WATCH: ISIS Snipers Take Aim at 3 Iraqi Army Soldiers in Eastern Mosul

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS snipers in East Mosul are seen targeting 3 “Rafidi” Iraqi Army personnel with the American coalition. The video was released on ISIS terrorist channels on December 2. An accompanying summary of the video reads: “Sniping 3 Iraqi Army Personnel in Eastern Neighborhoods of #Mosul.”

“Rafidi” is a derogatory term for Shia Muslims used by Sunnis. It means “rejectors” because Shia Muslims believe in a different line of successorship for Islam following the death of its founder Muhammad. It is commonly used by ISIS to refer to the majority Shia Iraqi government, which is backed by Shia Iran.

In October, the American coalition, consisting of the Iraqi Army, the Kurdish Peshmerga, Shia militias, Christian militias, and the Turkish Nineveh Guard, descended upon Mosul to free it from the Islamic State. The official operation began on October 17 when it was announced by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Yesterday, Col. John Dorrian, U.S. spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, told Fox News that he estimates about 20% of Mosul has been freed of the militants so far.

According to United Press International, Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense, “said Iraqi security forces are approaching the city from the east, southeast and the north.”

In the eastern neighborhoods where the above video is alleged to have been filmed, ISIS has embedded itself with civilians. According to Reuters, ISIS has begun to kill civilians who don’t let rockets and snipers to be sited in their houses.

Ravina Shamdasani told members at a regular United Nations briefing:

On Nov. 11, ISIL reportedly shot and killed 12 civilians in Bakir neighborhood of eastern Mosul city for allegedly refusing to let it install rockets on the rooftops of their houses.

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