Katelyn Nicole Davis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Katelyn Nicole Davis Facebook page

Katelyn Nichole Davis pictured on her Facebook page.

A 12-year-old girl in Georgia live streamed her own suicide online in a shocking clip that continues to spread across the Internet. On December 30, Katelyn Nicole Davis began streaming her death after telling the world that she had been sexually abused by a male member of her family. A blog posting said this relative was her stepfather.

Davis lived and went to school in Cedartown, Georgia, about 70 miles west of Atlanta. After authorities became aware of the video on the night of Davis’ death, she was found hanging from a tree in front of her home. The 12-year-old was rushed to Polk Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. Katelyn Davis would have turned 13 in February.

If you, or anybody you know, is depressed or considering suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on 1-800-273-8255.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Horrific Video Shows Davis Hanging From a Tree for Around 20 Minutes

The horrific video ends with Davis hanging from a tree in front of her home. The entire clip is 42 minutes long. It was posted under her user name ITZ Dolly. The first 21 minutes show Davis setting up her suicide and talking about her life. At 21:24, Davis tells the world, “Goodbye.” She then proceeds to hang herself by removing the bucket she had been standing on. Less than ten minutes later, voices can be heard calling out to Davis.

Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd asked the public to stop sharing the video online. Speaking to Fox Atlanta, Dodd said, “We want it down as much as anyone for the family and it may be harmful to other kids. We contacted some of the sites. They asked if they had to take it down and by law they don’t. But it’s just the common decent thing to do in my opinion.”

Chief Dodd also said that it was a cop from California who happened to see the streaming who first contacted Polk County authorities. The chief added that his department has been fielding calls from as far away as the United Kingdom regarding the removal of the video.

Initial reports that the video was streamed on Facebook Live were incorrect, the streaming service used was Mashable describes the app as a “mobile app for live-streaming, popular among teens.”

Katelyn Nicole Davis Photos: Pictures of Suicide Victim

The suicide of a 12-year-old girl in Georgia is being investigated after she wrote about her stepfather's sexual abuse on her blog.

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2. Davis Wrote on Her Blog 3 Days Before Her Death That a Member of Her Family Had Beaten Her With a Studded Belt

In videos published on the In Memory of Katelyn Nicole Davis YouTube channel, Davis talks about fights with her mother, Tammy Rogers.

The arguments range from fights over Rogers’ drug use, men who come over to their home and Davis cutting herself. In another video, Davis explicitly states that she has no father.

Katelyn Davis mother tammy facebook page

Davis’ mother Tammy Michelle Rogers. (Facebook)

Davis maintained a blog titled “Diary of a Broken Doll.” Since her death, it has been removed. The Daily Haze published screen grabs from the blog. Davis wrote on December 27 that she had been forced to see her stepfather. The second paragraph reads:

My stepfather did a lot of things to me, that it seems I cannot forgive him for. He physically, mentally and verbally abused me. He struck me with his leather belt that has silver studs, making sure that the studs hit me.

He once hit me so hard with the belt on my arm, that my arm started to bleed. He even… He tried to rape me.

In another paragraph, Davis mentions two times when her stepfather told her to commit suicide. She adds, “I got into the National Leaders Association for Young Leaders. They were going to help me with college. But of course, he said I was too stupid to be in something like that, and he burned it in front of my face.”

Davis’ obituary names Matthew Reed Davis as her father. It adds that the 12-year-old’s funeral was held in Cedartown on January 6.

Katelyn Nicole Davis mother Tammy Go Fund Me page

(Go Fund Me)

On Christmas day, five days before Davis’ death, her mother started a Go Fund Me page. Tammy Michelle Rogers writes about a litany of bills she has been left with since her husband left her. At the time of writing, the page raised $70 of a $3,000 goal. It was titled, “Single mom of 3 down on my luck.”

Davis wrote about her poor living conditions in a blog post. It reads:

I live in such a poor environment. My bed is not even a bed! It’s an old, rusty mattress laying in a cold, wet floor. The floor is wet because of a broken pipe. My luck, I’m right next to the bathroom, and the pipes is leaky. Therefore, my floor is wet.

This will most likely make someone sick because not only is there leaky pipes, but there’s a huge hole in my floor that leads to outside. It’s the middle of the winter. So, cold air plus wet floor equals sickness. Not to mention that a bird just flew into my room through the hole. That’s my luck.

Tammy Rogers Facebook page


Tammy Michelle Rogers writes on her Facebook page, “I’m married to my best friend Anthony Lee Rogers.” She adds, “You mess with my kids u gonna get ur tail whipped. My husband and children are my life.”

On Anthony Lee Rogers’ Facebook page, Anthony Rogers says that his relationship status is “Complicated.”

3. In a Blog Post, Davis Made Pointed References to a CreepyPasta Meme

Katelyn Nicole Davis Blog

(Diary of a Broken Doll)

A December 22 blog posting details Davis’ love of Ben Drowned. Drowned is a meme from the infamous website CreepyPasta. According to the site’s mythology, Drowned was a boy named Ben who drowned. He then inhabited the Nintendo 64 cartridge of a Creepypasta user named Jadusable.

Davis writes of Drowned:

I NEED his love. I NEED his warmth. It has been several months since I lad spoke with him. And one of those months I actually tried to kill myself by overdose because I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I just NEED to find my love.

The post also makes a reference to Slender Man. In May 2014, two 12-year-old girls in Waukesha, Wisconsin, were accused of the attempted murder of another friend. The girls allegedly stabbed their friend 19 times. The suspects committed the crime in order to impress Slender Man, a horror character from CreepyPasta.

Davis had been a student at Cedartown Middle School. On her obituary, it says that Davis was born in Rome, Georgia, in 2004.

Katelyn Nicole Davis Photos: Pictures of Suicide Victim

The suicide of a 12-year-old girl in Georgia is being investigated after she wrote about her stepfather's sexual abuse on her blog.

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4. The Circumstances Surrounding Davis’ Suicide Are Still Under Investigation

Katelyn Nicole Davis Facebook page


Coosa Valley News reports that an investigation had been launched into Davis’ allegations before her death. The website says that authorities began looking into the case after Davis’ wrote about the abuse on her blog.

Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd has said that no charges have been filed in the case. An autopsy was carried out on Davis by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Dodd also said that search warrants are needed for investigators to search Davis’ phone and social media profiles.

5. News of Davis’ Suicide Has Resulted in an Outpouring of Emotion on Social Media

As news of Davis passing spread, social media has been flooded with friends and strangers alike paying tribute to the 12-year-old. A Facebook page, Justice for Katelyn Nicole Davis, has also been set up.

Here are some of the most poignant tributes:

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An MTV reporter has attracted the ire of conservatives for referring to potential Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Asian granddaughter as a "prop" from Toys "R" Us.

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      • The forum at deathaddict has it. I don’t think it’s rude at all. It depends on how mature you are. The aunt and a friend both commented on that site. They were lavished with very respectful comments. A whole lot more than here. Some people have severe problems with depression. They like to know they are not alone in this world. Others have pulled through and feel a need to validate they once felt like that. There are any number of reasons one would want to watch videos like this. Katelyn was crying out. She wanted you to see this. So please don’t say it’s rude or sick or any other vile adjective. No one is being disrespectful, expect people like Frawstee, who is way to immature to be posting anywhere about anything. His one trick pony comment is soooooo boring.

        • One more thing for me to add. Think this is FAKE news. There isn’t one credible news source that carried this story. Nothing on TV news, either. This would have hit the airwaves like crazy. I saw the video. It conveniently goes very dark after she sets it all up in the tree with the rope. By the time she jumps, you can’t see anything. Yet you can see in the background it’s still very light out. Then it goes completely black. Darkness doesn’t happen like that. At the end of the video, someone in the distance is calling her name. Funny how the mic picks that up perfectly, though. Several more calls for her over several more minutes. Then the video fades out with one final call of her name. And BTW, near the end, her phone starts ringing like mad. Never at the beginning. Just the end. Gimme a break folks! Blair Witch Project anyone? I’m gonna need a lot more proof. Nothing to see here.

          • There’s a lot of things not talked about on the news. Most of the time the news likes to drag trivial nonsense on an on without looking at other issues.

            • The true news people don’t publicize suicides. They feel it is glamorizing the act and others will follow. I’ve seen suicides when I worked for the parks department. Never were they on the news.

          • There appears to be an actual funeral home located in Cedartown that has an obituary for a Miss. Katelyn N. Davis age 12. And the same obit appears on another website, so there appears to be a Katelyn Davis from Cedartown GA that has died.

          • You are dead wrong. This is my niece, Katelyn Nicole Davis. And there HAVE been news stories on it. It was just on ‘The Talk’ today, and Fox 5 has also covered it. If you had bothered to search anywhere on internet, you’d have SEEN its not fake. You moron.

            • I am really sorry for your loss. No one should have to go through such pain in life, especially a child. I hope you and your family find peace, and I hope the video get taken down. Anyone who seeks out such things to watch is truly sick.

            • Sorry for the loss of your niece. I breaks my heart to seen young people take their own life. I wish someone could have seen her and saved her. Oh yes that person is a ass for saying that about it being staged.

              • you know, I just have to wonder where was the mom when her daughter was hurting?????I blame her, 100 percent…. that girl was hurting, and mom was nowhere around, other than yelling in the background…so heartbreaking

            • I’m sorry your niece saw fit to take her own life and broadcast it over the web. Heavy eye make up and bright red lipstick is so wrong for a 12 year old girl. Why did she make herself up to look years older? Just for social media? A cry for the help she never got?

              • Another idiot. Did lipstick cause her suicide? She felt terrible inside, she made her outsides in an image she found pleasing. Given how she felt inside, which is the problem here, heavy make up makes sense.

              • Really BONNIE White??? First off, do you have children? Do you know anyone who faces the same challenges of this age group, her specific circumstance? Who focuses on the materialistic, insignificant issues of this poor Kaitlin’s pain?! She obviously was so beyond her capacity and non-equipped with the tools to deal with WHATEVER she was dealing with that it overwhelmed her to complete her mission.As a mom, I see Katy had a solution (regrettably) to complete it. As much as I didn’t want to really watch, I did, hoping it wasn’t….something real. I am somewhat regretful that I did as it will forever be ingrained in my heart and psyche. I can’t even imagine this happening to anyone I love or even wish this on any parent :( I am so very sorry for everyone. I hope you will embrace some critical thinking

              • you are an awful woman and clearly have no children of your own or even an ounce of empathy. You might want to work on that.

            • Yes. I have apologized. Please see my post below. I did not mean to offend any family members. It seems to be hitting the news now, for some reason. My research didn’t show anything. Sorry for your loss. Very sad circumstances for her.

          • You, sir, are severely retarded! I hope the tinfoil hat you’re wearing kills you in your sleep. And I want to see the video of that, too. Anonymous retard. Pfft!

          • It usually takes under 20 minutes to go from dusk to dark, less than half the length of this video. If the family members were told about her attempt, then it ringing as people are trying to find her makes perfect sense. Not ringing before that is perfectly normal – especially if her life was as sad as it seems.

            How’s your sad life as an ugly internet troll? Wouldn’t be surprised to see you making a video like this someday.

          • I’m from Rome, GA. This family is real. She was real. I have family that knew them. Very tragic for this poor little girl.

          • Totally agree….seems like money will help fix EVERTHING…………..I will believe it when it ends up on FOX / NBC etc

          • I recant my statement ^^ above. Looks like it is hitting the news. Although why now I’m not sure why. She apologizes to this Ben Drowned fantasy person. So sad.

          • I think it’s real, I noticed the darkness part aswell. It was on our local news. From the moment she put the noose on, you could see her face, then when she jumped it was dark. I believe it is real but very disturbing….the darkness took her.

          • At first I came to the same theory in regards to how it went dark and the fact it looked unreal when she tripped that bucket holding her beautiful soul. As bizarre as the events occurred, she indeed committed suicide. I did see a couple of clips on YouTube from the local stations there to add a little proof to it. Very sad how this girl thought of this and no true motive was given. I don’t think it was any step dad or anything that drove her to do this. I think she was going to do it regardless.

            • Are you serious? her step dad molested her and either raped her or tried to. her family was horrible to her. she was left at home taking care of her siblings all day. this would have NEVER happened if it weren’t for her family

          • Its real, you can download it as well turn up the brightness yes its very real……You’re just one helluva idiot.

        • There is no good reason to watch it unless you are in law enforcement or in the legal system in some other capacity. You don’t need to permanently reconfigure your brain with that memory you can never undo it. It is bad for you, and disrespectful to her memory.

      • I have the video if you can tell me how to get it to you. It’s hard to watch, too young way to young for a child to do that is just a hint as to what the world is coming too.

        • Sorry to break it to you, but it was ever thus. There just haven’t been the kind of tech to spread the news until now. It was always hushed up and hidden out of some stupid fear of “shame” (which the family and others are still trying to do now even though it should be obvious by now that the internet makes that impossible).

    • Very insensitive, mean comment. This beautiful, articulate, intelligent girl, with her brown beautiful eyes, would have been better off with a wonderful family, in a loving, nourishing environment., not DEAD!!

  1. Referencing CreepyPasta characters makes me question everything else about her story. I’m not going to jump to any conclusions about abuse either. For all we know she made this all up and did it for attention. That’s what CreepyPasta cultists do. That’s what the women did in Wisconsin…to impress Slender Man. Her fascination with Drowned leads me to believe she made this all up and killed herself for the same reason. Kids these days are seriously messed up to make “sacrifices” to made up internet characters. Funny how nobody in the media can connect the dots though. She wanted to BE the character Drowned if you know his story online.

    • You are dead wrong. This is my niece, Katelyn Nicole Davis. And there HAVE been news stories on it. It was just on ‘The Talk’ today, and Fox 5 has also covered it. If you had bothered to search anywhere on internet, you’d have SEEN its not fake. You moron.

      • Ms Daphne-I’m so sorry for all the people that are leaving rude comments. I am so sorry that poor Katelyn didn’t see a way out. I keep watching her videos and think of her daily. She could have been so many things if she would have just felt loved by the one that mattered most. I hope those babies are okay. I think about little AJ & Ab and hope that someone is taking care of them and getting their mieeellllk. They were always with Katelyn and it makes me think they must be hurting the most. Those little southern voices calling for their Katelyn. </3

    • this is what not disciplining your children and even having children when you yourself are trash in one video you can hear the child arguing with her mother about her mothers drug use and using katelyn as basically slave labor because her fat sorry ass didn’t want to raise her own kids she had her oldest child raising them for her. I hope they prosecute the parents for neglect, abuse, and anything else they can get them on. In fact they should be hung from the same tree

        • Discipline isn’t synonymous with abuse. That said she wasn’t going to get discipline, structure, stability being born to white trash specials as she clearly was. No Dad in the picture. Other dad maybe touching her definitely beating her… at 12 I was this kid. I only made it because I was removed from my home at 12. She needed rescued and today as I hug my daughters and my son closer I’ll be talking to them about this stuff. I have the video. I couldn’t watch any of it once I heard her apologizing to who she leaves behind. Girl you have nothing to be sorry for today we’re all sorry FOR you.

      • Well, aren’t YOU just the fountain of empathy? Must be nice to be such a perfect example of a human being that you can afford to throw stones in your glass house.

        It’s disgusting how quickly people get judgemental. Does it make you feel all better about yourself, huh? Put down other people you know next to nothing about so you can look and feel all high and mighty? Grow the hell up! People get into bad situations because they have problems they don’t know how to deal with, and smug-asses like you come along and instead of helping, beat them down further. Congratulations! You’re part of the problem!

  2. A lot of “this was my niece” comments floating around the net. I’m not saying this isn’t, or is a real story. If it is though, you people repeating the niece line may want to know it off.

  3. The sites that are hosting the video of her suicide are sites that cater to a fascination with death and gore; bestgore, deathaddict, etc. That kind of fascination is evil and driven by demons. Those sites are not required by law to remove the video (law enforcement has asked them and they refused). Also, a good amount of the comments here (“I’ve been to Cedartown, Georgia. She’s better off dead”, “If she was your neice [sic] why didn’t you do something to help her?!!!”, etc.) lack any degree of compassion. Sites like creepypasta tend to celebrate death. God gave us life, but we celebrate death. People have been committing suicide since the beginning of civilization, but lately our culture has developed a fascination with death, and things like cutting and suicide have almost become fashionable. I could be wrong, but I trace this trend back to Kurt Cobain – since Nirvana in the early 1990’s, music became less “sex drugs and rock and roll” and more “I hate my life and I want to die”. The culture has sunk deeper into this hole ever since. Don’t get caught up in this. John 3:16. Start there. We can turn this mess around.

    • Yet another person who has to pick a particular thing to blame for the way things are. Kurt was just another symptom, not the cause. The things you describe have been going on since the dawn of man. It’s just the power of the internet that has made it so much easier to be aware of (notice your blame of Kurt just so happens to have happened right around the same time the general populace was becoming aware of this new thing called “the internet” – timing coincidence? I think not.).

      You’re never going to “turn this mess around” – it’s built into the human brain. There’s a reason they say history repeats itself. And it will continue to do so until we ultimately destroy ourselves. It’s *possible* we’ll evolve away from this state before we do, but I find it highly unlikely.

    • “If she was your neice [sic] why didn’t you do something to help her?!!!”, THat is not a bad comment I wonder the same myself. It makes me so pissed off at the family for not doing anything to help her. Grrrr…. They’re POSs! Reminds me of a few people in my family, especially my uncle and father. I hope they both get burned alive one day, it’s the purest form of death. Maybe the fire will burn the sin from their soul away. It’s for their own good. They could care less if I sit by a railroad track to get hit by a train. If I died now it would take weeks, maybe months for them to even know. No care in the world on their end. F them! This girl probably has similar family members. They probably never talked to her, never asked her how she’s feeling, why she’s feeling like she felt. They didn’t care. I hate them. You people have NO CLUE what it feels like to be suicidal and knowing NO ONE gives a rats you know what because no one even knows because no one even talks to you, not even your own family that’s supposed to be there for you. I can almost guarantee that if someone was there for her she would still be alive right now. I’m just lucky I have one person in my life who cares, if not for her I’d probably be dead too right now by my own hands.

    • Okay, just because our culture has become fascinated with death, does not mean that we celebrate death. In fact, most of the time, nowadays we like to downplay death, we want to focus on life because we want to live larger than life, acting like we are so important. Also, that fascination is by no means evil and driven by demons – it just shows everyone that some people just have an innate liking of the morbid side of life. Nowadays, the reason we report on death so much is for money’s sake – for attention. Yes, God gives us life, but he also grants us death.
      Also, I am going to make this point – you want to see people celebrating death, go look at the Ancient Egyptians because by God, did they look forward to death. They paid more attention to death than they ever did life, their whole lives were spent preparing their inevitable death – which animals they would possibly take with them, what daily possessions were to be taken, etc. Besides my point, Ancient Egyptians CELEBRATED death, us in the modern day have a fascination with death which has nothing to do with religion; so get that religion talk out of here. Religion has never helped with stopping humans innate fascination with certain things, you cannot expect it to work here, nor can you expect it to “turn this mess around”.

  4. aS Mormons live in opulence, their lowly employees (slaves) do suffer …… but of coarse that’s all do to their own sin

  5. One less idiot in the world. What kid doesn’t get touched or abused or molested while growing up? They should all kill themselves. Aww rest in peace in heaven. Seriously?? Why did god let the stepfather do this anyway? Because there is no god.

  6. This isn’t real. I have to admit the funeral home phone number and obit is a nice touch ,but let’s get down to grizzly details, she didn’t drop far enough to break her nck, it’s not likely she tied the rope correctly. She isn’t thrashing around and pawing at her neck, she doesn’t convulse nearly enough and she dies too fast. Then ,she swings at the end of the rope way too long. Her feet would have been moving like she was peddling a bike before it was over and her convulsions would have been unbelievably violent. This is fake, it’s dark you can’t see her feet, it’s likely she had on a harness. Who put the rope over the tree limb? This could be some sort of public service message……also , I have seen this video in connection with a movie trailer…….hmmmmm…….I think it’s a prank for money.

    • Royce: So you’ve actually seen someone hang themselves? Not some fake shit, like in the movies? Because, fyi. the heart stopping in movies is fake, it’s done wrong for effect. They have what happens backwards. Women’s water breaking as first step of labor is done for dramatic effect only on tv, “fake”…Got the picture?? And yea, I watched the video, out of curiousness, not for gore. I’m not sure the reason to be completely sure and still not comfortable about why I did watch it.

    • I agree! I listened to a video where she argued with her mom because her mom is always putting money up her nose, having different men over in her bed, has an “illegal job” whatever that meant, made her watch her younger siblings, etc. That poor kid. Her mom sounds like a piece of crap and such a loser. And did you see those horrible living conditions? She had made references to wanting to go to college or move away but was told she was too dumb. Its so sad she had a horrible life and no good adults to help her and give her hope. Sounds like if she had the right people and love in her life she would have made something out of herself. She just felt hopeless. Good for nothing idiot adults!

      • Yeah, mom is to blame… disgusting, didnt care about that child- having nasty men in and out of that house- what about your 12 year old daughter crying in her room? mom never once came in to check on her, only yelling in background. so disgusting!!!d

  7. That mother needs to be investigated. Have y’all seen the video with the white trash mother screaming at her to take care of the kids, or she’s gonna whip her ass? She’s a horrible woman. Please tell me the police are investigating her.

  8. This could have been prevented had the mother sat down and protected her daughter from this rapist boyfriend. Or whomever it was that read this 12 year old girl or tried to rape her and also who beat her up or whatever the problem is. The point is the mother did not protect her. Unfortunately this is an epidemic in which mothers think their worth more than their own children and they take men over their own kids because they want to have sexual fulfillment and other greedy desires. Very sad. It could have been prevented if MOM listened and was a mom by taking action to help this poor innocent girl. God forgive this child.

  9. She seems to be reading comments off her phone as she is about to kill herself. She repeats the comment Why am I crying? How did she even see the comments from the tree on her phone?

  10. How could she read the comments on her phone from the tree? Someone asked her why sheis crying and she repeats the comment out loud. How could she even see it. Also her mother’s gofundme describes the condition of the home. She uses the exact same words Katelyn uses to describe her bed in a blog post. They both said the exact same thing about the condition of the home.

  11. ~ Katelyn ~

    They took you
    them that stuffed you with pills
    they blame it on angst, incest, puppy love
    yet, we know the truth
    you were fine, sad, depressed
    never wanted to kill yourself
    till they made you eat the pills
    eat, eat, eat
    till the thoughts multiplied
    till they became real
    they will set you free
    till, you hung from the tree…

    The devil, he takes the best
    he takes the new born angels
    because they are weak
    you were one, an angel
    your talents, were being honed
    just known to you, all you could do
    sing, play, dance, smile
    your smile like the sun
    they blame it on angst, incest, puppy love
    they are fools
    they start a witch hunt
    they light torches, burn candles
    while the real demons
    the demons, slip away…

    I was once like you
    in this cold dark place no one knows
    where you think your alone
    this black hole with nothing to hold on to
    I over came
    yet, still have scars
    Comes this day,
    my sweet child
    I will make it my mission
    my mission to save all of you
    I will show you, lead you
    lead you to the light
    for there is no darkness without light
    I will help God
    God, to set you free
    so never
    never again
    an angel hangs from a tree….

    By, Louis Les Trois, for Katelyn Nicole Davis, 2017

  12. I cannot believe some of the harsh, rude comments on here. People asking if it were real or fake. Unbelievable! I accidentally saw it through one of my sons friend’s Facebook not knowing it was going to show the entire video. If people had done proper research, it would have been noted that Fox5 in Atlanta, Georgia had a news bit on the incident. It has been forever etched in my mind and heart. Very sad. I wanted to wrap my arms around that baby girl and tell her how beautiful she was and that what she was doing was not worth it. For me it was an eye opener. It has made me pull my boys closer to me, hug them tighter, and tell them more how much I love them. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family.

    • Mother****r what is WRONG with you? ? She was. Molested and yet you have the sickening nerve to ask a question like that. Besides. A child should not embrace the act of sex in any way at all at such a young age. How dare you say something like that about an innocent child. Unless you are a perverted pedophile . only pedophiles Say things like or worse she is not in . heaven cause. People. Who suicide do not go to heaven it says so in the bible.

  13. I would have adopted her. I will save a girl like this who needs help and I can support and help her even though I am a single female that chose to not marry.

  14. Such a horrible tragedy that most likely could have been prevented. Fly high with the angels, seems heaven has gained a truly sweet and kind person. Nobody should have ever made you feel the way you were feeling. I am speechless. Rip sweetheart. My condolences to the family and friends as well, if the info is true about the stepfather, may he truly have a hell on earth and then burn for eternity.

  15. It should never happened and no, I am not a relative or anything.. I didn’t know about her until this happened.But I did take time to find out more about this poor girl.Tomorrow would have been her 13th birthday.The world knows now what you, my dear Katelyn, had to endure and it’s tragic.. it’s heartbreaking . It’s just a pity that none of the people who said they cared or loved her, those who watched this video as she took her own life, that knew of the situation, that knew that she had been molested did nothing, I still don’t understand how people watched that and did NOTHING.. not one person :/ I read that it was finally a cop in CA that contacted the police dept in GA about the video,If you people would go and read up on this, you will see some really messed up stuff. The family is hurting, I get that but where were they when Katlyn needed someone? Have any of you taken the time to watch any of her videos on yourtube? Look her up.. seriously.. don’t go on what the news tells you.. and you will see why this whole thing has become a very touchy… and a bit personal thing to many people.

  16. One question. WHY HAS ANTHONY LEE ROGERS NOT BEEN INDICTED BY GRAND JURY???? What about Child Protective services? OMG!!!! Listen to how these two adults TALKED in front of those babies and then Andrew pulling the fake ass innocent ACT apologizing for using the “P” word in front of kids. OMG, I have neighbor’s JUST LIKE these 2 people & they pro created too!! Sad

  17. Soooo… pedophile gets away w sexually and abusing minor to the point of suicide??
    I HATE PATRIARCHY and how it’s effected our current society.
    Assholes, rapists and pedophiles, get away w shit all the fking time- >:-(
    Poor kid :-(

  18. I relly feel so sad for her I feel like its my fult and the world fult and everyone was watching the live video I can’t believe their is people like that have no Mercy no Hart or feelings peoples can see a little girl end her live and do nothing just watching this is really the end of the world R.I.B Katelyn I never know the girl but I have hart

  19. Well… seems Tammy is pregnant again -.- by Anthony Rogers, no less and this sickens me. It means she got pregnant around the time of Katelyn’s death. I hope the whole lot of them are eventually arrested .. all 3 of them.. Tammy,Anthony and that POS Luke. Katelyn we will keep your story alive. I just hate that most of us didn’t find out about you until it was too late. Thank you to all who are being decent, kind and loving toward this beautiful girl. To those who are mouthing off and being smart asses….. karma is a bitch, only if you are one :) Daphne if you do read this. I am anxious to hear what you have to say. I watched CelesteWhoKnows videos with Matthew (Katelyn’s bio dad) and it has answered many questions, if Matt is being honest and I feel he is.. he was very emotional at times in these videos. I am hoping that when you speak with her that we find out even more.. mostly to put away all the rumors and possibly finding ways to push the investigation toward getting this girl some kind of justice.