PHOTOS: ISIS Executes Teenage Peshmerga ‘Apostate’ in Kirkuk, Iraq

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FOTOS: ISIS Ejecuta a Niño ‘Apostata’ en Kirkuk, Iraq

Una nueva serie de fotos publicada por ISIS muestra la ejecucion brutal de un niño en Kirkuk, Iraq.

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  1. Lookie there, that teenage boy was killed with an American made rifle. Dollars to donuts, his assassin was trained directly by Americans, or one-step removed, too. Nice watch on his wrist too.

    It’s past time to pull our country out of that desert…

  2. That’s not a watch that’s handcuffs…don’t know if you were being sarcastic.

    Any country can buy any other country’s weapons and he doesn’t have to be trained by anyone to shoot it.

    We don’t need to pull out, we need to annihilate. This happened because we pulled out.

  3. Aaaawww, look at that muslim ape using a tool designed by and made by humans. Those muslim monkeys should stick to playing with their feces and remain in their cages.