Sheriff Says Obama’s Birth Certificate Forged: Photos and Evidence You Need to See

WATCH: Sheriff Arpaio’s Press Conference on President Obama’s Birth Certificate [FULL VIDEO]

If you missed Sheriff Arpaio's press conference about Obama's birth certificate, you can watch the entire video, unedited, here.

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  1. I was about to say good work summarizing — but on photo 9, you say “here you can see the two certificates side-by-side (with Obama’s on the left)” — that’s incorrect! Those are the side-by-side birth certificates of twins born 5 minutes apart in 1966, showing an example of date stamps that have DIFFERENT angles. Obama’s birth certificate was supposedly stamped 16 days prior to Johanna Ah’Nee’s, but the date stamps appear at exactly the same angles, oddly. (What I’m curious is how investigators came across this Johanna Ah’Nee person’s birth certificate. Also slightly curious how they changed the date digits to be 16 days prior.)

    • I would say that they obtained Johanna Ah’Nee’s birth cert by having to examine other births certs from that particular date to make comparisons. Hats-off to the investigating team; I hope they have enough evidence to nail him.

      • Nail him to what end though? you know their infamous line, “at this point, what [the hell] difference does it make?!” I think most people know what happened here and it has no bearing on govt. whatsoever between now and Jan 20th, and I’m not sure it would even after that. Just like Sen. Lizzie “Pocahontas” Warren, he got away with pretending to be American for personal gain, and the system was too stupid to correct this crap. We better wise up and stop letting scuz like this hijack the United States. Go ahead, audit me now! I dare you.

        • Incredulous, not so fast! Think about it, if obama cannot prove that he is an American citizen by presenting an ORIGINAL record of live birth, his citizenship status must revert back to being an Indonesian. He went to government supported schools in that country and Indonesian law requires the students to be citizens of Indonesia.
          Even worse for the Democrat Party that foisted this big-eared biped onto the American public as being an American citizen, any legislative bills that he signed into law, or executive orders that he issued would be null and void, if he is not an American citizen. Think Obama Care!
          Question: why does obama continue to keep his ORIGINAL birth record a state secret in Honolulu?

  2. No wonder why Sheriff Arpaio was under investigation; it seems that someone wanted him silenced and his work hindered.
    There’s a good chance we’ll be hearing more about this after January 20, 2017.

  3. Well !
    That would make a lot of sense and all the pieces would fit together.
    The doubling of the national debt !
    The backstabbing of our allies and the aid to our enemies !
    Inviting black lives matter to the White House that Proclaim they want Dead Cops! Refusing in many cases to salute the honor guards !
    The poverty that he left millions of Americans in !
    The comments about Christian Crusaders ! Not wanting to call the Enemy by their name radical Islamic terrorists !
    The cash he gave !
    Why he remain silent while civil unrest was within the streets of the United States! Why he remain silent while police were being shot. Yes !!
    It all fits together nicely doesn’t it.

    • My gawd, what a hate-filled fantasy world Trumpsters live in . . . why don’t you take responsibility for your life, good decisions and bad, and get on with it? Guess it’s just too easy to blame others for a failed life, huh?

  4. I’d like to see the birth certificates immediately before and after Obama’s. Then search for birthdays on the same date—see if there are two birth certificates with the same number.

  5. This dude Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) has been the biggest fraud in US history. The Divider in Chief, aiding and abetting foreign terrorist organization’s, illegal war’s in the Middle East, treason (Fast & Furious, and sold F-16’s and tanks to Egypt), military interventionism in Lybia (without congressional approval), warrantless wiretapping, Obamacare, cronyism, allowed Killary Klinton to run the most corrupt State Department in the history of any presidency, continually trying to undermine the 2nd Amendment, used the IRS to target conservative groups and the list can go on for weeks. And my favorite one….has wasted over $85 million on family vacations.

    • listen here, you people are actually believing the garbage brought by the man that thinks he has the right to take away other people’s rights? Ignorance is astounding, and you people will buy anything.

      • Well ! First of all Tim ,you must be deaf dumb and blind !
        Taking people’s rights away ?
        The only rights we actually have are our constitutional rights and the right to remain silent !which the Democratic party and the Obama Administration have been attacking for the last 8 years Non-Stop and yes the right to bear arms is a constitutional right but you are blind to that as well Donald Trump is being nice but he doesn’t tell the truth about the real reason why Obama unleashed the locus on the world I was made poor by the Obama Administration and I have been fighting their corrupt system for over 5 years the trans-pacific partnership was Obama’s final goodbyes to America what was nothing but a agreement binding the Constitution and its power

        • Very curious, can you give me some examples when the Democrats tried to take away your Constitutional rights?

          I was middle class, and then became been poor, but I didn’t blame it on anybody else. I took steps and got back on the horse, and now I’m not rich, but certainly live a very decent standard of living. You ought to try it sometime–it’s called taking responsibility for yourself!

          • Anonymous, now that you mention it, I can think of a Democrat that wants to take away my Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
            “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it.” Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat from California. I could cite many more such statements from Democrats, like my own Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat from New York, but I think that you get the point. I hope that your curiosity is mollified Anonymous.

        • THANK GOD the black population is speaking out against this “Commander in Thief” we have in office (even though his butt’s going to be out in 20 days). I’m sure you realize that, if you weren’t black, the ACLU (“American Civil Liberty UNDERMINERS”) would be playing the race card all over this.

      • Well ! First of all Tim ,you must be deaf dumb and blind !
        Taking people’s rights away ?
        The only rights we actually have are our constitutional rights and the right to remain silent !
        The Democratic party and the Obama Administration have been attacking for the last 8 years Non-Stop !! And ;
        Yes the right to bear arms is a constitutional right but you are blind to that as well.
        Donald Trump is being nice and saying that they’re incompetent and they don’t know what they’re doing ! Butt !
        They know exactly what they’re doing ! They know they are attacking the Constitution and the freedoms that come with it !!!
        Yhe Obama Administration is a threat to our country and danger to our children ! Obama and his administration have unleashed the locus on the world.
        Millions of Americans forced into poverty by the Obama Administration !
        I have been fighting their corrupt system for years!
        The trans-pacific partnership was Obama’s final goodbyes to America.
        It is nothing but a agreement ,binding the Constitution and its power.
        Obamacare is an illegal act, it has the same outcome as Trans Pacific partnership!
        Stripping you from your constitutional rights!

        How so !

        In a single word ! ((( Arbitration ! )))

        • You sound as if having 3 houses is a crime . . . Trump has far more . . . thanks to his multi-millionaire Daddy, and his repeated bankruptcies that the public had to pay the tab for, and the student loans the down and out took out to take out the fraudulent, laughable institution called Trump University that the public also has to pick up the tab for . . . given your reasoning, guess you want the Trumpster to rot too!

      • Are you talking about Arpaio? If so, whose rights is he taking away? What garbage are you talking about? Look for yourself before decrying people ignorant. Why do you think his name changed from Barry to Barack? If he is what he made you believe then there would be no reason for any of these kind of games. Why bring the controversy upon yourself unless you have something to hide? Think, think, think!

        • Incredulous, Obama didn’t change his name from Barry to Barack. Barry was his nickname. Given your reasoning someone who went by Dick, but now goes by Richard, has to be doing it for fraudulent purposes. Get a grip, dude!

      • C’est tres vrai, Tim! Or as old Barnum used to say, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” People that believe this garbage are desperate, and want to blame their failed lives on everyone else except themselves.

      • Tim Schlotter, Um, ….actually we would believe the report of an official team of historical document experts that might report that obama’s ORIGINAL claimed record of live birth was genuine. Again the question, if you would care to give an opinion, why does obama keep his Original birth record in Honolulu, a state secret?

  6. As someone who used to do citizenship, you really could tell that there was “lift” on signatures and the type did not always correspond the same way. I was wondering how long it would be before someone noticed that they needed to take a “real” closer look. Maybe they have real explanations, but as someone who gave out citizenship, I would have flagged that cert for fraud.

    • “do citzenship???” Do citizenship what? If you’re referring to inspecting citizenship papers, if you’re not savvy enough to realize that in this day and age of technology that someone with a vendetta against someone could easily alter a document, then man, you were overpaid all those years. Plus, you’re going to base your findings on an internet copy–your personal professionalism doesn’t require to you to inspect in-person the original or certified copy? Man, you give civil servants a bad name. God only knows what you approved!

      • Anonymous, can you be any more obtuse? There is no way that an ORIGINAL birth document from August 1961 can be fashioned well enough to fool an historical document expert. The typewriter impressions would have to match at least some of the record of live birth documents from the same time frame, from the same hospital that obama claims he was born at. The paper composition, ink, type font, ink ribbon fabric pattern, doctor’s signature, recording official’s signature, etc, etc. would all have to be consistent with other birth documents from the same time and place. I’ll say it right now, obama is the greatest fraud in American history! At this point, the only credible thing that the big-eared biped could do to prove his citizenship status is to allow an official investigation team of historical document experts to examine his claimed ORIGINAL record of live birth, located in the Section of Vital statistics, in the Department of Health at Honolulu, Hawaii. obama is no George Washington, who was so honest that he admitted that he chopped down that Cherry tree. “If you like your health care policy, you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can stay with your doctor, etc, etc,etc. obama was given the wrong name, he should have been named Pinocchio.

    • Oh yeah, they’re all line up in single file in bright red uniforms with an MD crest over their left breast pocket! You guys are beyond dangerous, you’re a downright menace to all that is decent.

  7. The issue here is not whether Obama was born in the US. Chances are extremely high he was. The question should be why he went to extreme lengths to keep from producing his actual birth certificate. Kapiolani Women and Children’s hospital is the name of the hospital now but NOT when Obama was born. The font used is a current font, not one used then. Many other obvious mistakes were made in the produced certificate. Why was such a shoddy job done in making the fake certificate? Maybe the Leftists were overconfident because they control the Media, The Democratic Party, Hollywood and clearly the State of Hawaii or maybe they just inadvertently handed the job to an incompetent forger. Who knows? The question remains: Why? Is it because Obama was adopted as an Indonesian and retained that citizenship? Did his birth certificate indicate his religion as Muslim? Whatever it was he felt it was significant enough to spend millions to cover it up. In this case, Hillary’s, “What difference does it make…” remark probably, for once, makes sense. Which causes one to ask, ” Will ANYTHING EVER be done about ANY laws broken by politicians after they delay matters until they leave office as Obama and Bill and Hillary have done?