Why Is Hillary Clinton Attending the Inauguration?

hillary clinton inauguration


Hillary Clinton’s supporters are still very unhappy that President-Elect Donald Trump is going to be president. But while many have been wondering if Clinton was going to actually attend the inauguration, it appears that yes, she and her family will be there.

Many are wondering why. The day will likely be very bittersweet for Clinton, since she won the popular vote by nearly 3 million and the race between her and Trump was quite close in some states where the electoral votes really counted. Between thousands of people protesting after his election and a very acrimonious campaign, some of Clinton’s supporters are wondering why she would attend and show her support to the new President. But others are praising her for the decision, saying it takes real maturity to do that.

Although Clinton has not spoken publicly yet about the decision, sources close to the Clintons have said that they are attending out of respect for a peaceful transfer of power. It appears that at least she and Bill will be there. We don’t have word yet about Chelsea.

Here are some people’s reactions to the news:

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  4. Well, that’s big of them, especially considering they tried so hard to smear Trump with lies.
    The Democrats are mad because their heir apparent lost in a landslide defeat. Well guess what? She deserved it!
    We hated paying for your stupid Obamacare. We didn’t like our taxes paying for refugees, illegals, and the LGBT agenda. Stay out of our lives, Washington! The free market WORKS! My internet is just $40/month from Comcast. My car insurance is just 25/month from Insurance Panda. Meanwhile, I might have to take out a 2nd mortgage just to pay for my Obamacare rates.
    Hillary is still trying so hard to save face by blaming others. Look in the mirror you old witch!

  5. “it takes real maturity to do that?!?!?!?!!!’ In case nobody noticed Clinton is a con and manipulator. She’s already said she want’s to be a part of the Trump Presidency. Why? She’s maneuvering for position to try to fulfill her masters (Sorros & others) orders. There is nothing good about this filth.

  6. That’s to bad because she’ll probably tell and scream and have a tantrum!! I can’t believe Trump would invite her. She doesn’t belong there and the bushe’s don’t with. They are traitors to the Republicans!! They are not worthy of being there nor any of the other Republicans who voted against him!! Can’t wait to see killary have a tantrum up on stage!!!!!!

  7. Hillary–funny how she and all her liberal followers are having such a difficult time accepting reality. Those extra votes she supposedly “won by”, were probably all illegals (with fake documents) voting for her. After all…we have over 11 Million undocumented in our great Country–including those from Syria and other ISIS related countries….how can’t people see what’s happening to our Country? Thousands of these people, without putting into the system, have tapped into medicare, welfare and other programs that my own father-in-law who fought in a war, could not tap into when he had cancer—does this make sense? Donald Trump will secure our borders again “from foreign” invaders as our Constitution states. People—Concede” already! Thank God for Trump—he will stop the horrible decapitation and torturous death of millions of little babies…..And PLEASE, don’t justify it by calling it “Woman’s Health Care”. Women are already offered health care everywhere. Face the fact about what Planned Parenthood does—even this title is a contradiction!!! This “open season” on killing babies is finally stopping. Please don’t defend your argument by ignoring what really happens to these tiny little babies—-all the way through the 9th month through partial birth abortion—-how is this humane? Answer that? Our society has become very selfish and justifies any behavior to “suit our lifestyle”. These little human–yes human beings also have the right to a life of liberty and the pursuit of happiness…the right to dream, play with toys, climb trees and eat ice cream……

  8. She has to go, her husband was president, its not a guts thing, its a contract she signed when Willy was president, Yay Donald J Trump!!