PHOTOS: ISIS ‘Tours’ Village West of Mosul After ‘Expelling’ Shia Militia


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Islam will win, kuffar and shia knows nothing about Islam. Abubakar was apointed as a khalifah by prophet. Prophet told abubakar to lead a prayer, he never commanded Ali or anyone else. Learn and analyze before publishing your posts.


Please keep in mind that these ISIS rodents are a Schizophrenic Suicidal Death Cult!


That’s the explanation of Jihaad in your western analogy. So now ISIS are schizophrenic loll. When there are no solutions on defeating the opponent they come up with lame excuses.

Philosopher King

Well, Islam, like all religions is boolsheet. You’re just a bunch of idiots.


Wow, muslims slaughtering other muslims. Been happening for centuries with those primitive creatures. The only difference now is they have access to western technology, the kind humans create and produce. The muslim animals only produce death, pain and misery.

Pastor Michelle Levine

As a pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland we worship and praise Donald Trump because along with God above, Trump is our good personal charismatic God and Prophet here in America. The world needs to come and worship and praise Donald Trump along with the one above because they two are good personal Gods and Prophets. Call our church at 301-869-1780 for details on how to make the world commit to the good Holy Gospels of Trump and Christ above. Thank you for your service if you will do so for us!

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