PHOTOS: ISIS Beheads ‘Sorcerer’ Near Damascus, Syria


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These idiots could test these weapons on plants or in a wood, instead of doing it with a human. These children of the devil, will still savor the taste of an atomic bomb.


There are no words contemptuous enough to describe the degenerate fools. They live their whole lives in a frenzy about a God they have no evidence exists. They slaughter, rape, steal and mutilate in the name of this invisible God and then call to account a so-called wizard? Have they the least idea how ridiiculous they are, and how things of this sort only strengthen the will of their enemise?


Your life has no meaning you ignorant dog if you know how to speak then speak or else just keep your mouth shut

Laura Stovall

Do you mean a kupffer dog? LOL just curious don’t bite my head off ;)

kg d did dgug

Really??? what do you say about this one. “Alha akubar” booooooommm. and many people including babies massacred. So the suicide bombers went heaven and the others who killed by this idiot went to hell. ENOUGH ยก. your idiocies has no limit.


Go and have sex with your mother then since you arrogant athiest pig have no morals.

kg d did dgug

So .you think it is your religion that makes you speak ghetto words like this.

Religion Kills

Look at all these dipshit’s responding. You’re all a bunch of brainwashed lunatics, destroying your own world, believing in an imaginary friend, beheading “wizards”. Do you morons actually believe in this shit? You must also believe in Unicorns too. Idiots.

kg d did dgug

There is God. God of forgiveness. Love and saver .but these butchers lead by their terrorist Bos called Alha. every time when they massacred people they scream Alha akubar.means I did it for you.

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