WATCH: Video Shows Philadelphia Cop Hit Girl During Fight

A Philadelphia police officer is on leave after this incident caught on tape. (Facebook screenshot)

A Philadelphia police officer is on desk duty after this incident caught on tape. (Facebook screenshot)

A Philadelphia police officer is on desk duty and facing an investigation after a video of knocking a teen girl to the ground and punching her repeatedly was posted on social media.

The video, posted on Instagram Monday, shows the unidentified female officer hitting the unnamed 16-year-old girl several times. Police said the officer had responded to a street fight, and the teen girl admitted to slapping the officer, KYW-TV reports.

“That was not shown, but she admitted that she did that,” Police Commissioner Richard Ross told the news station. “The officer admitted that she threw her to the ground and she jumped on top of her, and that she struck her several times. And the female said that she also struck the officer while she was on the ground as well.”

You can watch the video below:

The officer has been placed on administrative duty while the incident is investigated by the department’s internal affairs division, reports.

The incident occurred about 2:45 p.m. Monday in the 1300 block of South 54th Street, according to police. About 30 people were involved in the fight.

“The whole scene was ugly,” Ross told

A longer version of the video shows part of the fight before police arrived:

The 16-year-old girl was hospitalized and then questioned by police with a guardian present, according to Ross said her version of events is “virtually identical” to those of the officer. She is facing charges including assault on police and disorderly conduct.

The officer suffered bruises to her right eye and cheek, and a knee abrasion, but did not go to the hospital, police said.

You can read the full police statement on the incident below:

The 16-year-old defendant involved in this incident was interviewed in the presence of her guardian and informed investigators that she attempted to interfere with officers as they were attempting to arrest one of the individual engaged in the fights.

At that time a female officer began to give several verbal commands and push her back away from the scene. She continued to argue with the officer as she continued to move her back. The defendant indicated that she slapped the officer’s hands away from her and told the officer to get off of her.

Both the defendant and the officer stated that the defendant struck the officer in the face knocking her glasses off of the officer’s face breaking them.

At that time the officer began to struggle with the defendant and grabbed her by the hair, taking her to the ground. Both the officer and the defendant indicated that they both threw punches, striking each other while on the ground.

Eventually the defendant was brought under control with the assistance of other responding uniformed officers. The officer sustained bruising to her right eye and cheek along with abrasions to the right knee but chose not to go to the hospital at this time.

Asa Khalif, of Black Lives Matter Pennsylvania, called the video “explosive” in an interview with

“The officer has a reputation for specifically getting in black girl’s faces in a ‘you think you’re bad, I’ll show you what bad is’ way,” he told PhillyVoice. “Maybe she should quit the force and join the WWE or MMA since she thinks she’s the black Ronda Rousey. You can see that spirit in her when things started escalating again.”

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  1. What did he get desked for not punching her hard enough? I mean what’s the big deal. This happens all over the US. It’s a free country, SHEESH, there are women who are on death row for murder. Can’t feign this “Oh I’m an innocent female shit” all the time. She’s just someone’s house cleaner. Who cares??!! And on top of that I thought Philadelphia chicks were tough anyway. That’s where Rocky came from. Gonna Fly Now………………..LOL

  2. “The officer has a reputation for specifically getting in black girl’s faces in a ‘you think you’re bad, I’ll show you what bad is’ way,” he told PhillyVoice. “Maybe she should quit the force and join the WWE or MMA”. Maybe the victim should quit trying to claim innocence and be charged with assault on a police officer. The so-called “vicitm” interfered with the officer while in the lawful performance of her duty. She struck the officer while the officer was trying to do her lawful duty. I agree the officer shouldn’t have kept hitting her once she was down but the girl is hardly balmeless. She should be facing charges, not whining.

  3. All of the negative racial comments are not needed. The officer anx the girl are African American. No matter the situation, ignorant people have to make racial comments. Grow up please!!! The police officer should be fired. An officer does not deescalate a situation by continually walking up on someone and pushing them in the face. The officer could of easily arrested her without sitting on her and punching the girl in the face. Police need to realize being disrespectful with your mouth is not a crime. And for all of you who say it is are wrong. Especially when police officer are disrespectful to citizens everyday. They curse people, threaten people and try to intimidate people with their badge and gun. Cops attack you and you should let them beat the hell out of you without defending your self. The cop instigated and provoked this teenager until she defended herself. There are a lot of good cops and there are definitely a lot of bad cops and this butch dyke is one of the bad ones. If any parent put their hands on their child the way this police officer did and a video surfaced, your ass would be arrested. I do not see any admit to striking a cop first. That coerced confession is probably BS! But since the cop said it happened that’s all that matters. Cause a cop would never beat up anone and lie about it……