ISIS Beheads Young Man Accused of Trying to Smuggle Civilians Out of Turkish Airstrike Zone

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ARA News is reporting that Mustafa al-Hazouri, 24, was beheaded by the Islamic State for allegedly trying to smuggle civilians out of the Turkish airstrike sieged city of Al-Bab, Syria, east of Aleppo.

An anonymous, local informant told ARA News:

He was captured by ISIS militants while helping a group of civilians escape from al-Bab. They wanted to punish him because the group has banned the people of al-Bab from leaving the city under any circumstances.

ISIS controls the Syrian city of Al-Bab, which it uses as a command point for raids on eastern Aleppo, a mere 15-minute drive away. Turkey is currently trying to take Al-Bab and has been carrying out airstrikes on the city. Islamic State photographers in the city have documented the results of the assault on Al-Bab, with propaganda released showing alleged civilian casualties by Turkey. Civilian casualties of Turkish airstrikes have been confirmed in the past, according to Human Rights Watch.

ISIS has been accused of using Syrian civilians as human shields to protect against airstrikes.

Turkey officially entered the Syrian Civil War in August. In November, Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that Turkish entry in Syria was to end Assad rule, but he has since retracted that statement, according to Hurriyet Daily News.

Earlier this month, ISIS released a video showing two alleged Turkish soldiers being burned alive as retribution for Turkey’s airstrikes on Al-Bab.

Earlier today, at least 35 people were killed and another 40 were injured in an alleged terror attack at a New Year’s Eve celebration being held at Reina nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey, CNN reported. ISIS has not claimed the attack, but it comes after Islamic State propaganda encouraged terrorist attacks on the holiday, specifically in Turkey.

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Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.


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