PHOTOS: ISIS Shows Aftermath of Al Matafi Checkpoint Attack in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt


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Well! Come on Dirt Bag! We’re ready for Ya!! You ain’t seen nothing yet! Go try to scare somebody else your propaganda words!!


Lool you guys are a bunch of cowards isis would slaughter you idoits like sheep’s you seen the videos.


Your the only idiot here. Don’t you read?? Look at the top of the page. These are ISIS propaganda pics & video’s. People like you have the inelegance of a wet rock! Get lost Bozo!


Look very closely cos this will happened soon at your place whenever you are. Look closely. We are coming. allahu Akbar.


I am looking closely and I see you and some other ISIS moron have sex with a donkey and a goat screaming: “We’re Cumming! We’re Cumming!” Allah Akbar (Quack! Quack!)


Yeah Right, And Green pigs with orange polka-dots are flying out of my butt too….

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