PHOTOS: ISIS Executes Teenage Peshmerga ‘Apostate’ in Kirkuk, Iraq

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at


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That’s not a watch that’s handcuffs…don’t know if you were being sarcastic.

Any country can buy any other country’s weapons and he doesn’t have to be trained by anyone to shoot it.

We don’t need to pull out, we need to annihilate. This happened because we pulled out.


No this happened because the west itook it upon itself to remove Sadam


And? We will continue to remove whoever we like in that wasteland. The middle east, why are those country’s full of such garbage? Easy, Allah isn’t real.

Dark Space

Lookie there, that teenage boy was killed with an American made rifle. Dollars to donuts, his assassin was trained directly by Americans, or one-step removed, too. Nice watch on his wrist too.

It’s past time to pull our country out of that desert…


Muslims can’t wear watches ??
Oh you people are such fools. I’m Muslim and I own a Rolex so friken what????
You moron.

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