Popular Vote 2016: Clinton’s Lead Over Trump Passes 2.5 Million

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 7: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives onstage during a primary night rally at the Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, June 7, 2016 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Clinton  has secured enough delegates and commitments from superdelegates to become the Democratic Party's presumptive presidential nominee. She will become the first woman in U.S. history to secure the presidential nomination of one of the country's two major political parties. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton arrives onstage during a primary night rally at the Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. (Getty)

Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead over Donald Trump now exceeds 2.5 million.

As of December 1st, Hillary Clinton won 2,526,184 more votes in the 2016 election than Donald Trump did; she earned a total of 65,152,112 votes compared to Donald Trump’s 62,625,928. Trump won, however, because he beat Clinton in the Electoral College, winning 306 electors to Clinton’s 232.

This means that Hillary Clinton is slowly approaching the same number of votes as Barack Obama won in 2012; she’s behind Obama by about 800,000 votes at this time. She also has the largest popular vote lead of any losing candidate in history. The last person to lose the election but win the most votes was Al Gore, who won 543,000 more votes than George W. Bush. Before that, Benjamin Harrison lost with a lead of 90,000, Samuel Tilden lost with a lead of 250,000, and Andrew Jackson lost with a lead of 38,000.

Clinton’s lead over her opponent is about as large as the lead many presidents maintained in their election, including George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy.

This result shows that on a national level, the polls were not quite as wrong as one might initially think. Real Clear Politics’ final national polling average showed that Hillary Clinton was 3.2 percentage points ahead of Donald Trump; she ended up leading him by 1.8 percentage points in the popular vote.

However, the Clinton campaign severely underestimated the importance of the rust belt states, specifically Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Had Clinton held on to those three, she would have been elected president, yet her campaign made virtually no effort to compete in Wisconsin while instead spending time trying to flip red states like Arizona, which ended up voting for Donald Trump anyway. And the polls were wrong in states like Pennsylvania, where Clinton had a 2.1 percentage point lead before the election.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters have been touting her popular vote lead over the past few weeks, mocking Donald Trump for not being able to win the most votes on Election Day. Trump and his supporters have hit back by saying that the election is not based on votes, it’s based on electors, and that Trump would have campaigned much differently if the system was set up based on the popular vote.

Clearly, Clinton’s popular vote lead has gotten to Trump, though. He recently tweeted the false statement that he would have won the popular vote if there weren’t millions of illegal votes cast. There is no evidence that voter fraud took place on such a large scale, and in the days since, neither Trump nor his supporters have been able to back up this claim.

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  1. Screw her. Trump should still throw her ass in prison. If it was the other way around she would stab him in the back. Let her live with the MILLIOMS she stole from her “foundation”. She’s just a sore loser bitch!!

    • What a hatefully sexist and gutter-mouthed comment. Why don’t you put Trump in prison for all the terrible things he has done… starting with being a total con in Trump University. Your hero is such a sore “winner,” and it is pretty funny that most of his campaign promises are turning out to be lies, too! Ha, ha…

      • Why should Trump go to prison ?
        It was Hillary Clinton’s campaign that praised the black lives matter movement that are killing cops !
        Had paid protesters to beat up on old people and defenseless Americans ! The Clinton campaign illegally took 2.2 million dollars from their supporters illegally went into their Bank accounts and took less than $100 to keep it under a reportable fraud !
        And the list goes on and on and on . But ! From the trash you right ,it is clear that you praised the efforts to destroy America from within !
        As the Muslim Brotherhood vowed to do !
        But ! maybe you’re just that stupid to believe the lies of the media !

          • My, how Trump and his groupies are so totally incapable discerning a fake news story from a real one. Maybe his groupies all graduated from that fine educational institution known as Trump University. Oh that;’s right, it was closed down due to fraud. Guess ole Donnie’s just too busy paying ransom, oops, I mean corporate welfare, oops, I meant providing incentives to Carrier with taxpayer dollars to distinguish the difference. And that wall–forget about that too! But how bout that Presidential Cabinet filled with billionaires who are going to drain the swamp? I’d like to really laugh my ass off, but unless there’s divine intervention we’ll bet in a 2-front war in less than 2 years. Yup, Donnie Boy won the election, but he’ll never be able to claim that more people wanted him than Hillary. Trumpettes have to stop being sore losers and just accept the fact that more people wanted Hillary than Donnie-the-Rapist for their President. Heil Trump and all his groupies!

            • You’re a self glorified dumbass. And you I guess were there huh dumbass ? You voted for a murdering traitor you nut sack . I like how you dumbass liberals think you know something! Every single thing you think you know is pure bull . You’re the dumbasses with the biased media and fake news liberal dumbass . Illegal voters votes dont count . More people wanted Clinton , no just more dumbasses . I’d love to get the chance at any time to just to see and hand feed you liberal dumbasses all the hypocrisies you idiots leave everywhere you go . I bet you’re at your house and the only one besides liberal retards who believes your fake media and how your going to try to force your ways in liberal fashion on everybody else . I’ll leave you with this , trumps the president no matter what your stupid ass says and that makes me laugh because all your liberal efforts to cheat and lie and pay off people to riot hasnt helped you or your failed dumbass cause . This you can bet is true right here girl friend Hilary is out , trump is the president unless your liberal cheating ways can rig the electorals and we know you’re all trying so hard. We kicked your asses and that’s a fact no matter how many votes you claim or paid voters to vote for your evil dumbass Clinton . Ha ha . Just like when you liberals tried to take our firearms all you ended up doing was selling more guns than you took . You guys are the stupidest dumbasses and your loss proves it and your lies are shattered by the fact that there were illegal votes in the election that only Hilary stood to gain from . millions in California alone supposedly . Keep trying tho dumbass always keep trying . Trump wins Clinton loses and you turds just can’t stop crying and crying its awesome !! I love the fact that your all so damn dumb .

              • The blackmail ransom Donnie Boy paid with taxpayer money (we know it was none of his money, ‘cuz he pays no taxes) is nothing but corporate welfare . . . get used to it, now that American corporations know that can blackmail the future POTUS . . . so, the blackmail/welfare is underwriting the Carrier payroll . . . know this might be a difficult concept for you to understand, but try just the same . .

          • Maybe for rape says the speculative liberal dumbass who supports a child molesting , murdering , deserter, traitor , sell out , turd Hilary Clinton . Hmmm… Hypocrite liberals ? As always all they ever cry about they them selves are only guilty of and too stupid to see it even when its pointed out in plain sight because its hard to see anything when their heads are so far up their asses . So maybe for rape huh ? Thats all you got and yet its ok for Clinton to molest children you sick bastards ? Liberals are a disease infected with stupidity .

            • chris, you’re the one whose candidate was a self-admitted rapist . . . and that the AIDS epidemic was his “sexual Vietnam” . . . know you Trump zealots hate facts, but those are your own fearless leader’s words . . . sorry! You might want to chill a bit, chris . . . your BP must be off the Richter scale these days!

      • How are his campaign promises lies when he hasn’t even been sworn in yet? You liberals really are the most idiotic stumblebum scumbags in existence.

        • Hey don’t ask liberals, ask Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin. Brace yourself Trumpers, this is only the tip of the iceberg to this Snake Oil salesman. Wait til the 8 million of you on Obamacare who voted for Donnie Darling lose their healthcare. PS Snake oil doesn’t treat or cure cancer, heart disease, MS, shingles, etc. Hold on Trumpers, it’s gonna be a bumpy flight!

      • Yes, please get over it that more people voted for Hillary than Donald. I fully accept the electoral college’s decision, but it doesn’t change the vote count.

    • 78% of the states have almost no voter ID requirements. Trump is only stating the obvious when he assumes that many illegals voted.

      • So, if your 78% is true Peter, which I seriously doubt, that means voter fraud could have taken place in all the states that Hillary lost . . . meaning, she’s probably both the popular and electoral college’s true winner. Too bad she was robbed. As far as “assuming” the obvious, so if I assume that all Trump supporters are idiots that will make it true? Hey, just using your logic!!

        • You’re a typical liberal speculative and passing it off as facts, false facts . She was robbed? More like we were spared !! I cannot for any reason comprehend how you so called people would support Clinton just because of gender, despite that she’s being investigated for child porn and molestation, killed and turned her back on our brothers at Benghazi, sold our secrets out or otherwise exposed us to our enemies, lied about all of it while under oath in office , accepted millions in payoff from our adversaries around the globe , has benefitted from voter fraud now in the millions in california alone from registered illegal voters , doesn’t want to secure our borders like every other super power has done , and yet you think more people want that than a guy who has done some womanizing in his days claiming he deserves prison for it while its all you liberals paying people to Riot and attack cops and paying illegal voters to cast ballots !!!?? Are you as stupid as you are dumb and blind ? Yes is the answer , I dont expect a dumbass like you to know the answer being your so stupid . Nor do I expect anything but tears fits play doh and finger painting from the mass crowd of liberal dumbasses world wide . Thats just using regular logic something that seems to dodge all of you liberal hypocrite tards . No matter what you girls say or think you lost cuz your ideals are stupid and the majority of America is tired of stupidity, double standards , lies, corruption and manipulation and it is why trump won , not the liberal dumbasses. So keep crying everyday for all your days if ya want it ain’t going to change what is already done . Make some sense liberals at least from time to time thats not riddled with stupidity .

          • chris, guess us non-Trumpers must have touched a nerve with you . . . ‘tards, dumbasses–really that’s your repertoire . . . LMAO . . . when you’re ready to debate like an adult, i.e., with FACTS, and not infantile not rants, blog again!

            BTW, what would happen to you if all the liberals disappeared from America . . . who could you blame this fine mess on then? Better be careful, you just might get what you wished for!!

            • Hey puss cake u avoid dispelling any thing I’ve said . The child sex ring, Benghazi , selling out, etc . U do it because u CANT dispel it . Here’s the final laugh dumbass, trump won Clinton lost . Ha ha dumbass you lose .

              • chris, still waitng for you to prove me wrong with facts . . . and please, at least find a synonym for “dumbass” . . . so yesterday, so boring . . . YAWN!!!

              • Never have had a problem acknowledging that Donnie won the electoral college vote . . . merely stipulated that more people voted for Hillary than Donnie . . . you can use all the Alex Jones stories, and stories of that ilk you want, or other fake news stories you want . . . more still wanted Hillary . . . and while Trump was not my candidate, I know what he’s totally capable of . . .or, should I say incapable . . . so, the real losers are those who he screwed when they gave him his vote . . . oh, btw, how’s that ‘draining the swamp” thing working for you, as Donnie Boy fills his Cabinet with billionaires, including some from Goldman Sachs . . . of course, it is all-white, so at least that should make you happy!

                Hillary–child molester? Please tell me that even YOU didn’t fall for Pizzagate!

              • chris, sure hope you’re in politics . . . if not, you missed your calling, i.e., you can discuss anything but the facts!!! LAMO

          • There you go again . . . making up stuff . . . nowhere does anybody say that they supported Clinton because of gender . . . were you attributing your reasons for voting against her . . . or for Donald?

      • They have found voter fraud that Clinton benefited from alot of it . Supposedly several million in California alone. The thing is the liberals have no evidence for their stupid wasteful recount.

        • chris, you;re quoting Donnie’s totally unsubstantiated claim . . . that has yet to be proved. How ’bout you man up, and provide some non-partisan documentation?

    • I second that motion , she is a traitorous hideous murdering bitch ! Thats evidence enough . Liberals have not a single thing not 1 shred of anything that backs their claims and statements . Hilary on the other hand is under investigation for a child sex scandal and they still worship him …hilary that is . Liberals are dumbasses and sick . They’ll say we have false news but the world knows its not . Only liberals can see it and lie to themselves about it. But they’re too stupid to know that merely saying its not doesn’t make it so . What a weak game you liberal demented dumbasses have . Paying people to vote illegally and to riot and attack police . They’ll support her as she sells America’s secrets out and betrays us , they’ll support her child sex , they’ll support her murder at Benghazi and desertion, they’ll support her payoffs from our enemies none of those facts are false news you liberal dumbasses you’re just so unwilling to accept truth and too stupid to know anything . I’ve got facts you’ve got crap. Not one shred of any proof does liberal bring to his argument whereas open any real media and find all kinds of documentation on the facts above . Fact – trump is better than Clinton and liberals are stupid biased dumbasses.

      • ” . . . she is a traitorous hideous murdering bitch. Thats evidence enough . . .” Hate break it to you Chris, you’re saying so does not make your rant true . . . did you ever study civics and/or the justice system? It’s not too late, ya’ know!

  2. How silly. Her entire “lead” comes from one state — California. Never have I seen such a sorry bunch of sore losers as Liberals.

  3. If you all feel so strongly about it then group together and demand a recount of California! There should be trust in the electoral process. As of this moment she has just over 2.5 million votes so with Trump’s quoted 3 million false votes subtracted, leaves Hillary with under half a million votes against Trumps. It still means that in all of the red ares your friends aqaintences and even some of your family must have voted for Hillary and you must deal with that.
    And if Hillary did misuse funds, well, ANYONE who misuses “foundation” funds should be locked up.

    • Soros paid rioters and demonstrators that’s factual , I’m certain he hired a few hundred or more illegals to vote illegally since its the liberal way to be a hypocrite lying greedy cheating double standard sack of purified 100% feces .

      • Non-partisan, independent documentation of your facts, please. You Trumpers have to remember that regardless the electoral college outcome, more people wanted Hillary than Donald, so there will be protests . . . nobody has to pay them either . . . trust me–they’re horrified enough to do it for free!

    • Considering voter fraud has only happened 31 times since 2000, I surely doubt that theres 3 million people who just decided to vote illegally this year. And if were talking about misusing campaign funds, are we talking Trump underpaying his staff to line his own pockets, or the conservative law passed a couple years ago totally eliminating the maximum amount that could be donated to a political campaign?

      • U realize Clinton killed at Benghazi, is a child molester, voter fraud benefactor, accepted millions in payoff from enemies of state, sold us out etc !! Oh but trump he touched a hiney oh my !!

        • Funny, I thought Donnie said she was asleep in bed at the time of Benghazi . . . that being said, both previous Republican Secretary of States, Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell have both attested, along with Ambassador Stevens family, have stated that Benghazi was not Clinton’s fault. If you state Clinton is a child molester, can you please provide a link to the charges brought against her, as well as her conviction. Given that such convictions are felonies, I wonder how she was allowed to run for office. But you’re probably right, there was voter fraud against Hillary. So we at least agree on that!

          What is unfathomable to me is why so many Trump groupies write ceaselessly about the 4 tragic deaths that took place in Behghazi, but are deafeningly silent about the 3000+ who tragically died on American soil, on 9/11, on Bush’s watch, in spite of all the intelligence warnings he received of the imminent attack. . I would think that if 4 tragic deaths devastate you all, you’d be railing about the 3000+ lost on 9/11. Maybe I’m just being too logical–sillly me!

    • CNC, apparently you didn’t read the story before posting. Donald Trump’s claim about 3 million illegal voters has been found to be false and without any substantiation–including from Trump himself . . . plus, using your logic, Trump’s own acknowledgement that his Foundation violated the law, means he should be locked up too . . stop being a sore loser about the popular vote and get over it that more people in this country liked Hillary for President than Donald, and I’ll accept the electoral college outcome.,

    • CNC – I love how you’re just making shit up and using it to defend your argument. “Trump’s quoted 3 million false votes,” another made-up number thrown out there by Trump, totally baseless and without merit or evidence. And then the made-up numbers spread like wildfire as truth. SMH

  4. I’m sick of hearing that trump has no evidence of Clinton having illegal voters in her corner when we know soros paid hundreds or more to riot and firebomb cops since he’s rumored to have also hired illegals to cast ballots somehow in the election when the liberal left are the ones fitting out calling for recounts by hand with no evidence to back it up whether the lying bastards claim its to test the integrity of our voting processes or not its still saying indirectly that they have doubt in those processes without evidence and yet the world gives em their cry baby ass way ! Liberals are the lowest form of subhuman garbage I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing exist in this decaying liberal stupefied world. They’re all hypocrites , dumber than hell , can’t be trusted over anything , whine more than infants ever could crying because somebody didn’t bow to their every hypocrite tarded whim and give them their way right when they wanted , have no respect for anything or anyone , and would rather open America’s weak spots and exploit them to our enemies rather than protect her. Doesn’t matter what they say not one bit they are enemies and want to hurt or kill America and they don’t even know it cuz they are that damn dumb. Hell they’ll vote for a candidate based on skin color and gender or a cheap phone rather than the one most qualified and sensible for the job !!! This is the absolute truth and there’s evidence everywhere to back up this truth but liberals just can’t see it with their heads crammed so far up each others asses !!! Their not good for anything esp as a hat .

    • ” . . . when we know soros paid hundreds or more to riot and firebomb cops . . . Who are “we”–Trumpettes? And just exactly how do you “know” this? I never known such a huge group of adults drink the Kool Aid since Nazi Germany . . .the parallels are frightening, dude!

    • Why, because you and Trump don’t like anything that is complimentary about him. Please know that those of us who did not vote for Trump (which is more than those voted for Trump) feel that Trump and all his supporters have less than zero credibility.

    • It’s history . . . sorry, if you find history “annoying” , , , guess History wasn’t part of Trump University’s curriculum. Get over it . . . plain and simple, more people wanted Hillary than Trump.

        • Sean, everyone knows that the military is highly misogynistic . . . even to the point that male soldiers, including officers, rape their fellow female soldiers . . . so why would anyone expect military personnel to vote for a woman??? When it comes down to it, America is a third-world nation compared to Britain, India, Pakistan, Israel, Myanmar and Germany.

        • liberals are gay, can’t you do anything better than an attempt at a third-grade insult—or is that when you dropped out of school?

        • How ’bout you supplying us with some, Anonymous? Some honest-to-goodness, documented bonafied, incontestable facts . . . that is if you’d know ’em if you saw ’em!

  5. LOL libtards can’t comprehend the American electoral system. Take away the 2-4 million votes that illegal aliens cast and then Trump wins the popular vote, and if you don’t think they voted, especially after Obama encouraged them to, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell youl

  6. American Voters are fighting while Mother Rusia is really happy,open your eyes stop arguing No true American wanted trumpy to win election ,its clear he doesnt want America and Americans to be better he is in this for him self and always been he never done nothing for the People, it was always him his lies and his billioners and past and present will show .Its sad more than half America is against trumpy being president and whole rusia is what does fhat tell us ! God Help Us All now.

  7. Wup di doo…. that’s less than part of a city in California…what’s your point? You think a single city in California should decide the president for the whole country? sorry, it doesn’t work that way…