PHOTOS: ISIS Crucifies ‘Spy’ in ‘Terrorist Capital’ of Raqqa, Syria

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at

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  1. When somebody commits pedofilia the whole word jumps and calls for capital punishment.
    When there is rape the whole world jumps and calls for capital punishment.
    When horrific crimes occur, the whole world cries for Capital punishment.

    When Islam enforces these types of punishments.
    The whole world cries.

    Americans need to release they are hypocrites, they are sheep, they are dumbasses and they are fat shits.

    • Actually, the percentage of Americans who support capital punishment is declining. I do not support capital punishment for ANY crime. 18 U.S. states do not allow capital punishment for any crime and the number of states banning capital punishment is increasing. In the states where it is legal the use of capital punishment has become more and more rare.

      American society has progressed more than Muslim societies. Progressed far, far more. Most Muslim societies are still living in the Stone Age as far as human rights, intellectual enlightenment, and human progress. They have barely changed in the past 2000 years. They are stagnated if not regressive.