Safeway Hours on Christmas Eve & Day 2016

safeway christmas hours

Safeway Christmas hours (Getty)

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and it’s also the time when you buy last-minute Christmas gifts and last-minute ingredients for those Christmas Day recipes. Unfortunately, your options are pretty limited today. Is Safeway one of the stores that’s open this year?

Yes, most Safeway stores are open on Christmas Eve until about 7 or 8 p.m. local time. But most Safeway stores are closed on Christmas Day. Christmas is the only holiday of the year where Safeway stores are consistently closed. However, there are sometimes a few locations that choose to stay open. To know for certain, you should call your local Safeway and check on their hours.

Some potential customers aren’t too happy about Safeway’s hours:

And some stores closed earlier than their posted hours, because of the holiday:

By the way — if you’re lucky enough to find a Safeway that’s open, they’re selling giant bears. This is a perfect last-minute Christmas gift:

Walmart & Target Hours on Christmas Eve & Day 2016

Is Walmart open on Christmas Day? What are the hours for Target and Walmart on Xmas Eve 2016?

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  1. I thought all Safeways are open part days on Christmas. They don’t care about employee families. Just an observation

    • Shocking, you had 3 shots at their or they’re and you misspelled every sing one! Kudos to you, that takes effort and complete disregard for spellcheck.

      • Too bad you don’t know how to spell SINGLE. Not sign! Kudos to you also. Where is your spellcheck? I just love people who criticize others and can’t do any better themselves.

  2. Too bad! It’s Christmas Day. People should not be forced to be away from their family today just because you didn’t plan ahead. Kudos to all stores that are closed on Christmas! Any stores that are open are just greedy and don’t care one bit about their employees.