PHOTOS: New ISIS Video Shows 3 Militant Children Executing ‘PKK Spies’ in Abandoned Amusement Park

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at

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  1. usa and israel no more need isis Bad Islam propaganda (WE KNOW THAT NOT REALY ISLAM).. 2017 in REAL MUSLİMs will finish isis the middle east…

  2. Enough of the videos. We see they can kill people when the people are captured. They are cowards. They don’t show their faces. Their leader Bagdadi won’t speak publicly. If the Islamic State is so proud, why don’t they show their faces? Their videos are becoming more and more ridiculous as they put children in them. What is that purpose? To scare the world? Not working….

    • They using Quran and they are Islamist. You a phuggy hypocrites who condemn Islamic State in Lublic but support them secretly. They hide there faces as they don’t want to be famous and Brave like John Trovolta and Rambo etc, they certainly fights, kill and be killed in cause of Allah but you still would say it’s not Islam? You dirty Muslim Hypocrate

  3. One of the best video ever from Islamic State. Nice video. This is the good way to kill Kufar and unbelievers. Allahu Akbar.

      • You know nothing of Islam, pushing for killing people. We all hate your kind, fellow Muslim brothers and sisters who understand their deen will never follow you scum. Allah is watching, beware his wrath. Spend some time to understand and contemplate the words of wisdom in the Quran maybe once you are educated you will know truth. In the meantime exist in darkness where your kind belongs. Never, never use innocent children to commit atrocities… for one day they will do the same to you.

        • I feel sorry for you brother dont know what you are talking about you have no jihad in your heart you think being a muslim is just praying and fasting and thats mashallah bro our brother in the dawla they are fighting all the enimies and killing all of them one by one and on top of that muslim are against them to tsk tsk Inshallah wake up brother stop sleeping !!

      • You will be burned alive and your family raped, cooked and eaten by Crusaders who will crush your skull underfoot and hear the lamentations of cowards like yourself. Allah is a donkey being screwed in his ass.

  4. Why it so difficult for you to understand that Islamic State is here to stay? You will never win. Forget it. Kill us and we are very please. Bomb us and you will spend all your money for nothing. Spying on us and make horrible plan against us, all your bad behavior will turn against yourself. Sharia’s law can save you all now. Convert now and save yourself by understanding united between men and woman. Islamic State is united. Don’t look after your mission cos there is only one mission and goal to all us for peace and good life: serve Allah (the beneficent and the merciful) and follow his teaching from the last prophet Mohamed (peace upon on him). Why are you resisted? Look how fool you are. Islamic State is here to stay.

  5. sad that children are brought up like this. They don’t know any better. Hopefully after January 20th you get a little wake up call from trump.

  6. People from America who are making all their faith into Donald Trump sex with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel. January start of his regime, those people are really stupid. Trump is just the beginning of America going down. Trump will be your last president and America will be destroyed soon. Trump will not save you. Save yourself by converting into Islam now. This is your last chance. The end of America stupidity is sooner than you think. Trump is not your saver? Trump is your doom. Soon fire will destroyed you all in America. E new United is already there: Islamic State. Allahu Akbar.

  7. I Don’t understand… ISIS Say they kill for “Allah” yet where in the quran does it say that they should enforce violence by killing mass numbers of innocent people. basically this war has NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION. In fact, No religions tolerate violence against one another.

    • People say/ I don’t understand why IS is killing for Allah. But the answers is simple. When someone can not use his brain in order to please and glorify God, those people should be eliminated. No more reason to live for him. Believe in God and use your brain to learn about his teaching. His message came down from heaven, you must learn it and obey it. Sharia’ law is for all of us. Like it or not. Allahu Akbar/

  8. I feel sorry for all the subhumans who can’t see the abnormality in stealing a child innocence this gruesome way. When you’re an adult & you ascribe to this ideology you take the consequences or rewards if u believe it so. But to take advantage of an innocent kid who’s not mentally, emotionally & psychologically equiped for this kind of experiences/emotions it’s just too much. Those adults who put their children through this are lost causes, just soulless life forms. And those comments who condone this behaviour are even more disgusting.

  9. You English peoples says All the time Muslims are Terrorist Muslims are Terrorist but you forget kindly tell the name of those terrorist who blast in hiroshima and nagasaki and who kill the innocent people of hiroshima and nagasaki why this is not terrorism in your eyes In reality Muslims are not Terrorist you are the terrorist

    • Nobody forgets shit! There are dozens of docus about the effects of the nuke on the local population. Guess what? No one is saying that what they did was a good thing nor do we celebrate this kind of catastrophies…unlike you. We all know how you (muslims, especially IS supporters) celebrate the criminal attacks in Europe or the fires in Israel. So instead of pointing your finger at other criminals, be a man and admit your own. Explain why are you so delighted when your idols murder some of us? I’ll tell you why: cause y’all dead inside, incapable of feeling the most natural emotions. That’s one of the many things that differentiate you from us – you’ll never see us enjoying your & your children’s pain when Assad & the Coalition strike you. We see you with a big smile on your face everytime something bad happen to us instead.

  10. Typical islamic militant tactic. Cowards hide among the non-militant populace to shield themselves from having to fight like a real army. They then use collateral deaths as propaganda. Disgusting, vile, animals who create nothing but destruction. Preying on children for recruits. Easily the worst social malignancy in existence.