PHOTOS: ISIS Militants Battle Shia Militias in North Mosul, Iraq


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get your own shit

Little do they know there is a cross on the inside of those m16s. ahahah rot in hell for eternity!


Stoopid. When you see ISIS using your waepons. That’s telling you we are killing your soldiers and TAKE by FORCE your weapons and ware booty and are killing you with your own weapons. ;). One more thing. There maybe a cross in the gun. But theres ISIS on the bullets. Bbbeeutch!

get your own shit

Rah Moot into, Iv seen you guys fight you cant aim for shit, cant even hold the gun right. Also you run and hide come out and fight. We will take those beautiful M16s back. One more thing ALLAH is on the good side.

Abu Bakr

Yeah Allah is indeed on the good side you do the math is Allah with the Coalition of 110000 soldiers or isis who is 3500 still you cant defeat isis so tell me who is Allah with? And one more thing its a retreat from iraqi forces anytime just watch it and of behalf of isis i Thank you for all those weapons you left behind when you all ran away Hahaha

get your own shit

ha! these guys? I don’t get it why are they using m16s and ak47s? are those not the enemies weapons in their eyes? you are scum of this planet. you have nothing.

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