WATCH: New ISIS Video Threatens Bahrain & Gulf States, Shows Sharia Hand Amputation

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The Islamic State has purportedly released a video threatening Bahrain, titled, “Bahrain – Where is it Heading?” It also threatens Saudi Arabia. Intermixed in the video is footage of sharia law punishments. The video was released on ISIS terrorist channels on December 6.

ISIS has previously threatened Bahrain before, which is headed by a Sunni monarchy that rules over a Shia majority. However, according to The Guardian, “This is not to say that all Bahraini Sunnis are rich or that being Shia is always synonymous with being poor. As many commentators will point out, Bahrain is home to economically powerful Shia families and high-ranking Shia government officials.”

ISIS has tried to play into the historic violence between Sunni and Shia in the Persian Gulf. Last year, Al-Masdar News reported that ISIS called on its sympathizers to attack Shia and their supporters in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

In the video, ISIS gives a brief, Islamist viewpoint of Bahraini history before moving on towards its place in the current political climate.

Over and over again, the video urges for violence against Shia.

At about 15:30, sharia law punishments are shown being carried out by ISIS religious police, known as “hisbah.” Hisbah is short for “Rijaal al-hisbah” and translates to “men who guard against infringements.” “Infringements” in this context refers to anything seen as non-Islamic by sharia law interpretation. According to the Learn to Read the Quran, hisbah police duties includes the monitoring of:

1- Free mixing of the sexes and wanton display of beauty (tabarruj) which are forbidden according [to sharia.]
2- Imitation of either of the sexes by the other.
3- Men making approaches to women either verbally or by their actions.
4- Profane, obscene or indecent speech.
5- Playing radios, TVs or recorders etc. near mosques or in such a way as to disturb the worshippers.
6- Non-Muslims openly manifesting their beliefs or the symbols of their religion, or showing disrespect towards the symbols and rulings of Islam.
7- Displaying or selling pictures, books or video or audio recordings which go against Islamic etiquette or Islamic beliefs.
8- Displaying 3-D or promiscuous images, or the symbols of non-Islamic religions such as the cross, the star of David, images of the Buddha, and the like.
9- Manufacturing or promoting or trading in intoxicants.
10- Means that lead to immoral actions such as adultery, homosexuality and gambling, or running houses and places where evil and immoral actions may be committed.
11- Manifest bid’ah (innovation), such as venerating certain times and places for which there is no sanction in sharee’ah, or celebrating innovated, un-Islamic festivals and occasions.
12- Practising witchcraft, magic and trickery in order to consume people’s wealth unlawfully.
13- Cheating in weights and measures.

Hisbah enforce sharia law, which enforces “hudud.” Hudud means “boundaries” in Arabic.

At the end of the video, ISIS holds an “in memoriam” of Islamic State fighters who have recently died in the Sunni Islamist cause.

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In a new photo report purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS militants in Deir ez-Zor, "Wilayat al-Khayr," Syria participate in "ribat," an Islamic term for patrolling.

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  1. if the bahraini gov increase the tax on alcahol and tobacco we will turn to terrorists its a matter of time ,lets hope they make a wise decision.

  2. the gold books are on point, it reminds me of the oldest library in morocco i think (there for i am), putting the book back (cell) is indicative of the perceived prestige of the culture, the pharmaceutical drugs are on point, so is the internal revolution between militant classes, I think cognitive inflation (as in economic inflation) of militant ideology has drawn out true reflections of how they see themselves, now as each locus consumes the mass of their structure, and in resistance to that plague they themselves have destroyed infrastructure through the imagined paranoia, one presumes what they are saying is close to their cause goals.
    What i see (if what i see is not inflation or mimicry), is a very definitive upper class, a smooth transition of voice, almost poetic, or entitlement, (tribal blood feud is rolling around my head), i think their is some nostalgic tribal prestige attached to this that through a narrative has become a myth and that myth has become a legend, it sort of tilts towards a legitimate state, in saying that, if entitlement is intoxicating, then a shadow state must exist just below a legitimate state, or at least a form of existence beyond the surveillance of capture.
    If alcohol is prohibitive and entitlement is intoxicating and social camouflage reflective of alcoholic association them one could presume this is a step down from circumnavigating a government by using christian ideology.
    i only say this because of this research i was doing, and i was reflecting on the deep contrasts with Greek myths and Christian myths, but more importantly the 12 trials of Hercules from the point to disestablish a government and defeating that government and taking control of that government, you would look for representation in the symbolism of the trials.
    In essence, the class (clothes) and suicide belt at the end of the video, seems to me like a messenger willing to die rather than be captured, returning to the leadership to inform them of the structural integrity of their cause or perhaps a return to sleeping through their own blow-back,
    you cannot exist secretly in society without masking that secret with an ideology you detest, i doubt they would embrace Christianity as it would appear repulsive, but probably haven’t ticked the null in void box,

  3. Always amazing to see muslims utilizing implements that humans created, designed and manufactured. How long have muslims even had opposable thumbs?

    • You people are so ignorant, when the whole world was in the dark ages medieval time, Islaam was in its Golden times. The Europeans were so dirty, and ignorant they would travel to Baghdad, Iraq in order to learn knowledge from the Muslims even about cleanliness. Algorithm is from Al – Khawarasmi (He was an Arab Muslim) If it wasn’t for him there would be no IPhones today. Algebra (Al-Jabr was an Arab Muslim). Oxford University was built after they Europeans visited Baghdad. read the real history that your stupid bias schools don’t teach. The first university in the world was in Morrocco called Al-karowiyyoon. Which is an Arab Muslim country. Islaam encourages mankind to seek knowledge through science, etc. Whereas back then the Christians used to call science blasphemy an used to kill anyone that supports science. You people that speak about Islaam and Arabs have no clue. So stop being haters and really with a sincere heart read the Qur’aan and see what it really says and stop relying on fox jews……….

  4. Pull our troops out of Sacred Muslim land. If They want to fight there war there let them, I don’t know what concern it is to us. Shi’ites have taken the Sunni land and treated them the way Caucasian treated African Americans until the 60s. Let them figure it out, really none of our concern. I’m sure they would stop threats of our lands if we just let them be. Always have our hands in everything

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  6. Remember, there is only ONE state in this world: ISLAMIC STATE and ONE GOD with Mohamed: the last prophet (may Allah protect his teaching). No other state’s name. No other king. Our state is here to stay forever. Never forget that. Islamic State is the state of all peoples who accept Islam and peace. Join us now or died in our hands. Your so call leaders will not save you. They will run for their own lives like pigs when you will be under our domination. Save yourself now. Join us now. Save your soul now. Judgment day is coming very soon than you think. May Allah protect all fighters in Sham and Levant and our Kilafah (state of all). Allahu Akbar.

    • Buahahahahahaha. I’ve seen videos of how you guys fight. I’ve worked with the legitimate armed forces in the legitimate countries in the region. People with real training compared to what you have. I’ve worked with their special forces and SEALs. And we would destroy them if they ever fought us. I’m also not any form of special forces in my country. I’m not worried about you. ISIS can’t stand toe to toe with any western military force conventionally. You claim to be an unstoppable force, but you can only operate from the shadows. Come out and play with us in a serious fight ISIS, you school yard bullies. We’ll introduce you to a whole new world of suck.

      • The second Islamic Khalifah under the Umar Ibn Alkhattab (May Allaah be Pleased with him) defeated the two strongest empires at the same time. The roman empire and the persian empire. The analysts have compared it to the eskimos of today defeating USA and Russia at one time. You see you need to read the Islamic real history and find out why the world are scared when Muslims unite. Because history tells us that when Muslims have a khalifah, they are unstoppable. Unlike you disbelievers you rely on materialism, whereas us Muslims we rely on the unseen, we rely on the creator above everything that exist.. ALLAAH! Russia got their ass kicked in Afghanistan by Taliban, USA got their ass kicked by Vietnam, USA got their ass kicked in Iraq 10 years ago and now again they’re fighting behind the iraqis amd kurds like whimps and still dieing by mine bombs lolll. navy seals? navy squeals . All it takes is one god fearing muslim to strap himslef in a truck and drive to 20 of you so called strong millitary troops and your troops either run like girls or they all die by one brave mujaahid. 20 of your troops are not even equal to one Mujaahid. NOTE: there was a battle lead by khalid Bin Waleed [( The Sword of ALLAAH) who never lost a battle ever in his life.] The Muslims were 3,000 against the romans that were 200,000!!!! The Muslims slaughtered them………..

  7. I don’t know why I feel they represent Islam really. Look at their appearance and names, they are more close to Islam than those who wear shirts & jeans, use Gel, hold modern names, and women who don’t wear covering and use make up.