security saturation might result in the border of India and Pakistan, this is a third world target version, but socially within their own community, depending on the way they talk themselves up, promote loyalty, and find support, the harder western (hard from facial composition) targets, may have something soft but public enough, I was thinking media since on site and off site reporting would result in a false sense of security, however holidays, and diplomatic access seems hazy, or it could be a top bottom approach, hit the hardest to divert security from a soft target the promote the overall success.
    their is not a lot to go on, it is really in their style of videos.
    maybe a power station and street violence with arson, its difficult to see anything

  3. Mohammed received message from the satan (allah). It’s deceiving Muslims around the world. Quran came from one source (person of Mohammed) there is no other to cross check for the truth. Oh how gullible are muslim people.

  4. Watch the world with wisdom. Open your eyes wide see what is happening around look at the nature to understand the truth. Think wisely. Your stomach does not get filled up without using your hands. Stop believing in fairy tails which never happened to experience in the past, at present nor would be in the future. Be a shame to behave below the standard of animals being born as humans

  5. Islam is the religion of the fall. God doesn’t dirt his hands, He gives to Humanity its own weapons of self destruction. Watch this video, muslim are killing muslim. Muslim are fighting each other since the beginning, far long before the supremacy of the USA or UK. Religion of the Fall, end of the Iron Age (the fathers kill the sons, the sons kill the fathers) after the Gold Age will come back, because all is cycle.

  6. Some of this content is obviously fake. When the man jumped off the roof, there are four separate camera shots of his body falling. What a coincidence… all four of those cameras were rolling at just the right time, because they KNEW he was going to jump? Bullshit.

    • All of these ISIS videos have been staged. As somebody who has worked on production teams it’s blatantly obvious that none of the things shown in any of these videos are real. The acting is sub par. There is never a struggle. All of the gore is added after the initial scene is shot. For the things they can’t fake, they simply fade to black. It’s clear none of it’s real.

  7. if it were up to me, there wouldn’t be a muslim left on earth.

    i would document your crimes against humanity thoroughly, then i’d unleash the power of the atom on you all. there wouldn’t be a single living plant wherever one of you could be found.

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  10. Be ready to meet those lion of the Islamic state. You will never never sleep in peace. We are everywhere at every time. Islamic State is here to stay. Give up now

  11. moarte pentru că, el știa … pacea nu va dura pentru totdeauna.” Amintiți-vă islamice porcine din Siria și islamice porcine din Irak și Levant … Noi venim si Allah va urma cu noi. Vei fi miei de sacrificiu în lumea subterană. Ușor de odihnă pentru timpul este aproape în sus. Ați făcut de rușine puteri mai mari pentru ultima oară și râul Styxx va fi debordant cu sângele lui Infidel Islamc porcine. Sângele tău se va scurge din corpul tău lipsit de viață pe o pădure de acțiuni rezervate pentru tine … ca doar porc ca tine merita. Ai fost concieved în Immortal Păcatul și numele în istorie va cădea peste urechi surde. Mânia judecății este asupra porcului Islamice din lume. Soldați din nisip vor fi trezită și nu se va întoarce la Nisipurile până la trompeta finală este heard.l

  12. islam, the religion of peace, has a very dark and dangerous side. It’s warlord Muhammed’s evil ideology which is meant to oppress people under harsh laws, which are dangerous even to muslims themselves, not to mention to non-muslims, other cultures, animals, foreign traditions and religions, technology. development, western way of life, enterntainment, reasoning and freedom. Its only meaning is to conquer and rule by any means necessary. Read the qur’an and find out islam’s real demonic, hellish, vicious, devious and seductive nature. islam has delusive ways to create an illusion of supremacy, to make you believe you can do everything in the name of allah. All this are rock hard facts that we can see every day in real. Who ever is poisoning Europe and the free world with that black poison, their meaning is to get, again, money and power.

  13. Isis Consits of a bunch of manipulative men who trick these poor young kids into thinking this is the way of living. You’re all animals and and don deserve to live

  14. I’ll be back in a few weeks my sweet sand squirrels. Can’t wait to put rounds through your worthless skulls again ;)

  15. These children cannot be saved and converted when ISIS fighters have all been defeated. They are lost in the ways of their Imams twisted teachings. The thought that the world can get rid of the radicalized ultra-conservative muslims is a beautiful pipe dream. The US cannot do it alone and there is not enough support from the EU and UN. It will take a minimum of 40 years of boots on the ground eliminating every family teaching the twisted ways of ISIS, Wahabi, Takhfiri, Daesh, AQAP and all the other identified radical groups out there. The US doesn’t have the resources to go into everyone elses country to defeat the threats to civilization. Europe needs to take a much harder stand in protecting from within and close their borders. Refugees will die if not allowed to move but so will peaceful citizens of your own countries when the refugees infiltrated by bad people are allowed into your countries. We cannot save everyone in the world and if you think you can, try on your own secluded island and not in my country. 40 years of fighting the bad ideologies to eliminate two generations of bad teaching and figure out how to educate people to decipher the Quran for themselves rather than being force-fed evil interpretations. 40 years of combating terrorism in your own countries by your own people rather than expect Americans to come save you all. We’ve lost millions of our own citizens and legal immigrants fighting around the globe to ensure that France didn’t have to learn to speak German (TWICE), China didn’t have to learn Japanese, Afghanistan wouldn’t become soverign Russian territory. We’ve died fighting your problems in all corners of the globe and it’s time for the rest of the world to step up and stand against the threat of radical Islam. These videos should stand as warning to the rest of the civilized world that we need to desensitize ourselves to the truths that lie ahead. Do not sit in disgust as you see images of adults and children killed in a terrorist training camp. They are all fighters who want to see your life and our way of life wiped from this earth. Two generations of this ideology needs to be eradicated to see a new peaceful beginning to our civilized society. Then we can all live our lives without threat of beheading because we don’t agree with Islam.

    Get off your asses and stand up against Terrorists and radical Islam. They seek to kill nonbelievers of Islam and if that’s you, do something about it.

  16. Allah is stupid he fake at least Jesus is real with proof where proof of Allah? See he fake muhammad was drunk and saw fake there is no Allah so get over it and the Quran is not proof it’s just a book and if u belive a book ur stupid at least there was documents of Jesus I never seen a picture of Allah. Oh wait I see him everyday it’s wen I jack off….. my dick.

    We are Anonymous
    We are a legion
    we don’t forget
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    We will find you isis and eliminate u
    beware all Muslims and isis

  17. I really dont see anything new with isis….they kill to defend their ideology ..just like christians have killed to save their ideology ..jusr like atheistic soviets have killed to save their ideology.

  18. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law, There is no law beyond do what thou wilt. Do that and no other shall say nay. Every man and every woman is a star. Love is the law, love under will.

    • Anybody who wants to see a much larger circle of Muslims supporting, or at least turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to, the absolutely unspeakable atrocities committed by active jihadist murderers only needs to look through however many of the comment lists on stories like these that he/she can stomach.

  19. ISIS is not the first to train children: Japanese, Vietnamese, Nazis, etc etc. It’s a terrible thing to rob the children of their innocence so early by making them kill like this, but then again, they all come from a terrible place where the view of what is acceptable is totally different from Westerners. When you are raised in a never-ending hell where you see your family members die on a daily basis. In the end, in such a revolting (albeit well done) video, these children, the ones, training, and the ones being killed are humans…humans experiencing fear, love, anger, and hatred. These traits, while worlds apart from each other and willing to kill each other, we have in common. Be it the ISIS child executing a prisoner in revenge for his parent’s death, or the coalition pilot dropping the bomb as memories of seeing the world trade center collapsed run through his head….the root comes from love, love of our country, people, families, and the instinct to protect those. Love and fear. The two make a nasty cocktail: hate. When I think of the horrors done to my people, I try to put myself in the child’s shoes, wandering through the rubble where his family died. And then I can understand it. But I’m still left feeling sad, scared, angry. So then I imagine inviting an ISIS fighter into my house, no guns, no knives, and smiling at him. The warmth of a universal sign. Sharing food, sad stories, tea, and a hug. Suddenly we are two men with an understanding and what has occurred is a little bit of healing. A break in the hate, a bridge between all that sets us apart. It won’t be any day soon, but I have faith we will one day be over these differences and break the cycle. Let’s be better.

  20. I see so much ignorance on this page. It doesn’t matter what god you believe in, it is wrong to kill others. These children are murdering people and from the looks of it they don’t want to. If there was a god out there he surely wouldn’t want us to kill each other in a cat and mouse chase. Yet, even though this should be seriously discussed I see people making jokes out of this. I am pretty sure this these children had no other choice, they have siblings that are 2 or maybe 1 years old. In certain ways these kids are mature and know their responsibility unlike most of you on this comment page

    • May death be upon you, you all ruined Islam, you don’t follow god or the prophet, Allah said don’t kill your Muslim brother and you kill him, Allah said there’s no compulsion in religion, what you all do is to create hate, Allah said not to kill innocents, you are killing innocents, so technically speaking ISIS are not Muslims, they will never be, they are the Khawarij that the prophet spoke about them.

  21. Of all the things in this video – cameras, weapons, ammunition, steel, concrete, and glass for the buildings, whiteboards and markers, etc., the only one created by Muslim Arabs is the insanity in the minds of these children. All the rest are creations of the superior Western civilization they’re at war with.

  22. @anonymous … muslims are the rats of the earth … ISIS is a joke! You fight with knives and guns, we gave tanks and planes. ISIS is getting their asses kicked

  23. Islam is the religion of anti-Christ. Just look at all the violent acts they perform all in the name of Allah. The only one Isis and Islam appeases is Satan.

    Jesus Christ is the only way to the living God, Yahweh. God’s best way to get through to humanity was by demonstrating his unconditional love by sending his only begotten son, Jesus Christ to be the perfect sacrifice for all of our sins, past, present and future.

    To those who do not believe what I am saying here I challenge you to read the New Testament and don’t just breeze through it but do your best to meditate on verses and take your time through it.

    Jesus Christ is the son of the living God, you will discover this truth in this life or the next, may God richly bless you.

  24. this terroris group (ISIS) they use the name of allah , killing innocent people . What ISIS can do actually , if they r without those hostages , Vodka land Russia Putin or Donald trump will blow their ass up with nuclear . “Puffed”~ the whole ISIS turn into dust. Or else ISIS will get distroyed by Dank meme instead of nuclear booms . lord gaben is the truth lord , no one can ever disrespect the lord gaben , he’ll send his servent Kappa to show u the direction to heaven . Lord gaben is great.