PHOTOS: Dead ISIS Militants Photographed After House-to-House Fighting in Mosul

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  1. And where is “over 9000” dead isis fighters? Just 2 dead isis fighters.
    They are outnumbered at least like 3 to 1, and all propagandists tell us “isis fight bad”, “isis got a lot of casualities” – i want this to be a true, but this is a lie. ISIS outnumbered at least 3 to 1, their size overrated (even in their propaganda movies you can clearly seen that their size is really small) and they have not tanks(some trophy t55 is bullshit), helis and jets. So if they fight so poor and you outnumber them something like 3to1 and over9000to1 in tanks/jets/helis, just come into mosul and kill them, if it is so easy,

  2. “Islamic state militants corpses little southeastern Mosul neighbourhood streets”
    There is literally a photo of one dead body….

  3. American promised iraqi forces victory and Allah promised Islamic state victory just think 100000 Iraq forces vs 5000 Islamic state soilders and still iraqi forces are not able to advance for the help american aircraft over them and their r showing I deadphoto of Islamic state soilder and which mean victory to them while more than 5500 of Iraq forces have been killed and they cannot released their casualties becoz they want to keep the morale of their coward soilder high

  4. Those neigbourhoods mentioned in this report are only on the outskirts of Mosul, and the Iraqi army have lost around 5000 soldiers, with this little progress in over two months of fighting. All this with coalition air support and a force of 100,000 soldiers against just 5000 Isis fighters, what’s going on ?

  5. Maan is anyone realizing how much war booty ISIS are are gaining. like seriously every single day they are taking weapons by force and the amount of dead opposition soldiers. Allaaho akbar!