Sheriff Says Obama’s Birth Certificate Forged: Photos and Evidence You Need to See
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Sheriff Says Obama’s Birth Certificate Forged: Photos and Evidence You Need to See


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No wonder why Sheriff Arpaio was under investigation; it seems that someone wanted him silenced and his work hindered.
There’s a good chance we’ll be hearing more about this after January 20, 2017.


I was about to say good work summarizing — but on photo 9, you say “here you can see the two certificates side-by-side (with Obama’s on the left)” — that’s incorrect! Those are the side-by-side birth certificates of twins born 5 minutes apart in 1966, showing an example of date stamps that have DIFFERENT angles. Obama’s birth certificate was supposedly stamped 16 days prior to Johanna Ah’Nee’s, but the date stamps appear at exactly the same angles, oddly. (What I’m curious is how investigators came across this Johanna Ah’Nee person’s birth certificate. Also slightly curious how they changed the date digits to be 16 days prior.)


I would say that they obtained Johanna Ah’Nee’s birth cert by having to examine other births certs from that particular date to make comparisons. Hats-off to the investigating team; I hope they have enough evidence to nail him.


Nail him to what end though? you know their infamous line, “at this point, what [the hell] difference does it make?!” I think most people know what happened here and it has no bearing on govt. whatsoever between now and Jan 20th, and I’m not sure it would even after that. Just like Sen. Lizzie “Pocahontas” Warren, he got away with pretending to be American for personal gain, and the system was too stupid to correct this crap. We better wise up and stop letting scuz like this hijack the United States. Go ahead, audit me now! I dare you.

Joe McHugh

Incredulous, not so fast! Think about it, if obama cannot prove that he is an American citizen by presenting an ORIGINAL record of live birth, his citizenship status must revert back to being an Indonesian. He went to government supported schools in that country and Indonesian law requires the students to be citizens of Indonesia.
Even worse for the Democrat Party that foisted this big-eared biped onto the American public as being an American citizen, any legislative bills that he signed into law, or executive orders that he issued would be null and void, if he is not an American citizen. Think Obama Care!
Question: why does obama continue to keep his ORIGINAL birth record a state secret in Honolulu?

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