PHOTOS: ISIS Desecrates Kurdish ‘PKK Fighter’ Corpse Near Tabqa Dam, Syria

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  1. FACT CHECK PLEASE.. “The Kurdistan Workers’ Party oversees the armed wing of its organization known as the Kurdish People’s Defence Force (YPG).” This is completely incorrect. PKK is NOT the armed wing of the YPG.The PKK follows a leader this is currently in jail in Turkey. The PKK operate only in Iraq and Turkey while the YPG operator mainly in Syria and some in Iraq helping the peshmerga there.

  2. The poster of this video basically takes on IS propaganda as fact. There is a reason IS propaganda equates the YPG to the PKK, as the PKK is recognized as a terrorist group by NATO. Though they share the same ideology, they are separate groups lead by different leaders.

  3. Some Turkish racist-islamists praise ISIS here in Turkish and some trying to equalize YPG heroes with Turkish backed criminal ISIS just as their dictator president Erdogan, wake up guys you are cursed and will be cursed by the modern civilization of this world, there is no way to accept your turkish barbarism in this Era, Ottoman was yesterday it gone..