PHOTOS: ISIS Khalid ibn al-Walid Army Beheads ‘Wizard’ in Syria

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  1. Wow ! ! !………..Very Courageous Act Done by beheading a poor old man…….Hence Prove Again that Allaha Indeed is very-2 Kind & Mercyfull :P

    • It’s funny how you say an old man. Just because he looks old and weak does not make him an angel. This is the law. If you deal with black magic like those zionist, kabalas and ulimati dogs. Then you deserve to get your head chopped off.

      • its not funny but shamefull & pathetic u pigshit that on the name of law u r justifying this barbarism & sickness…..if he deserved that than blot on humanity monsters like u too deserve it

      • Your law is barbaric. You filthy people will soon see the true God coming to judge the nations. You will all burn in eternal hell

    • in the West you go to jail for saying some stuff – pretty pathetic don’t you think – you go to jail just for uttering some words?

      • Yep, just the other day I uttered the words “banana hammock” and I was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. Thankfully they give us in computers in prison so we can lie on the Internet just like you do.

        • The ironic part is that you just lied. That my is what you call hypocrisy – something I’m sure the west is well acquainted for -their double standards and their hypocrites.

  2. How is Christianity so peaceful if this is what is said in their bible…..

    Leviticus 20:27
    ‘Now a man or a woman who is a medium or a spiritist shall surely be put to death. They shall be stoned with stones, their bloodguiltiness is upon them.'”

    • You think your confused. The christians themselves are more confused and dont know what the hell is in their own bible. I mean seriously. The Bible was in Aramaic. then in hebrew bloody latin then bloody english so mant diffent versions and they say this is the perfect word of God more like word of Paul, Mark (Paul who? Mark who?) seriously…. The christians dont even implement what Jesus( piece be upon him) preached.

    • If the best amongst you are the Priests and Nuns. Right! then best of you are small and decreasing in number against the evil. Because they cant get married. loll

    • Christianity evolved and reformed unlike the barbaric practices of Islam which still go on to this day….and that is true Islam. The rest of you “moderates” are just hypocrites in the eyes of true Islam.

      • Christianity evolved??? Are you listening to yourself, so much for Christianity then lol, guess this is why Islam is the one true religion of God, no matter how much the kuffar (disbelievers – that will burn in hell) wishes that it succumbs to the whims and their desire, it cannot be corrupted. Cool, further proof Islam that it is from one and only God.

    • That’s the old law which was replaced by the new law – of grace. Like when they wanted to stone Mary for adultery & Jesus didn’t apply that law, but said ” let him without sin to cast the first stone”. If you think what Jesus did was wrong or that the passage was corrupted, let me give one from Quran 3:50 “And [I have come] confirming what was before me of the Torah and to make lawful for you some of what was forbidden to you. And I have come to you with a sign from your Lord, so fear Allah and obey me”.

      • Actually historians, people that study language and script, experts that study manuscripts etc.. say that the verse you just quoted was a forgery and not authentic (let him without sin to cast the first stone), it was not part of the bible but later added by someone – they can distinguish this because of the tone, text, style etc…of the writing (I actually studied Christianity in University). For example see if you can catch the sudden tone difference in the passage where an additional intentional text that shouldn’t be is added on purpose in the following passage:

        Tis today that I thither my homework, thou then watched the sunset until thy felt in ease, such ease that was felt in tis beatuiful night. ‘I then brushed my teeth for five minutes and watched cartoon on tv’. Thou then went to a beatiful dormant sleep.

        Did you catch the tone difference in one of the sentences – (I put it in single quotation if you didn’t catch it already)? Sorry to burst your bubble but that passage aint true, its a fake verse that was inserted later on in the bible to suit the need of whoever didn’t feel like obeying the commandments of God. Stoning is still legitimate and the right thing to do in case of adultery in Judaism and Christianity.

        • Geez! Listen to yourself, dude! Your basically saying they DID stone Mary & from that moment she no longer existed, right? Very intelligent, bravo. And the ones written by Paul are flawed & the ones where Jesus died the same…no? The Quran is the only book that contain the word of God – keep telling yourself that.
          Christianity is a very spiritual religion, (notice there is no political system in it), therefore very hard for someone like you to understand it. Trust me, all verses are where they should be. The numerologists who studied Bible are amazed by how interconnected it is.

          • Right, only crazy people with twisted minds understand the bible. Listen to yourself, does it makes sense that God will send a book that is hard for people to understand??? Crazy lunatics with their twisted spiritual bs.

          • I’m pretty sure every religions professor (with PhD’s) agrees that the bible is vastly modified and corrupted – you should talk to one of these intellectual individuals sometimes instead of making some fanatic crap about numerology – those so called ‘numerologists’ or what ever you fancy them as are most likely amateur apologetic Christians trying to justify their false belief. Whatever makes you sleep at night. If you look hard enough at anything, you can find some meaningless make believe pattern – its as much authentic as astrology – this hocus pocus numerology lol.

        • So you basically saying people wrote whatever they wanted in bible…. shows it’s man made book by bunch of different people that has bunch of lies in it lol thanks for clarifying!

          • Actually it’s not so hard to understand the Bible if you study and deepen it. Of course, it takes a brain and a soul for that and since you lack them, I understand it gets difficult, you feel lost & start seeing craziness when in fact the only crazy person it’s you my dear. Like I said, until you you improve your condition, get rid of the hatred in your soul & that ugliness inside your heart you’ll never be able to understand anything. Until then, you’ll be following your ‘holy’ Quran who says among other ‘sane’ things it’s ok to sleep with a 9 year old, to kill, to enslave and even to rape (slaves). Look at IS, your brothers, does it seem like it’s very normal what they do? If so, it’s pretty clear what kind of ‘creature’ you are and why you see ppl that don’t have a dark heart like you, crazy.
            As for the science thing, I see you’re the same hypocrite as the majority of u. Either you believe in science or in your Allah. So, decide which one. Cause the two don’t match no matter how hard you wish. Quran contains many scientific mistakes such as:
            1). the creation of the world : it ‘borrows’ Bible’s version – 6 days creation. Science disagrees.
            2). The creationist view of life, human creation from clay, women are created from a rib – not what science declares.
            3). First humans: Adam & Eve, again science won’t agree.
            4). The stars are missiles shot at devils :Quran is confusing the stars (giant balls of gas thousands of times larger than the earth) and meteors which are small rocky masses.
            5). Sky can fall down on ppl – science says this is impossible as the atmosphere is made of gas.
            6). the splitting of the moon – no scientific evidence whatsoever.
            7). Science states Earth wasn’t created before the stars, Quran’s claim.
            I won’t enumerate more as it’s pointless. The point is you my dear are such a hypocrite trying to make out Quran & science are going hand to hand (when they’re not!) while Christianity is made of stupid/blind ppl. Trust me, we have more brain, more money, we are much more evolved & most important, we are more kindhearted than you ever will be.

            • “Trust me, we have more brain, more money, we are much more evolved & most important, we are more kindhearted than you ever will be.” – sounds like you are an arrogant person – last time I checked in the Torah, Gospel, Bible, or Qur’an, that’s the quality of Satan, not a good person. Satan thought he was better and superior than Adam. Its also the quality of pharaoh, he thought he was better than everyone else, he was arrogant and he rejected the truth. A kindhearted person will never ever utter these words, only a wicked disgusting and disturbed person filled with self haughtiness, inflation, and insecurity would say such things – keep living in your delusions and your make beliefs.

            • Ya usually in war, its pretty normal to kill people – I’m sure the christian US soldiers are angels, they are sooo gooood they just don’t kill, they come with open arms wanting to hug lol- not to mention the Crusaders who killed every single Muslim and jew when they conquered Jerusalem while Salahudin Ayyubi a Muslim that spared the Christians lives and even gave them gifts when they left – even your own Hollywood kingdom of heaven portrays this historical fact. You can keep telling yourself your such a goooood person. Did you even study Islam??? Give me one verse in the Qur’an where it says you can marry a nine year old, you won’t find one because it doesn’t exist. In Islam you can marry anyone once they have attained the age of puberty and hence they can reproduce – if you look anywhere else on this Earth, that’s usually what creatures do, it doesn’t matter if you hit puberty at 9 or 30, once you can reproduce, then you can get married and mate. Where in Quran does it says the Earth was created before the stars? Wow talk about having the IQ of a chipmunk, I think you need to get your head out of your behind and actually study Islam instead of being a blind brainwash follower of some christian cult, you seem to have a lot of misunderstanding, misinformation, and misconceptions, and its people like you that spreads malicious facts that creates hatred among-st the masses while dancing around proclaiming peace and piety.

              Ironic, in the Qur’an in a beautiful verse Allah says:

              ‘They (the hypocrites and disbelievers) say “we are only peacemakers” though they are the ones creating mischief and they don’t even realize it.

              • I dare to utter these words not because I’m an arrogant or devilish person, but because I’m a direct one, not a hypocrite who implies things or babbling behind one’s back. And because it’s the truth even if you can’t see it from where you’re standing. You’ve implied Christians don’t know much about science, rather they’re blind followers of their religion while Quran contains zero errors and everything in it can be verified/proved. This is not true and now you’re mad cause you have been exposed. Don’t be mad, just face the facts. If you insist, I’ll answer your question: Quran states Earth was created in two days and it also says in 41:12 that lamps (stars in the similar verse 37:6) were placed in the lowest of the seven heavens. But before there were seven heavens, while heaven was just smoke, the Earth already existed according to verse 11.
                I do not consider myself a arrogant person but even if this were the case, I could repent and change. Ppl aren’t perfect, but at least some are trying to be the best they could, they are not pleased in a state of total misery. You my friend aren’t even able to recognize your state. You are an apologist for murder, sleeping with children, rape etc. I know that throughout the history there were many so called Christians who caused much harm. Guess what? I don’t condone their actions which cannot find justification anywhere in the NT. You on the other hand are justifying ISIS’ actions as ‘war’. No dear. Hatred against anyone who’s not a muslim, establishing their Caliphate, their sharia, world dominance would fit better. Of course, these sound good to you, cause if it were to happen, you and the likes of you could live your dream…that of murdering, enslaving, abusing all of those you hate. I feel sorry for you, really… Calling me a disgusting & disturbed person because I called spade a spade whilst you and your brothers IS are such a bunch of soulless lifeforms… Wanna know what’s the major difference between us (christians) and you? Despite the fact that our rulers commit atrocities too, kill children etc, there’s one thing we will never do: celebrate, rejoice at someone’s pain… Unlike U. I’ve seen you muslims delighted & cheering the fires in Israel, the criminal attacks in Europe and other such monstrosities… Why?? Told you why but you won’t listen.
                PS Regardless of the age you reach puberty, at 9 you’re not an adult, you’re not even an adolescent, you’re a child. If you think it’s ok to sleep with a child, you have serious issues.
                But thanks for letting me know when & why do ppl marry. Here I thought it has something to do with love, but I understand the concept is totally foreign to you.

  3. Could any of you please provide us all with some evidence – any evidence, just a tiny little bit of evidence, any evidence at all – that your God exists? No? Thought not. Ok then, back to beheading and killing people over the existence of nothing. Crack on…