PHOTOS: ISIS Documents Dead Iraqi Soldiers After Battle in Tal Afar, West of Mosul

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at


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Isn’t it amazing for us humans to watch the muslim apes leaving their cages and using stolen human technology/tools? Muslims are the only creatures lower than russian on the evolutionary food chain.


Isn’t it funny that 100,000 humans can’t defeat 5000 apes! These 5000 lions will eat your 100,000 sheep. The more time passes in this war, and more weak weak pathetic your sheep look.


Lets not forget also that those 100,000+ have an air support on their side + not (stolen) technology/tools tanks etc.. from pimp SAM.

And still get molested by those 5000 lions that the whole air against them.

ISIS = New Spartans


Stupid kuffar don’t know what your talking about stop talk from your rear.

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