Who Was WikiLeaks’ Source for DNC Leaks? Top Theories

Did Russia Hack the Election? WikiLeaks Said Its Source Was Not Russian

Obama has said that Russia hacked the election, but Julian Assange and WikiLeaks still maintain their source was not from Russia.

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Did Julian Assange Hint that Seth Rich Was the Source of the Leaks? [VIDEO]

During his interview with Sean Hannity, did Julian Assange hint that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC leaks? See theories and video of what Assange said.

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  1. it was the russians that made corrupt hillary hate working class people and the same russians that made obama hate the US and Israel…..

  2. Personally, my gut is telling me it was Huma herself. She seems like the only one close enough to Hillary that would be able to “get tired of all her corruption” and do something about it, aside from Podesta or even Bill. Oh, wow. Lol, whst if it was Bill? following many of the stories during the elections, there was one about how bill was getting very fraustrated at Hillary for doing crazy shit.