PHOTOS: New ISIS Video Shows 4 Rifle Executions by Sticking Gun Barrels in Mouths

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at

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  1. Lollll you Americans kill each other more thahn Muslims kill each other. America has more killings and crimes than ISIS dumb ass. We kill for honour, you idiots kill for drugs, money, fame what is like every 3 seconds in America a girl gets raped. Bitch the laugh is always on you dumb Americans :)))))

  2. At least they kill face on and explaining the reason why. You know killing is aloud you stupid idiots. Those that were killed were spies and rats. Im sure you know what would happen to a rat in your streets. Unlike your governments who make up bullshit and convince you dumb heads to go into countries and just press buttons from hundreds of meters above and bomb everything that moves without explanation…. Enough with your double standard bullshit. This is a WAR on Islaam and your on the other side, so quit with you being the innocent. Anyone supporting the killing of Muslims in Islaam is a GREEN LIGHT

  3. Dear all, if the holy prophet was alive now would he kill people in this manner? True Islamic jihad was fought in defense from armies trying to exterminate Islam and also to wage war with oneself (since we fight internal battles often, the desire to commit sin is there scratching away. Our self control is jihad in this case, it’s a symbol of our daily struggle)

    Read the Quran, but it’s better to understand it. It’s unfortunate that the majority of Muslims are not educated enough to understand its teachings or have the wrong people in charge that control them through wrong interpretations (remember they want to kill for their own reasons, so they will convince you that Quran teaches this). Which is why we have groups such as these. They read what is there, but don’t see the context. Wherever it says to punish, it also says that forgiveness and mercy are better.

    God has made them blind to their wrong doing, so they will continue this path straight to hell but they will take many with them. I feel sorry for those who are convinced that doing these acts will grant them paradise.

    Going back to the war on Islam – Yes the western world is making an effort to demonise the religion (they might be the very reason ISIS exists). So in the end their efforts are to make the world hate Muslims, and ISIS are doing a great job of that. Bottom line, you can’t wage a war with 1.6 billion people who are everywhere in the world… instead turn them against each other by provoking violence among the sects and turn western Muslims away from their religion. This war has only weakened Islam, turning brothers against each other and destroying the once beautiful cities of Iraq/Syria.

    • Allahu akbar they are killing all the murtadeen and kuffar enemies of Islam may Allah grant them victory inshallah jihad will never stop until the day of judgement