PHOTOS: ISIS Khalid ibn al-Walid Army Beheads ‘Wizard’ in Syria

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at


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Wow ! ! !………..Very Courageous Act Done by beheading a poor old man…….Hence Prove Again that Allaha Indeed is very-2 Kind & Mercyfull :P


It’s funny how you say an old man. Just because he looks old and weak does not make him an angel. This is the law. If you deal with black magic like those zionist, kabalas and ulimati dogs. Then you deserve to get your head chopped off.


its not funny but shamefull & pathetic u pigshit that on the name of law u r justifying this barbarism & sickness…..if he deserved that than blot on humanity monsters like u too deserve it


Your law is barbaric. You filthy people will soon see the true God coming to judge the nations. You will all burn in eternal hell

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