WATCH: Officer Slams Girl to Ground at Rolesville High School in North Carolina

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An investigation is underway after a video was posted to Twitter on Tuesday showing a girl being slammed to the ground by a police officer at a school in North Carolina.

The brief video, posted by @ahunnaaa_, shows an officer lifting the girl off the ground and then dropping her down. The incident occurred at Rolesville High School in Wake County.

You can watch the video below:

The officer and the girl in the video have not been identified. Officials said the officer has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation is completed, WTVD-TV reports.

The officer is a school resource officer and has been with the department since 2013, officials said. Rolesville’s police chief has not yet commented, but plans to speak about it Tuesday night after a previously scheduled town meeting, WTVD reports.

The video does not show what led up to the officer throwing the girl down. A witness told WTVD-TV two girls, who are not seen in the video, were involved in a fight, and the girl who was thrown down was trying to break it up.

A witness told WNCN-TV, the girl “was trying to defend her sister and to break things up.”

Another video was later posted on social media showing the fight itself. You can watch that video below:

It happened about 7:10 a.m. Tuesday.

Lisa Luten, spokesperson for Wake County Schools, told the news station, “We are in the process of working with Rolesville Police Department to gather all of the details around this incident.”

Luten told the Raleigh News & Observer the video “does raise questions.”

Rolesville Mayor Frank Eagles told WNCN-TV there is body camera footage of the incident. That video has not yet been released. Eagles said there are two school resource officers assigned to the high school, and there may be footage from both officers.

The North Carolina chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union told the News & Observer it is investigating the incident.

“We’re very disturbed by what we saw in the video,” Irena Como, staff attorney for the ACLU of North Carolina, told the newspaper. “This kind of force, especially with kids in schools, in never justified.”

The incident is similar to others in schools involving police officers and students, most notably an incident last year in South Carolina. Then-Richland County Deputy Ben Fields was recorded grabbing a girl at her desk and throwing her to the ground.

Fields was not criminally charged, but was fired from his job.

After the video of Tuesday’s incident was shared online, several Twitter users re-posted a video of an incident in October 2016 involving Rolesville Police and a high school student.

You can watch that video below:

Police and school officials have not commented about the second video.

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    • Nothing to read here, just ignorant retarded racists thinking and doing what nasty evil white racists think and do! To retarded to realize that they created this madness!

  1. If she was white you guys would see something wrong with it. Like the football player that hit the white girl for pushing him and slapping him yiu guys want all over him dont ask why she put hands on him.

    • Oh really, crazy racist guy? My sister was the only one in my family with light skin and hair and I had to walk her to school due to the gang of blacks girls who would attack her!! That never made it the media, but let a white person touch a black, who most likely started some shyt and got put in their place, and it makes the news every time.

    • White guy here. I was glad when that girl got smashed in the face. Too many women think they can hit men without consequences. Props to the football player for standing up to that

      • Real men don’t put their hands on a woman in anger. Guess you wouldn’t know that because you are not a real man Johnny B****.

    • Except the football player came over looking for trouble, called her friend a homophobic insult and she pushed him…what did the monkey do? he hauled off and haymaker’d her…really fitting the crime isn’t it. Honestly I don’t know why we White people are surprised at this type of behaviour from you animals, it’s not like it is new or anything. I guess we assume that you made it to Post Secondary Education and that somehow means you are above your animalistic instincts but the reality is you are just ghetto losers who we let out of the cage.

  2. Weird that that racist black twit account only showed the officer dropping the brawler….and not the brawling the creature was doing beforehand.
    Just another example of the world being shown how racist blacks are and that others cannot trust them.

  3. Man the racists have sure oozed out of the woodwork now that we have a nazi in the white house, and like all morally bankrupt individuals they only have the nerve to speak when no one can see who they are the only time they are brave enough to show there evil is when they are in a mob. lucky for us he will not drumoh be there long before his criminal activity is revealed and we can shove these nazis back in the closet where they belong..

  4. Another story of a cop doing his job, well done.
    What i dont see or can find anywhere is the story of 3 black thugs shooting a white couple in North Carolina around Christmas time and cops coming to their rescue, arresting thugs and saving couple.
    Not news worthy i guess.
    Lets cover the teens acting like inmates then cry unnecessary use of force when things get rough in a rough situation.

    • Why is a cop saving someone newsworthy? They do that every day. News is something out of the ordinary – that’s why it is news. When cops saving or helping someone become news, that’s when you know things are going downhill. And I’m seeing more of that type of news every day.

  5. What did he get desked for not punching her hard enough? I mean what’s the big deal. This happens all over the US. It’s a free country, SHEESH, there are women who are on death row for murder. Can’t feign this “Oh I’m an innocent female shit” all the time. She’s just someone’s house cleaner. Who cares??!! And on top of that I thought Philadelphia chicks were tough anyway. That’s where Rocky came from. Gonna Fly Now………………..LOL

    I see Jeraldine is on another break from washing some man’s dishes…

  6. North Carolina is turning into such a crap-hole. I moved out 3 years ago, for I saw the fall of this once good place. Get out of North Carolina before its too late.

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  8. As a parent of a student at Rolesville High School, I find this video to be completely disgusting. Im not looking at the color of the officer or the color of the student. All I see is a grown man body slamming a 100 lb child on a concrete floor. Im not understanding why anyone for any reason would feel like this is ok. According to my child and many others that were there when it happened, this little girl was trying to break up the fight between her sister and another girl. From looking at the actual fight video, it looks like the officer ran up behind her and grabbed her for reasons unknown to the public. That will be determined by the body cam video. Until then no judgment other than the fact that this officer used excessive force should be passed. Lets try to be respectful to this child and her family because no one knows the pain that they are going through. I have complete faith in the principal at Rolesville High and I know she will do everything in her power to see that this issue is resolved accordingly!

  9. I am a teacher who is trained to restrain students. There is absolutely no need for something like this. We have techniques that can be used and a child should never be body slammed by an adult at school. She could have been put in an approved hold until she calmed down and he could disengage. I’ve broken up fights between girls this size and I was able to do just that and I weigh 130 pounds, this large man certainly could have done the same. Resource officers should be trying to build community and relationships, not destroying them. WTF this is a child.

  10. I was there. The girl was trying to break up the fight, and the cop was one of the nicest people I knew. Sometimes, believe it or not, shit gets out of hand and people make mistakes.