PHOTOS: Chicago Hate Crime Kidnapping Suspects’ Mugshots

Brittany Herring: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brittany Herring posted a video on Facebook Live showing a man with special needs being tortured and beaten in Chicago. She and three others are in police custody.

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Read more about this video in Spanish at

VER: Hombre Es Atado y Torturado en Vivo por Facebook Live [Vídeo]

Un video de Facebook Live muestra cómo un hombre es atado y torturado en vivo por el internet.

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  1. Blacks attacking whites is common. White’s are just too stupid to realize/accept it. Like that kids parents, dropping him off with an honor student like one of those? Usually they target a single white female, gang rape her, then charge others in the hood to have sex with her, in one case, even for the price of a cigarette. Another time, their pitbull had sex with her.

    Yeah, “both sides do it”…..suuuuuuure, suuuuuure.

    • What are you talking about? Where do you live where people are kidnApping “little white women” and then charging people and getting cigarettes to hang rape her? All while having a pit bull stand guard?

    • I will really like to know who piece of Shit can birth 2 useless loads of shit to come out out of the same cursed womb, yuk, give all of them the max punishment, they evil.

  2. Yeah and only black people experience racism right? It doesn’t exist for whites because of “white privilege”. What’s this then? Take these ratchet low lives to prison and let them rot.

  3. They need to spend the rest of their good for nothing life in jail. they need to throw away the keys. when they go to jail let them get abuse to know what it feels like. piece of shit.

  4. The one who is showing his teeth looks like dog about to bite. These have to be 4 of the most stupid looking morons in the country.