PHOTOS: Dead ISIS Militants Photographed After House-to-House Fighting in Mosul


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And where is “over 9000” dead isis fighters? Just 2 dead isis fighters.
They are outnumbered at least like 3 to 1, and all propagandists tell us “isis fight bad”, “isis got a lot of casualities” – i want this to be a true, but this is a lie. ISIS outnumbered at least 3 to 1, their size overrated (even in their propaganda movies you can clearly seen that their size is really small) and they have not tanks(some trophy t55 is bullshit), helis and jets. So if they fight so poor and you outnumber them something like 3to1 and over9000to1 in tanks/jets/helis, just come into mosul and kill them, if it is so easy,


Fallujah. Ramadi, Kobani were emptied completely of civilians and yet all (3) cities were completely destroyed. Fallujah. Ramadi. Kobani are beyond repair. The UN estimates 90% of all structures were destroyed in all (3) cities. In Kobanis case ISIS published their dead list which contained their verified dead. The Kurds battling them documented their version of dead ISIS of which 1/3 were unidentifiable. The discrepancy of the listed KIA which ISIS published and what the Kurds themselves published is fairly similar. In another case of accuracy the UN outraged the Iraqi government by publicly disclosing the 2000+ military casualties the Coalition suffered in the opening days of the Mosul campaign. The ISIS attributed nearly identical numbers for enemy KIA. The numbers were shocking in their accuracy to the New York Times and many other journalists because they proved :

A. ISIS was systematically reporting enemy KIA to a great accuracy.
B. That despite being vasty outnumbered ( 3000-5000 v 100.000 ) the ISIS was able to inflict major losses against a vastly superior force.

Anyone who studies military tactics however would not be surprised of a smaller force inflicting greater losses against a superior enemy when preparation and planning and home -field advantage are taken into consideration. Also what many emotionalists don’t consider is the fact that some of the ISIS military tactics are asymmetrical and in some cases very complex in their usage. For instance when ISIS took over Ramadi after their defeat in Tikrit, the actual military maneuvering was calculated and well rehearsed. While leaving a small core of Inghemasiyoun,” broadly translated as “those who seek death” , they systematically withdrew from Tikrit and counterattacked in Ramadi.

Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi was quoted as saying that the method used in the takeover of Ramadi by the ISIS has no defense and was shocking and deadly to the Iraqi troops stationed in Ramadi at the time. In wave after wave of car bombs ( likely using highly technical and powerful explosives due to the comment of al-Abadi that some explosions took out entire city blocks ) the smaller ISIS forces completely routed the Iraqi defenders. Haider al-Abadi compared the suicide explosions in Ramadi to equal in power as a small nuclear bomb. These aren’t exaggerations. After satellite images of Ramadi were seen , the entire government complex in Ramadi was nearly leveled in the May 2015 takeover.

Just like in Stalingrad, in Berlin, in city after city in WW2 and other conflicts we have had, it is the invader who will normally face a larger death rate and the defender can inflict those losses with a vastly smaller defending force. These military tactics have proven themselves time and time again throughout history, from the Spartans to the Afghan mujahadeen. The only difference in the battle with ISIS is the use of high explosives, suicidal death troops and both standard warfare maneuvers and asymmetrical warfare. In teh case of the high explosives, they haven’t been seen since Ramadi and I suspect that -removing the source of those explosives became a priority in preparing for the ISIS defeat.

The Author is a freelance journalist specializing in modern military tactics.

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