WATCH: ISIS Releases ‘Trailer’ for New ‘Tank Hunting’ Video From Mosul

UPDATE 12/13/16 @ 2:11 pm EST: The full video has been released and it features British hostage John Cantlie. Watch it here. Original story below.

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The Islamic State has purportedly released a “teaser trailer” for an upcoming propaganda film about attacking Iraqi Army tanks. The trailer was released on ISIS terrorist channels on December 13 from “Wilayat Ninawa,” ISIS’ name for the occupied Nineveh Governorate of Iraq. The video of “tank hunting” was promised in late November at the end of a sniper video purportedly released by ISIS.

The trailer appears to contain footage from a recently released ISIS photo report from Al Salam Hospital in southeast Mosul.

Last week, Reuters reported that Iraqi troops briefly seized the ISIS-held Al Salam hospital before being beaten back by ISIS militants using suicide car bombs. However, in their siege, Iraqi troops were able to establish a few footholds with tanks.

The video footage appears to match images of tanks exploding from the photo report.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, the Iraqi forces asked for a precision airstrike on the hospital. Colonel John Dorrian, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman, said in a statement about the airstrike:

As you saw last night, the coalition conducted a precision strike on ISIL fighters who had seized part of the Al Salam hospital complex in southeast Mosul and were using the facility to fire heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades at the Iraqi security forces in the area… It was a very difficult battle, but the Iraqi security forces had advanced into an area pretty deeply into Mosul at this complex. And what we did is conduct this strike in order to allow them to fall back to a more defensible position.

Check back later for the full video and analysis once it’s released.

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