PHOTOS: ISIS Blows Up Hayyan Gas Company in East Homs, Syria

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    • Ahhahhhaaahhh. Everything is propaganda from west (they will always say that the Khilafah is losing)… Islamic State is here to stay and you will never never never never win this fight. The world belong to Allah (the most powerful) and he decide what is best for us. Islamic State is here by the will of Allah. You have no chance of winning. Give up now and convert to Islam. This is your chance to learn and open your mind to the truth. Join us in this united. Takbir: Allahu Akbar.

  1. You all know what Islamic State is capable of. Why are you resisted? Why are you so stupid. Your reaction seam to be the same reaction that the Pharaoh of Egypt when Moses asked him to give freedom to Zionist. Why are you resisted? Do you still need us to came and kill you at your door to make a point? Do you still need hard details and hard ways to make up your mind? What’s wrong with you peoples. God have no more place in your daily lives? You still see the sun everyday, you see the sky on your head and you still do not believe in God. What’s wrong with you? Are you waiting the last moment to convert into Islam? Are you waiting fires and darks clouds before changing your minds and decisions? People are really like children. Wait and you will see. But always remember: Islamic State is here to stay. Convert now. Now is the time. Now is your chance. America is going down for sure. Now It’s time to say yes to God and yes to his last prophet Mohamed(peace upon on him). Now it’s your chance to have same spiritual upgrade. The choice is yours. Allahu Akbar.