PHOTOS: ISIS Desecrates Dead PKK After Battle Near Raqqa, Syria

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  1. Isis is the cancer of our times
    Like the militant Japanese and Nazi Germans were of the 30s and 40s
    We need to eradicate this scum with all means necessary
    Bomb them into submission like WW2

      • Just like Israel did to Palestinians? Or like ISIS displaced the local populations from Syria & Iraq? You cry & shout about how unfair the Jews were, thieves etc but you’ve done & are planning to do the same, filthy hypocrites. Your double standard is despicable.

  2. Believe what you want but the truth of the matter is ISIS is getting their ass’s kicked!! The schizophrenic suicidal death cult (ISIS) is crumbling!

    • Getting there asses kicked. How much more ass do you expect to kick before you realise you can’t kill Islam you pathetic piece of dump.

      • Hay Idiot! I didn’t say ” Kill Islam” Real Islam and ISIS are two different things. Disease’s can be cured. Kick’n ass is the medicine and its working. If you don’t think or know so, you have been watching to many ISIS propaganda pics & videos here on Heavy! “Have a Nice Day”

    • I quick look at the videos on ISIS on this site will make you look like a Moron. You dont say something and it automatically becomes true. Dum b as s

    • We’ve been hearing that the Islamic state is getting their behind kicked for how long now??? what 100 000 coalition and 500000 bombs against few thousand IS members and the coalition is still trying to kick them lolol. That’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. Even when/if a victory comes against IS, the coalition’s head should be in shame and humiliation – its like a grown adult trying to take a candy from a baby after months he still can’t do it – even when he does there’s no pride in that, only humiliation.