How Many People Attended Trump’s Inauguration vs. Obama’s? [PHOTOS]

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 20: President-elect Donald Trump arrives for the presidential inauguration ceremonies on the West front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, U.S., January 20, 2017. (Photo by Andrew Gombert - Pool/Getty Images)

Hundreds of thousands of people show up for Trump’s inauguration. (Getty)

On Friday, January 20, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. There has been a lot of controversy about his presidency, including many performers who would not participate in his Inauguration concert and at least 60 Democrats who are boycotting his inauguration. But how were the numbers who attended his swearing-in ceremony as compared to former President Barack Obama in 2009 and 2013? Despite rumors that Trump’s inauguration had among the lowest turnouts in history, that didn’t end up being true, according to early estimates. Yes, Obama did bring in more people. Obama’s first inauguration was at least double the number of people who attended Trump’s today. But Trump’s inauguration surpassed the number who attended George W. Bush’s, and even the number who attended Bill Clinton’s second inauguration, according to crowd estimates. The question was renewed on January 21 when President Trump called out media sources for showing inaccurate photos of the crowds.

(See more photos comparing past inauguration crowds here. And to see more details about how many people watched the inaugurations, including live streaming numbers, please see our story here.) 

Here’s what you need to know.

Obama’s First Inauguration in 2009 Was Attended by More than 1.8 Million

obama 2009 inauguration

Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th US president by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts in front of the Capitol in Washington on January 20, 2009. (Getty)

Estimates of inauguration numbers aren’t an exact science. The National Park Service doesn’t release official estimates, ever since a dispute about how many attended a Million Man March in 1995. The Park Service was threatened with a lawsuit when they estimated 400,000 showed up to the Million Man March, while organizers believed that one million were there. After that, they stopped publicly releasing estimates. Now, estimates are given by law enforcement officials or federal officials, or organizers.

Obama’s first inauguration was attended by a huge number of people: more than 1.8 million, CNN reported. This was a huge number of people, eclipsing the previous record of 1.2 million set by Lyndon B. Johnson’s 1965 inauguration. This is also about double the number of people who showed up for Trump’s inauguration today.

It’s important to note that not everyone agrees with the 1.8 million estimate, as Steve Doig, a journalism professor who specializes in measuring crowd size, told AP. But 1.8 million is the widely accepted turnout.

Inauguration Crowd Photos: Trump vs. Obama, Bush & Clinton Comparisons

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Obama’s Second Inauguration in 2013 Was Attended by About 1 Million

obama inauguration numbers

President Barack Obama waves to spectators after his speech at the ceremonial swearing-in at the U.S. Capitol during the 57th Presidential Inauguration on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol January 21, 2013. (Getty)

Early estimates for Obama’s second inauguration put the number at 500,000 to 700,000, CBS reported. But the White House, citing an inaugural official, later said that about one million people had shown up in person in 2013 to watch his inauguration. This is more than showed up for Trump’s inauguration. However, if current estimates of 900,000 end up being accurate, then it’s not a lot more.

How Many People Watched Trump’s Inauguration vs. Obama’s?

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Donald Trump’s Inauguration Was Attended by a Maximum of 900,000, But Some Estimated Fewer

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 20: President Donald Trump delivers his inaugural address on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. In today's inauguration ceremony Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump delivers his inaugural address on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2017. (Getty)

On Friday, January 20, officials began estimating early that Donald Trump’s inauguration was attended by about 900,000 people maximum. However, a more “official” tally has not yet been released and may be tough to obtain, since the Parks Service no longer gives official numbers. Others have estimated the attendance as being much smaller, but these estimates have not been verified. We’ll update this section if more verifiable numbers become available.

Earlier in the morning, the numbers for Trump’s attendance were looking small. DC Metro estimated that there were about 193,000 for Trump’s inauguration at a time when, in 2013, there were 317,000 for Obama’s second inauguration, and at the same time in 2009, there were 513,000 people. Trump’s numbers did end up growing, but they did not match the number who showed up for either of Obama’s inaugurations.

Planners had estimated a maximum of about 900,000 expected, Fox 25 reported. Homeland Security placed the number at about 800,000 to 900,000 expected. The inaugural committee, meanwhile, had estimated about 700,000 people would watch the inauguration.

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Bill Clinton’s Second Inauguration Was Attended by 250,000 People

clinton inauguration numbers

President Bill Clinton is sworn in 20 January on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC for his second term as US president. His second inauguration had among the lowest attendance in recent history. (Getty)

As an interesting note of contrast, Bill Clinton’s inauguration in 1993 was attended by 800,000 people and his inauguration in 1997 was attended by 250,000. George Bush’s inauguration in 2001 was attended by 300,000 and his 2005 inauguration was attended by 400,000. So Trump’s inauguration appears to have been attended by more people than attended either of George W. Bush’s inaugurations or who attended Bill Clinton’s second inauguration. However, official numbers are not given out from the Parks Service. You can use the photos to try to estimate and compare the crowd sizes.

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  1. “Obama’s first inauguration was about double the number of people who attended Trump’s” –That’s all I needed to know. Nothing more to say or read. Good luck POTS, cuz there’s no U in that acronym.

        • realfacepalm = sore loser …. Now shut your large, moronic mouth, sit back and watch what he does that improves your life, stupid.
          (while you’re waiting, reflect on how little was done to improve your lot while Mr. Hopeless and ChangeTheConstitution and the treacherous Democrats
          surreptitiously undermined your rights as an American Citizen… transferred Federal authority to the UN. YOU and all the uninformed fools, LIKE YOU, stupidly
          allowed a half blood ARAB MUSLIM to turn intentionally uneducated Americans against other Americans…. (to live, behave and act just as the Arab factions
          Middle East Countries do… brainlessly hating and distrusting each other.) ….. for that… Thank the Democrat Party’s “Great Society” from the ’60’s (specifically
          designed and intended to be the new plantation slave party) and the Teacher’s Unions…. a class of dependent voters who’ll ALWAYS vote DEMOCRAT in order
          to get the FREE STUFF that the government CAN NOT AFFORD and so will add billions more to the National Debt, in order to fulfill their promises to the ever
          larger gang of single mothers, with nine kids, in public housing, getting food stamps and public assistance, who, when they’re 11 or 12, will breed a NEW
          GENERATION OF ENTITLEMENT ORIENTED FREELOADERS. (Of course, we’ll have to PAY for the birth and support of the ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN OF
          THE 10,11 & 12 YEAR OLD GIRLS WHO WERE IMPREGNATED BY THEIR BROTHERS while their mother was high on drugs that she bought with the public
          assistance money…. or out turning tricks if the money ran out.) (an absolute FACT of life that Liberal Lamebrains REFUSE to see or acknowledge…. even
          though Liberal Lamebrain Social Workers SEE it but then SWEEP THE TRUTH UNDER THE RUG to PROTECT THEIR GOVERNMENT JOBS.)

          The election and inauguration of PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP is the best thing that’s happened in the United States of America for 24 years.

          • a good example of the last eight years of talking points above ^.

            Just to refute one of your alt facts: There are more whites on welfare than blacks, and more white children are born out of marriage than in. 72% of black babies are born out of wedlock while 25% of white children are. What you say? Blacks are 13% of the population of America while whites are around 50%.

        • Another reply to this half-baked comment…
          ((( realfacepalm says:
          January 21, 2017 at 11:29 am
          Make This: His selffullness, Donald the First, Grabber of the Pussy, Avoider of Taxes, Defender of the Rich ….. )))
          Truth is, I admit to having grabbed a good deal more than my share of pussy in my lifetime. (many enjoyed holding it against me)
          Having been ‘selected’ at a young age by a former professional call girl, then personally ‘schooled’ to learn her ‘ART’, not once
          was it resented. (of course I’ve never run for public office against a Democrat)
          All you Trump haters…. Turn off that “WE HATE TRUMP ” channel and tune into Fox News to watch and listen to what Trump is
          REALLY doing and has already done FOR the American People. The UNION LEADERS who were AGAINST him are now WITH him.
          No. B.S. It was taped live and on camera!! …… FINALLY… A TOP PUBLIC OFFICIAL WHO’S DOING WHAT HE PROMISED HE’D DO,



          • I imagine the prostitutes gave you much the much needed training to further your career of professional rentboy (read: prostitute). As I imagine that’s the only use a prostitute would have for a lower class uneducated oaf. Or maybe she was on the level of an EffieMae – a small town floozy who gave BJs for the price of a beer.

            Thanks for the rant. I always enjoy hearing from the fools and baboons that wallow in this sh*t.

            • Speaking of FOOLS and BABOONS, you bastion of ignorance… where in all Hell did you glean anything Racist in any of my posts for you to have posted this
              low class piece of dog excrement?
              You and people like you have the same miopic mindset as that arrogant, entitled to disparage her fellow passengers, biotch who was summarily tossed from
              the airplane yesterday morning. (to the loud cheers of USA, USA, USA from the other passengers.)

              As to your person insults, up yours with a wire brush. I was extraordinarily fortunate to have been gifted an extremely useful skillset in my late teens that I
              greatly enjoyed but have never stupidly abused. (when I very well could have…. but then, like Trump, how much steak can you eat? Word of mouth is the
              best advertising and I’ve never gone hungry.) If you’re jealous, eltougho shito. I now hope that your wife was one of them. And, if so, I know she
              remembers me…. fondly.

    • Oh yes, let’s all forget what the predominant race and population of DC is. Idiot snowglakes. 900,000 is a tremendous number.

          • Even from Anonymous’ point of view Snowflakes=Avalanches, I’d love to hear one Benefit from an avalanche. They bring injury, loss of life, chaos, all manners of destruction, and multiple levels of deep sorrows that follow. Add to the previous, hell on the local tourist industry beginning with the small and medium business owners, temporary or permanent employment loss, loss to wildlife, trees and all facets of the ecosystem, road and highway damage thus disruptions to food, medical and freight deliveries, 911 and emergency care rerouted and delayed thus further injuries and death, loss of tax revenue to city, state, and federal, increased insurance premiums (for all)….I just realized I hate #Snowflakes now even more

        • And the lefties, idiots and others who supported Obama
          left behind TONS of trash – remember? The park service took a long time to clean up their crap!!

          • Well…if the majority of you Republicans can spend the last 8 years whining, bitching and moaning, and screaming theyre comin to get our guns!…I dont see why the Democrats cant do the same. Get used to it.

          • The title of snowflake actually belongs to Trump and his public relations staff. He had a hissy fit because he lost the popular vote, his inaugural attendance was way low, the people who watched his swearing in – on all media is lower than President Obama – etc.etc.etc. Then you lot are still out complaining about President Obama.

            The mess is all yours and we all will pay for it.

        • you serious? lol Juvenile term? As an outsider looking in,the attacks on Trump have been childish and embarassing.Its you who needs to grow up!

        • Snowflake is alot nicer then the libs words of bigot, racist, etc… Just proves you can dish it out but can’t take it. your days are over, no more bullying, shutting down all discussionsl

      • The predominant race in DC is actually African American, I believe the percentage is something like 46%, with White Americans, also including White Hispanics, coming in at 40%.

      • There are roughly 600,000 black residents in DC. 50% are black, 38% are white, 12% are other groups. Next time you want to make a racist comment, don’t and don’t use ALTERNATE FACTS!

        • You are the genuine article, aren’t you, a.h.? ….. Has anyone ever pointed out to you that Obama would NEVER have been elected if millions of uneducated,
          dependent on their ‘entitlements’ WHITE voters hadn’t cast their ballots for his bombastic promise of “HOPE” and “CHANGE”.
          (NONE of which has ever materialized to improve their lives or protect the US Constitution that he took an oath defend….. NOT apologize for and lick the
          dirty feet of his fellow Arab brethren.)

          I’m out of here. You people nauseate me. Trump will teach you thankless fools what an AMERICAN PRESIDENT does and looks like.

          • Sorry dude but the hats from the official Trump website are made in the USA. The hats sold; in-officially, by street vendors are made in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Surely you don’t mind those guys making money? As for Republican fail, you should read beyond the headline to get all the facts. You never do though…sad.

    • huge difference Obama lied to get where he got , not only that but Trumps numbers are remarkable according to past inaugurations , his numbers double every president except Obama , not 1 thing about his campaign or speech is about him , its about America get over your self

    • You can’t truly compare Obama’s first inauguration to Trumps. There are a lot of people willing to Travel to Obamas first inauguration as it had a special historic significance. Trump’s did not. Comparing Obama’s 2nd to Trumps would be more accurate, which according to estimates he still lost, it was by a much slimmer margin.

      • Exactly! I took a long lunch and watched ‘front-row’ coverage on my computer at work. No standing in the rain, 1/2 mile away from the action, and stuck behind some smelly 6’4″ undercover protestor. And I would imagine that all the violent protests planned around the city put off families who would not want their kids harmed or witnessing such bigotry, so many stayed home to avoid all the idiots breaking windows, shouting obscenities and setting cars on fire. Leftists are so peace-loving, tolerant, inclusive, understanding, open, affirming, non-violent, and accepting, aren’t they? Not.

    • Obama was history because of him being 1st black president. His second inauguration only got about half what he got the first time. The division happened and yes this country is divided more then I have ever known in my 50 years. Thank you Obama for the great divide.

    • tears don’t win arguments. Keep crying and protesting… at some point you will have to get jobs. free ride is over.

    • people that support obama don’t work and didn’t have health car HAHA people thatt support trump have a job and work at 8 am

    • You realize 200,000 + people were blocked and held up at checkpoints by protestors from getting into the lawn or whatever it was where people could actually watch the inauguration. City blocks were packed at checkpoints. Theres many vlogs documenting it. To be clear I’m a fan of Obama, I think he had the best intentions and did as best job as he could with what he inherited. That being said I urge everyone to use some rationale about how much more significant a first black presidents inauguration compared to Trump. Opps am I being racist? no? Im not? * phew * I was worried, but it’s okay as long as the white guy does worse. God Bless America

    • And how do you know 60%? repeating talking points? hahahahah You throw around numbers like lefties throw around their trash and their kids – whom they let do their work! They learned lessons from ISIS!

      • What are you even talking about? You are making no sense and your feeble attempts at inflammatory rhetoric are simply laughable. Also pathetic. Sweeping generalizations do not become you. Get some facts or go home. And let’s go with real documentable facts, none of the fake news crap.

      • I think the master of throw around numbers is Trump lol all those made up numbers. It is ok you are an ignorant low educated Trump supporter. But you do know there are people curious how his inauguration turn out right? And who actually attended the inauguration event right? Saw those empty spots and seem the organizing staff giving out ticket for free so doesn’t look too pathetic on the news? People are not all blinded!

  2. The ‘Protestors’ were across town smashing windows wearing masks, making IMPORTANT MORAL STATEMENTS…..PUKE! Funny how all these people all have the day off! Wonder how many fake protestors are ON THE DOLE!? ROBBING TAXPAYERS!

    • Many were on the dole – they were paid up to $50. an hour – hope it was worth it to them and I hope they get ripped off and not paid! hahahahaha

      • all of your trolls should prove your claims by using actual, factual, and provable points instead of just pulling things our of your asses–oh, wait, that would require you to live in teh real world and recognize actual facts. maybe you should get out the bubble from time to time…

  3. A lot of people probably didn’t come because they were afraid about what the media was hyping up and all of the planned protests. If that didn’t happen, and the media hadn’t fanned conspiracies, Trump probably would have gotten well over one million.

  4. “President Barack Obama waves to spectators after his speech at the ceremonial swearing-in at the U.S. Capitol during the 57th Presidential Inauguration…” – 57th huh?? Someone at Heavy is a little ambitious, as usual.

    • I know right? Because atleast those supporting Trump HAVE JOBS! Oh- and are real tax paying LEGAL citizens too. Move along troll.

  5. This is not about winning or loosing it is about what is best for the country. The winner is not always the best person for the job. As a matter of fact TRUMP LOST THE POPULAR VOTE BY 3 MILLION VOTES.!!!! That means that the majority of he people,…did not want Trump. Trump was just lucky to win the electoral college.

  6. actually, it was 57th. really not surprised that the Trump deplorables never went to school enough to learn that although the orange shortfingered shitgibbon that somehow conned America and rallied the bigoted rednecks may be the 45th POTS (no U for sure) but that each election carries its own inauguration number, As there have been several 2-term (and one 3-term) presidents, this is the 58th inauguration. did you just eat the pages of your schoolbooks? or perhaps you were more into paste and sniffing mimeograph papers?

  7. Mike Mc Carthy: please explain your false accusations about Obama. Like all good repub you lie and make false claims. You just Obama was the worst president ever but you never explain yourselves. BUSH LEFT OBAMA WITH A 10% UNEMPLOYMENT RATE AND NOW OBAMA HAS IT DOWN TO 4.5%.!!! Bush deregulated the mortgage mkt which caused it to fail (Bush went on tv and said that he was going to make it so everyone could own their own home) then the stock mkt failed and then the entire worlds economy failed,…all because of de regulation and now Trump wants to deregulate everything.! Obama saved the American Auto industry saving millions of jobs. Now we have Obama care which would have been more successful if the Repub gov of many states had let their citizens buy Obamacare but they did not while thousands of them went into deep debt because of the lack health ins. If those Repub states had allowed their citizens to buy Obama care health ins premiums would be much lower and everyone would have health ins. The biggest reason for bankruptcy in this country is medical bills,…that is unless you are Trump who uses bankruptcy to screw people who did work for him and not pay them. They say Trump is worth $4.5 billion. The last time he claimed bankruptcy it was over $4 billion. So if he had not claimed bankruptcy and had paid his bills he would be worth around . 5 billion $, or 1/2 billion $ instead of the $4.5 billion.

  8. The official account of the Washington Metro, Friday, tweeted the Metro ridership numbers for Inauguration day mornings. The 193,000 riders as of 11 a.m. Friday paled in comparison to the 513,000 at the same time of Obama’s first inauguration or the 317,000 on the day of his second. Indeed, the number for Trump was even smaller than the 197,000 users on the morning of President George W. Bush’s inauguration for his second term in 2005.

  9. Only because snowflakes melt in the rain they were afraid they would melt that’s all those 60 plus dems who are a threat to our democrat government according to Hillary were really just afraid of the rain

    • Anonymous – Clinton was held in check by Newt Gingrich and a Congress that fought him tooth and nail. Obama made such a mess, he left it to TRUMP to clean up! Go back and look
      at all the crises under Obama – IRAN, SYRIA, Benghazi, just to name a few. 20 trillion in debt! Wake up Anonymous – take off rose colored glasses.

  10. Most of us “little people” had to work, you know, that four letter word that Democrats don’t like to hear because it scares them.

    • Correct! But Democrats only care about “What they are told”, BC just forensically proven a fraud. His own lawyer admits it. Kenya did not exist when he was born. But nobody cares about
      Facts”. If they did they would look at their share of the debt. Each “Taxpayer” owes $161,000. Each “Democrat” owes $60,000, unless they pay taxes. Never heard a Democrat speak on that.

  11. Note that there were clear skies at Obama’s first and heavy rain forecast (and it came) for Trump’s. Plus, many thug groups were planning riots yesterday. The tolerant left had, from what I heard, around 200 arrested for rioting any destruction of property. Noice side for you to be associated with, huh.

  12. Cracks me up to watch these comparisons. Obama’s first inauguration was a very very Historic Day. Obama was the first black president in U.S history. So of course there were millions in attendance. It was a historic event for America. Trump is just another white president so its not that historic.He still got more people than many many other US presidents including the Bushes. On top of that Obama was inaugurated on a clear day. It was gloomy and raining on Trump’s inaugural day.

  13. Donald Trump will be the disaster of the USA. He’s a bigot, fraud, liar and a cry baby! Obama had more people at his inauguration than Donald Trump! That should tell you he was liked and your not!!

  14. CNN BS. The side by side inauguration photo they show portrays the Trump crowds as they are still gathering, while the Obama photo is of the inauguration in full swing. Look at CNN’s gigapixel of the Trump ceremony, and it clearly shows a jam packed National Mall.

  15. Just remember this. Barack brought more black people out then any president EVER. So you HAVE to take that in account. First black president,first time black people showed up in droves, black people stay home normally for this kind of stuff. Its not a fair comparison. Now if Hillary won it would of been all those protester woman today (saturday) massive crowds plus more would of shown for her becasue she would of been the First woman president. Anytime first time will bring in more crowds. Just the way it is.

  16. There probably would have been more Trump supporters at the 2017 inauguration but a couple of things happened. Either their houses had flat tires or they went to Washington State by mistake. I’m sure this was expected. These are Trump voters after all.

  17. Since D.C. residents are mostly SEIU employees and Govt. employees, also 95 percent of D.C. voted for hil-LIÅR-y, why wouldn’t most D.C. area residents not attend? I spent two weeks in D.C., and wouldn’t go back. Constant sirens from police and ambulances, so many crimes. There are nice places to see, that’s about all.

  18. An issue that needs to be addressed is where the inauguration is held . The inauguration is held in a district of approximately 6.4 Million that is 90.5 % Democrat. It would seem logical simply because of the commute you would expect more people to show up at an inauguration where they do not have to drive more than 50 miles to attend. In contrast, it was reported approximately 300,000 people showed up at George W. Bush inauguration 2001 and at that time there was not as many groups blocking people from attending. Wonder how many people drove from all over the United States to attend the Obama inauguration or were the attendees all from the local Democrat district? If the inauguration were held in lets say Alabama, Texas or even Wyoming and a Republican president had just been elected how many Republicans would attend. We need to get together behind our presidents because if they fail so does America..

  19. Obama was a lying windbag from DAY ONE of his run for the office…. He just happened to be blessed with a bombastic voice and people like you
    were too dumb to LISTEN and realize that, after all the hot air and hollow words, he’d SAID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. (which matched what he DID,
    during eight years in office) …. if you ignore him and Hillary allowing an American Ambassador and the personnel in Benghazi, Libya to fend for
    themselves in the face of an ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACK ON AN AMERICAN EMBASSY. You DO remember how Obama AND Hillary
    FLAT OUT LIED to the American people for WEEKS about some goofy video being the ’cause’ for the ‘impromptu’ attack on the Embassy, where the
    attackers conveniently just happened to have AK-47’s, mortars, rocket launchers and seven hours worth of ammunition in their ditty bags to perform
    their ‘impromptu’ attack with. You brain dead fools have your noses so far up Obama’s and Hillary’s asses that it’s amazing that you haven’t suffocated.
    If either of them ever turned a sharp corner, there’d be millions of broken necks and noses.

  20. The ONLY reason that Obama’s turnouts were so high is for ONE reason. Why are all you politically correct cowards afraid to say BLACK??? For THAT
    sorry assed reason, you simple minded morons gave him a pass for doing absolutely NOTHING to better this country for EIGHT LONG YEARS.
    Congratulations, for the extra ten trillion dollars in national debt, a HUGE chunk of which went to Obama’s political supporters. (while crooked Hillary was
    getting rich running her foundation scam…. which the FBI’s Comey and the DOJ’s Lynch lied to Congress during questioning, to cover up for her by preceding
    their answers with, “to the best of my recollection”. They should both be stripped of their personal wealth and benefits, their families put on public assistance
    and then publicly executed on Public TV as an example of ………

    Take that, you Socialist Democrats. Wake up and look around the world to anywhere that Socialism has been implemented.
    It has ALWAYS failed…. just as it’s failing HERE…. in its current applications. The Great Society was a scam to create a dependent
    class of voters. THAT was successful but look at the havoc that’s brought down on us. Entitlements my ass. ‘They’ (meaning ALL the deadbeats) need to
    get off their asses and LOOK for a job and then TAKE one so that they EARN the money that comes into their household.

    As for the Criminals in Congress who refer to Social Security as an Entitlement, those creeps should be beaten to death with tree limbs and thrown into a
    garbage dumpster. Social Security was set up as a TRUST FUND. The huge mistake was allowing the Government to be the guardians of the fund,
    instead of spreading it among all the banking institutions and then applying all the banking laws. As it is, Congress misappropriated Trillions of dollars of
    the Social Security Trust Fund… a crime that, if a banking institution did it, would send the people who did it to prison for YEARS for EMBEZZLEMENT. When
    Congress saw more people begin to retire and draw more heavily on the Trust Fund, they got cute… transferred the Trust Fund into the General Fund and began
    calling Social Security and ENTITLEMENT… along with Obama phones, food stamps and myriad other freebees that the DemocRATS have invented as a way to
    what the Great Society was all about…. a new plantation of poorly educated and dependent black and white voters…. Successfully baited and built with FREE STUFF.

  21. It depends on the angle of the photos. If you go to the Washington monument and look towards the Whitehouse, there are more at Trump’s Inauguration!
    Looks like the photos are positioned to show more at Obama’s. But if there were more at Obama’s first, there were undoubtedly less at his second. If there were actually more at Obama’s , maybe it will be the reverse for Trump and he will have more at the second. Then you can average the two and see who has more.
    Who really cares anyway; it will really matter who does the most for our country!! Obama was a loser and wanna be dictator!! Obama Care was drafted by everyone to make payoffs to buddies. It was written in Obama Care that there were not to be any subsidies, but Obama set it up to give people subsidies, which was illegal payouts, that the American Taxpayer bore the blunt of!, while Obama gave billions to his brothers in the muslim brotherhood!
    So if Obama had more, it was because he had illegals in the crowd and the people all had their hands out for their share of his corrupt administration! The illegals didn’t show up for Trump’s inauguration, so maybe he did have fewer. But then again who cares: the Democrats lost and Obama will be known as the First Black Loser:: Not the First Black President! Although he will be remembered as the first muslim to be President, the most divisive president of all history, the first to play “race” baiting, and the first to have a tranny as the first tranny! Yep, he was fist in a lot of things: none good, except for the people that really worshipped the ground he walked on. like the illegals that he bought with hand outs and tying the Border Patrols hands to allow them access to everything, that even American Citizens were not allowed!
    Obama was a scum bucket and the Dems have to try and make him first at something!!!!
    I served in the US Navy, with White and Black brothers. I am not racist! I have several Black friends and they all basically agree with this, but don’t want to speak out, because they would be ostracized, by the Black communities they live in. They have told me Obama is a racist and that he did not represent most of the Black Communities! They told me that he really represented people like the Black Panthers and “Black Lives Matter commies”.
    Yes he will be remembered: But how depends on wether a person worshipped him or wether they examined what he did: Try to destroy this country from the inside, as the Communist Manifesto says to accomplish the US’s destruction!!!!
    Bye, Bye to Obama and good riddance, wether he had more at his inauguration or not!!!!!

  22. Ditto, simpleton. Where do you fools get your montra? Off a Communist’s cereal box? It’s masturbaters like you that inspired Trump to give up the Billionaire
    lifestyle and run for office to DO something to clear out the Corruption that’s polluting our Society with your brand of “politically correct” intolerance. Of course
    that’s only PART of it but annoying lice like you need to have your teeth kicked in for telling me or anyone else that we’re not entitled to voice our opinions if they
    don’t coincide with yours. With zero regard for you fools, I say, think and do what the hell ever I wish and, in closing, I sincerely write, Up Yours With A Wire Brush.

  23. Response to simpleton Katie… You shouldn’t have skipped so much schooling. If you hadn’t, you’d be able to properly punctuate a sentence.
    You wrote: ((( Hatred, bigotry, and above all, Ignorance!! ))) The second comma goes AFTER the word and, not before. Say it… Sound it out.
    Learn something instead of continuing to parrot the babble that you and your arrogant poorly uneducated knowitalls keep spewing. Your days
    of PC are DONE. That’s why Trump won, dummy. The PEOPLE are fed up with your arrogance and overbearing stupidity.

    Trump certainly didn’t need this or the grief that’s going with it. He’s just fed up with the criminals that he was forced to deal with and was finally
    strong enough to DO something about them for the American People. He could have just sat back, spent a half million dollars a day for the rest
    of his life and STILL made money. Why didn’t he? He already has money and power in HIS world… WITHOUT the mindless b.s. of morons like YOU.
    Smarten up. Shut up and Wise up. You don’t know a damned thing about the real world, Katie. If you did, you’d probably find a cave to hide in.

    You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn by following the advice of that last line…. and will certainly be a better citizen for having done it.

    • No. It wasn’t very well researched. But that’s par for the course for today’s “journalists”.

      The idea that 1.8 million people attended Obama’s 2009 inauguration is a MYTH. Researchers say it is nearly impossible.

      Satellites will by flying over Trump’s inauguration, as they did in 2009. Journalism professor Stephen Doig, one of the gurus of crowd counting, used an image from satellite company GeoEye to estimate a crowd of 800,000 people for Obama’s first Inauguration. Official estimates for the event, though, were over twice as high, at 1.8 million, which may actually be impossible, say researchers. DDIS modeled how big a very tightly packed crowd of a million people would stretch back from the Capitol building along the Mall: It would extend across the Potomac River into Virginia.

  24. Obama’s 2009 inauguration was not attended by 1.8 million people. That is a MYTH. According to researchers, that number is likely impossible.

    “Satellites will by flying over Trump’s inauguration, as they did in 2009. Journalism professor Stephen Doig, one of the gurus of crowd counting, used an image from satellite company GeoEye to estimate a crowd of 800,000 people for Obama’s first Inauguration. Official estimates for the event, though, were over twice as high, at 1.8 million, which may actually be impossible, say researchers. DDIS modeled how big a very tightly packed crowd of a million people would stretch back from the Capitol building along the Mall: It would extend across the Potomac River into Virginia.”

    This is an excerpt from an article published in Fast Company.

  25. In the states surrounding D.C. there are more than 8 million blacks. If Obama couldn’t top Trump in attendance there is something amazingly wrong.

  26. RESPONSE TO THIS POINTLESS STATEMENT…. ((( In the states surrounding D.C. there are more than 8 million blacks. If Obama couldn’t top Trump in attendance there is something amazingly wrong )))

    who among us, who THINKS for them-self, really gives a rat’s ass? Get off this crap and pay attention to the fact that Trump is busy
    doing something USEFUL….. and YOU AREN’T.

  27. As a Republican I do believe the crowd was bigger for Obama in 2009 than 2017 for Trump. However, the compared images being released are extremely misleading and not accurate. If you look at photos from other sources, you can clearly see that all those spaces are filled to capacity. Yes, there are some empty areas, but not as empty as what you see in the ariel view being shown on CNN. That photo was obviously not taken at the time of the actual inauguration, but perhaps hours earlier. Since there are no timestamps on these photos, nobody can really say for certain when maximum crowd size was reached. The attendance numbers don’t really matter, and if Obama had more attendance, well good on him. Ultimately this once again shows that the media has a rigged bias to downplay anything Republican, even when they didn’t need to rig the numbers in the first place.

  28. I’ve seen no comments about protesters being held 6 blocks back and only one about their chaining themselves together blocking entrances. These disruptions alone disallowed many, if not most of Trump’s supporters, from being in photos that estimate crowds. Attendees, whether for or against Our new President, aren’t they part of the ceremonies as well? How would you like to have traveled 3000+ miles only to be blocked just out of sight of your goal?