PHOTOS: ISIS Allegedly Kills 2 ‘Western Soldiers’ Near Raqqa, Syria

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isis news, isil news, is news, islamic state news, daesh news, syria news, iraq news, terrorism news, africa news, al qaeda news

(File photo of an ISIS execution.)

The Islamic State Amaq News “agency” has put out a statement claiming that 2 “Western soldiers” were killed near the “terrorist capital” of Raqqa, Syria. Which alleged Western country the purportedly killed soldiers were from was not specified.

Last month, Senior Chief Petty Officer Scott Cooper Dayton, 42, was announced as the first US casualty in combat against the Islamic State in Syria. Cooper was killed on November 24, Thanksgiving, by an IED in Ayn Issa, Syria.

Ayn Issa is about 35-miles north of Raqqa, the terrorist “capital” of the Islamic State.

ISIS took complete control of Raqqa in January 2014. It then converted the Armenian Catholic Church of the Martyrs into its headquarters. Soon after, outlying regions of Raqqa were “annexed” into “Wilayat Raqqa,” or “State of Raqqa,” one of the many states of the so-called Islamic State.

Ayn Issa is “part” of Wilayat Raqqa. Last month, Al-Jazeera reported that US-backed Syrian rebels have announced their intention to retake Raqqa.

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New ISIS Video Burns 2 Caged Turkish Soldiers to Death in Aleppo

In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled "The Cross Shield," 2 soldiers with the Turkish Army are burned to death in the Aleppo countryside.

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  1. To whom do you serve for? You blurr the American soldiers’ faces, but openly show the the gruesome video of dying of the Turkish soldiers. You are the reals supporters of ISIS. US planes dropped three times more bombs to Kobani compared to the 2003 war in Iraq, when it comes to defending/supporting Kurds and portraying them as saviours; yet the US planes are absent of the skies in AL BAB when it comes to supporting the Turkish Army fighting against the same enemy (ISIS) – you are all perpetrators and hypocrites