Christian Dorscht: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Christian Dorscht and the unnamed LAPD officer involved in a struggle in Anaheim. The officer fired a shot after pulling a gun on Christian, 13, and other high schoolers during a dispute over them walking on his lawn, police say.

A video showing an off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer firing a shot while holding a 13-year-old Latino boy during an incident near his home in Anaheim has led to protests in the California city. Nobody was struck by the gunfire, which occurred as several teens were standing near the officer.

Christian Dorscht has been identified by his parents as the teen seen in the video, which you can watch below. The LAPD officer involved in the incident has not yet been identified and has been put on 72-hour leave while an investigation is conducted, officials said.

The incident began as part of an ongoing dispute between the officer and teens from a nearby high school. He has been angry that they are walking across his lawn, Anaheim Police said. In a statement they said there has been “ongoing issues with juveniles walking across the officer’s property.”

Christian and an unnamed 15-year-old boy were arrested after the incident, but the officer was not charged. He could still face charges after the results of an investigation are presented to the Orange County District Attorney’s office, police said.

The incident occurred Tuesday afternoon.

“That (the gunshot) was the most frightening part of it all. What if that bullet would have been, you know, I don’t know, a couple of inches closer,” Alma Jimenez, Christian’s mother, told CBS 8. “I didn’t see him being aggressive. I saw him being as calm as he possibly could. I saw him trying to reason with the adult.”

She told KTLA, “I still fear for our lives, for him living right down the street from us. Him being an officer.”

Christian told Telemundo, “I thought I was going to die. I thought he was going to shoot me because he was mad.”

During protests Wednesday night, people chanted, “Killer cops, off our streets!” and “Don’t shoot our kids!”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Christian Says the Cop Called a Girl a C*nt for Walking on His Lawn & He Came to the Girl’s Defense

Two cell phone videos of the incident were posted online Wednesday, bringing attention to the incident. You can watch the videos above and below. A single shot is fired about the 2:30 mark of the video above.

“The Anaheim Police Department is aware of the numerous videos posted on YouTube regarding yesterday’s Officer Involved Shooting involving an off-duty LAPD officer,” police said in a Facebook post. “The Anaheim Police Department Homicide Detail is investigating the incident and the case will be presented to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office when complete. Calling and sending emails to APD voicing your displeasure will NOT impact the outcome. A decision whether or not to file charges rests with the District Attorney’s office and is based on facts and evidence.”

According to police, “The confrontation began over ongoing issues with juveniles walking across the officer’s property.” The incident occurred Tuesday afternoon, police said in a statement:

APD officers were called to the area of Euclid St and Palais around 2:40 pm Tuesday afternoon regarding a physical altercation between a male adult and several male juveniles. While officers were responding, additional information was received the adult was an off-duty LAPD officer, he had discharged his firearm, and was detaining at least one of the juveniles. Upon arrival, officers contacted the off-duty officer who admitted to discharging his firearm during an altercation with at least two individuals. Nobody was struck by the gunfire.

Christian Dorscht’s father, Johnny Dorscht, told the Orange County Weekly his son was coming to the defense of a girl who had been verbally attacked by the off-duty cop. He told the OC Weekly his son said the officer called the girl a “c*nt” for stepping on his grass.

Several students can be seen in the videos. The neighborhood is located near Loara High School.

The nearly 9-minute Youtube video shows the off-duty officer grabbing onto Christian and pulling hm along the sidewalk as Christian struggles with him. Someone can be heard saying, “you’re the one who started it.”

Another man at the scene can be heard saying, “hey, Kevin,” in an apparent attempt to get the officer to let go of Christian.

The officer then grabs Christian by the shirt and pulls him onto the law, as Christian says, “let me go, for the last time.” Several students wearing backpacks can be seen on the lawn following the incident.

“He tried to hit me in my nuts. That’s like a little pussy move, punch a kid in the nuts,” Christian says. He then tells the officer his hand is red and his neck is scratched while asking him to let him go.

The officer tells Christian, “your hand is all red because you’ve been resisting me this whole time.”

Christian then says, “no I wasn’t. You attacked me first and I didn’t do nothing to hurt you. All I said was ‘respect the girl,’ because you said ‘get off my property you c*nt.'”

(Youtube screenshot)

(Youtube screenshot)

As Christian continues to ask the officer to let him go, Christian pulls him toward bushes. Another teen comes over and tries to pull Christian away from the officer and a third charges at him and pushes Christian and the officer into the bushes.

Several teens then move toward Christian and the officer as they struggle in the bushes, and the officer lifts up his shirt and pulls a handgun from his waistband. Many of the teens scatter and after a few seconds a shot can be heard, sending the rest of the teens running.

As the officer continues to hold Christian, the teen says, “you shot me. You put a gun in my face. What the…”

After a few minutes a police cruiser arrives at the scene and puts Christian into handcuffs while the officer stands with his arms up.

Anaheim Police Sergeant Daron Wyatt told the Los Angeles Times the videos show only a “very small portion” of the incident.

Wyatt said the video began “several houses down from where the intial contact was made,” CBS 8 reports.
A video of the conflict has generated a great deal of interest in the community. Wyatt said it “picks up several houses down from where the initial contact was made.”

“Yesterday, he sees the kids walking on the lawn and he says, `Hey, guys, please walk on the sidewalk,’ ” Wyatt said. He said the teens responded with a “chorus of epithets.”

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The unnamed off-duty LAPD officer. (Facebook)

Jay Gonzalez, who posted the Facebook video of the incident and says he doesn’t know Christian, wrote, “This is my video on what happened during the whole situation yesterday and the man was in the wrong for even pulling out his gun, like honestly I understand why he would think of showing it to get the kids off n away from him but taking it out and firing it was hella wrong he had no aim Im guessing it was accidental but He could’ve hurt one of us there. … this ain’t right!”

Jose Tenorio, who shared the video on Facebook, posted a photo of the officer’s house:

A thug with a badge lives here… He called a young girl some nasty names and so her friends decided to step in to defend her and demand respect for her. The man obviously is no better than 13 year olds because he reacted violently! He hit a minor in his genitalia and used force to detain the child from escaping from his hands. He dragged the child from one end of the yard to the other and then decided to hop over a bush and try to drag that same child into the bush to get him over and so witnesses reacted by attempting to break up the altercation but the man reacted irrationally by pulling out a gun from his waistband and firing it, causing all the children in the area to flee for their lives but no one was shot. This man was an ‘off-duty’ police officer of LAPD! These group of people are trained to handle life threatening situations and yet he reacted like this in front of and because of a group of minors. The two minors were arrested and the off duty officer has not been arrested ‘yet’.

The American Civil Liberties Union of California spoke out about the incident on Wednesday, ABC 7 reported.

“An officer, even off duty, has an obligation to follow the law and protect public safety, rather than threaten it,” Jennifer Rojas, an ACLU official told the news station. “The LAPD officer’s actions on the video are grossly irresponsible.”

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2. Christian’s Father Says His Unarmed Son Threatened to ‘Sue,’ Not ‘Shoot’ the Officer

christian dorscht, christian dorscht injuries

Christian Dorscht after he was released from juvenile detention. (Johnny Dorscht)

Christian Dorscht is accused of threatening to shoot the officer, his father, Johnny, told the Orange County Weekly. But Johnny Dorscht said his son threatened to sue the officer, not shoot him.

“What I’ve been told is that my son told the off-duty cop, ‘I’m going to sue you for hitting me. I’m a minor,'” Dorscht told the OC Weekly.

“During that confrontation, a 13-year-old male is alleged to have made a threat to the off-duty officer that he was going to shoot him,” Anaheim Police Sergeant Daron Wyatt told ABC 7 News.

In the video, the officer can be heard telling Christian, “you threatened to shoot me.” Christian tells the officer her didn’t say that.

“I said I’m going to sue you,” Christian tells the cop, as the officer drags him across the lawn.

His mother told ABC 7, “In reality he was saying, ‘I’m going to sue you. You keep hitting me. You’re hurting me. I’m going to sue you.'”

Christian was released from custody after being arrested at the scene. His mother, Alma Jimenez, took photos of his injuries.

(Johnny Dorscht)

(Johnny Dorscht)

The photos, which you can see above, show red marks on his neck and forehead. His parents say the officer attacked the boy first.

Police have not released the officer’s version of events.

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3. He Is Facing Charges of Battery & Making Criminal Threats & His Father Says They Plan to Sue

(Youtube screenshot)

(Youtube screenshot)

Christian is facing charges of battery and making criminal threats, Anaheim Police said. He was taken to a juvenile detention facility and released to his mother on Wednesday, his parents said.

The 15-year-old boy, who has not been named, was also released into the custody of his parents. He was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery. He told CBS 8, “I just saw a guy just holding a little kid, so I just wanted to help the kid out. So I tried to help him, move them apart.”

Johnny Dorscht told the Orange County Weekly his son has never been in trouble before and the family plans to sue.

“I’m pretty pissed off about what happened,” Dorscht told the OC Weekly. “You could talk to anybody, my son has very good manners. He does good in school and isn’t disrespectful or anything like that.”

He also said Christian’s stepfather is a police officer.

“We’re going to find legal representation and be suing,” Dorscht said. “This is B.S. Even the cops, when they got there, they had all the kids down. They didn’t even go after the guy.”

Christian’s mother posted a statement about the incident on Facebook:

This is my son on this devastating video. The footage is disturbing. This took place on February 21st as my son was walking home from school. I want to thank everyone.. family, friends and the community for their concerns and prayers. My son has an attorney. I have an attorney. We are still gathering more evidence and we will provide an update as soon as we have one. I want to inform the community that this could be any ones child. These kids walk to and from school on a daily basis. I want prevention. No one called the police. The two adults in the video wanted to take matter into their own hands. If there is anyone else out there who has more footage or any thing please message me. My attorney is willing to set up a community meeting/Q&A. I will post the date and time as soon as I have it. Thank you for your support.

A YouCaring account has been set up by the family to help with legal costs:

Earlier this week 13 year old Christian was walking with some class mates when he was assaulted by an off duty police officer. Christian was merely standing up for a female friend when this man saw it fit to lay his hands on a 13 year old boy and hold him against his will. Christian’s family is asking for you help in raising money to help with lawyer costs as Christian was placed in juvenile jail. They are trying to do right by Christian and see that justice is served. If you find it in your heart to bless this family, any amount would be greatly been appreciated. Any money that is raised and not needed will be donated to the local after school programs to help keep kids off the streets. Please pass the word along to as many as possible. Thank you and God bless.

You can make a donation here.

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4. The Anaheim Police Are Investigating the Shooting, While the LAPD Also Looks Into the Cop’s Conduct

(Youtube screenshot)

(Youtube screenshot)

Anaheim Police said the case remains under investigation.

“Based on the discharge of the firearm, APD homicide detectives responded to handle the investigation. Several juveniles witnessed the incident and were interviewed by detectives,” police said in a statement. ” The off-duty officer is cooperating with the ongoing investigation and will not be arrested at this time. However, a complete investigation will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for review at the conclusion of the investigation.”

According to Anaheim Police, the LAPD will be conducting a “concurrent internal/administrative investigation.”

LAPD Captain Andy Neiman told the Los Angeles Times, “We will continue to conduct the internal investigation to determine the actions of the officer and the circumstances, and then we’ll consult with the Orange County district attorney as well to determine if there’s any issues.”

Neiman told the newspaper the officer will remain out of the field for 72 hours, while Chief Charlie BEck reviews the initial investigation and determines whether the officer can return to active duty.

“Anyone with information and/or cell phone video is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 855-TIP-OCCS or by email at,” police said.

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait said the city is committed to a “thorough, impartial investigation,” ABC 7 News reports.

“Like many in the community, I’ve seen the video and I’m very concerned about what it shows,” Tait said. “Anaheim is committed to a full and impartial investigation. Our city will move forward without delay.”

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5. F*ck Pigs Was Spray Painted on the Garage of a Home in the Officer’s Neighborhood & 24 People Were Arrested During Protests

About 200 to 300 protesters took to the streets of Anaheim near the officer’s neighborhood Wednesday night to protest over the incident. At one point, the words “f*ck pigs” were spray painted on the garage of a home protesters believed to belong to the officer. Anaheim Police said the officer doesn’t live in that home.

Christian’s mother was among those there, according to reporters.

“I just want to say how disgusted I am by that individual for the negligence he committed with my son,” Christian’s mother told protesters, a video posted to Facebook shows.

“My son is alive today, but if he would have not fought for his life along with those other children, he would be in a morgue right now.,” Alma Jimenez, said. “You almost killed my child. Stop shooting our kids. This is my son. He is 13 years old. He was not armed. He was, he pulled out, he reached for his weapon, he intended to use it.”

The protests was advertised as “F*ck the police” rally:

“Tactical Alert called for large protest in area of Euclid and Palais. Avoid area. Do NOT engage in acts of violence or vandalism,” Anaheim Police said on Twitter. “APD is prepared to make arrests. Acts of violence and destruction of property will NOT be tolerated.”

“APD helicopter is making dispersal orders. Protestors who refuse to disperse will be arrested,” police said.

Later Wednesday night, Anaheim Police said 24 people were arrested at the protest on misdemeanor charges, including failure to disperse.

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    • This is obviously typical behavior for Police officers across the US and has been forever. In the age of technology and cellular devices; police can no longer hide the facts of their complete disregard for the law and life. Everyone has a camera at their disposal at all times and we can now prove that these power abusing officers break the law everyday. These are the same laws they swore to uphold; and get paid to uphold! Its all about the power trip! They cry that they have difficult jobs, guess what, that is your choice! Can’t handle the heat, get a different job! These are peoples kids DBR! Teenagers at that, does that mean we all just run around shooting at every teenager that walks on my grass? Give me break idiot!

    • Right on you are so right you know the kid is a trouble maker and the drama queen mom just looking for free money send her and her family back to mexico!!!!

    • its a child u stupid idiot and its damn grass who cares hes is a racist cop that should have a damn badge , bet if it was your child your opinion would be different A**h*le

    • You’re a racist pig! You should get out of this country and go back to wherever u crawled from. Shitizens like you is why this country is in the toilet!

    • Racist shitizens have infested this great republic of ours. What is this country coming to? If you don’t like the diversity this country offers, you should go back to the shit hole came from. Geez!!

  1. That police is A sorry Ass could not control A13 year old kid that A white boy with A SORRY Ass shouldn’t even Be A police!

    • English please? I see the democratically run public school system has failed you. Maybe you should pack your bags and return to the shithole you came from since you can’t even grasp basic English.

      • Where did you come from Anonymous person? Where did your parents come from, and how about their parents? You sure feel entitled to be an “American” just because your melanin is lighter… we are all immigrants on this stolen land. Maybe you need to go back to school, since they have failed to teach you basic history!

        • Don’t compare people who came here legally to people who didn’t. This whole “we’re all immigrants” act is tired. The United States has laws and if people can’t follow them and want to enter our country illegally they deserve to be deported.

          • Just stop.. quit trying to fight it, this land first of all belongs to the the natives which have been given the short end, and it also belongs to the hard working immigrants. Why don’t you put your effort into something that really matters, like putting an end to child sex trafficking and abuse, being committed on a daily basis by white American men who pay top dollar, white men sure do like to rape and over power the weak and the poor. I hope they get what they deserve. Whites come from a legacy of hate and evilness.

        • I have no problem with immigrants –my family immigrated here. It’s illegal immigration that needs to be checked. It’s not fair to some illegal immigrants that have special circumstances surrounding how they got here illegally, but unfortunately we’ve got to start somewhere. If you want people to respect your rules, you do have to enforce them.

          • We don’t know if any of them are illegal or not, so why are so many bringing up the irrelevant conversation of illegal immigration? We know who you type are — Trump voters. The type of person who thinks brown equals illegal immigrant and black equals thug and deserves to be shot by police. Sick people.

  2. Officer Kevin is Really stupid and very UNPROFESSIONAL. All This media publicity and an very CSI Investigation over some kids walking I his lawn, Come on…!
    He did NOT identify him self as a Police Officer.
    A Police officer must show his/her Badge, no exceptions.
    Since Officer Kevin Himmler didn’t produce a Badge, what see those kids gonna think? “Some Asshole taking advantage of our friend here”.
    Officer Kevin looked like a kid on a playground trying to wrestle another kid to the flokids
    Officer Kevin could have injured or even killed someone with his Glock.
    Officer Kevin should be charged with Abuse of power under color of Authority
    False Imprisonment
    Terrorists Threats
    Assault on a Minor
    Discharging a Firearm in Public
    He should be fired to say the least
    Even if the Orange county District attorney doesn’t prosecute he is not on the Clear yet…!
    The FBI and Department of Justice can Come after him for Violating the 13 year old boys Civil rights Under Federal Guidelines…

    • He didn’t have to identify himself immediately. He was acting first as a homeowner, then as a threatened person when he heard the kid say he was going to shoot him – I know the boy claims he said sue, not shoot, but the man has a right to defend himself. Remember that the boy advanced onto the property at him, not the other way around. And if he thought he hear “I’m gonna shoot you” coming from a kid advancing on him on his own property, that was definitely sufficient cause to detain him. The thing is, the boy’s friends began to crowd him too, and he retreated with his charge – another sign of restraint. It was only after he was physically assaulted by two additional kids and knocked down across the hedge that he drew his weapon. There was no abuse of power here. And the threats came from the kids, not from him. The camera was off of them when the shot was heard. So neither you or I know the circumstances of that shot being fires. Whether he was attacked again, or the kid pulled again and the shot was accidental. We can’t know that. But everything on that video up to the point where the camera went off them showed restraint on the officer’s part. By the way – this is my main issue with the Glock – the only safety on them is actually part of the trigger. If your finger is inside the trigger guard, there is a chance for accidental discharge – no manual safety.

      • This took place in California, we don’t have stand your ground laws. We have castle doctrine, which does NOT extend to the front yard, since there is no barrier keeping it “private”. Clearly you are speaking out of your ass and don’t understand the law.

      • I agree with you on all of this. And no one knows either if the boy is telling the truth and really did say shoot. A lot of times kids say stupid things they don’t mean and lie after to get out of trouble.

  3. Well the page is called heavy, does that stand for heavy on the bias. What a surprise a group of kids(any colour or nationality) that are backing up each others story so as to avoid getting into trouble, colour me purple I’m amazed. Is this really journalism or just more hype.

    Tell me how many parents have grade a peace loving students that are until it turns out there NOT.

  4. Stop complaining that he pulled out a gun !!
    We have a 2nd Amendment
    Allowing any citizen the right !

    To use a gun for their own protection !!

    It was legal to kill any number of these liberal delinquents based on the way they acted !

    He merely sent a round off to teach them a lesson !!

    • To the average person it looks like a man was attacking a child for being on his lawn.
      And you think people defending the kid should be shot?

      • “The incident began as part of an ongoing dispute between the officer and teens from a nearby high school. He has been angry that they are walking across his lawn, Anaheim Police said. In a statement they said there has been “ongoing issues with juveniles walking across the officer’s property.””

        To the average person who bothers to read the article, this wasn’t the first or second time these juvenile delinquents trespassed on this man’s nice lawn. The boy is a teenage, a young man acting like a thug. They act like children because they’re taught to behave like children when they get caught committing a crime. Before that they were cursing like gangsters and making threats. Rebellious errant teenagers do what works on stupid adults. Just happens this guy wasn’t stupid.

        • Amen they are just looking for a free way to sue someone the drama queen mom give me a break lady your kid is a trouble maker deport them all they dont deserve to be in America

        • This was about young teens walking home from grammar school and walking across his lawn; not about “thug” teens.

          If he loved his lawn that much the normal response might have been to put up a fence, instead the off duty officer apparently decided to go all Gran Torino on the teenagers.

          It’s absurd that people are defending the off duty officer, he never showed a badge, chased down and physically assaulted a teen (yes assaulted, he didn’t just detain him, he grabbed him and pulled him across other properties), he swore at young teens first, his intentions were never made clear and this incident escalating is all his fault (it should never have happened).

          If this was your son how would you feel then? Kids walk across lawns everyday, is this an acceptable response? The kids aren’t thugs, they aren’t gang members, and being a cop doesn’t automatically justify your actions or make you a good person.

    • Oh yeah, just another poor white guy biting off more than he can chew. Tired of hearing bitch ass mfs crying about how,scared they are after they put their hands on somebody else, FIRST.

  5. Kevin should be charged for Kidnapping as well. He held the kid for awhile against his will. This whole episode has me very upset. Kevin is so wrong in this whole episode.

  6. You don’t have the argument with the officers, you plead your case in court. If you take it to the physical with a police officer, and at least three of those turds did, all bets are off.

  7. There’s a reason the beginning of this incident wasn’t on camera. Miscreants almost never show what they did wrong to start a confrontation! Nasty foul mouthed punks who, instead of doing the right thing when their friend stubbed up at this man, interjected their thug selves and ganged up on him. Bum rushing him to the ground with another taking a swing at his face, but thankfully missing. Even the girl used foul language, showing herself to be no young lady. Clearly this wasn’t their first time at neighborhood gang activity. If I had to guess, I’d say they’re all illegal aliens that Obama brought here and instilled with a false sense of entitlement. Thinking themselves above the law, walking around like bullies, disrespecting property, cursing like sailors and mouthing off to their elders. Half of them will probably end up in the federal penitentiary.

    • You make a good point. I bet these kids were pushing that man’s buttons every single day. As soon as those kids knew that their trespassing bothered him, it was game on. I wonder what would have happened if the cop didn’t have a gun. Notice the way the teenagers were starting to rush him? Not saying the cop wasn’t wrong, Just saying those kids aren’t innocent.

      • Then this cop should have known better. He could file a report with the… oh, what are they called… police? The on-duty ones who don’t carry their guns in their waistbands, who don’t illegally detain children and then shoot at them. That little boy just wanted to get away. That cop should have just let him go and actually followed legal channels for trespassers, rather than thugging on a 13-year-old.

    • iphrazhm – do you know any of these kids??? HOW DO YOU KNOW they are all illegal aliens? Easy on judgement… you sound like a racist a–hole! Well, there are quite a few here like you… just stick to the obvious facts in the video… I can’t tell from the video if they are in fact illegal aliens…

    • How could the beginning of an incident be on camera ? It’s not like they new the so called “officer” was going to escalate the situation over a lawn. An officers duty is to deescalate a situation not argue with a bunch of 13 year Olds and pull out a gun on them. If he cared so much about his lawn he should have put up a fence. He has money to do so, so why didn’t he do that instead of looking to cause confrontation with children. And secondly, if h felt that his life was “endangered” by a group of children he should have stayed in his home and called the police instead of trying to act like a tough guy and then “fear for his life” when he is surrounded by kids. & your ignorant remark about the kids being thugs is ridiculous when the off duty officer looked like a thug himself and was using foul language towards the kids as well. The cop handled the situation completely wrong and should be punished. He is a definition of a bad cop that should not be on the streets claiming to protect and serve. & as far as calling them illegal you just sound utterly obnoxious. Immaturity at its finest. No one is illegal, white people were definitely not the first to step on American soil just keep that in mind

    • You are so right they need to throw that 13 year old bastard in Y.A. for a month or so so he can be taught a thing or two not to mention him getting his ass off beat by real thug kids his age he wouldnt last a day i bet little pussy wannabe punk

  8. Sorry but I think people are crazy for getting mad at the man he was off duty so why are people getting mad at the police department…. he was upset that kids were on his property that doesn’t make him racist that makes him an average old man I’m a 22 year old Hispanic and I remember walking home from school and people screaming at kids to get off their lawn kids are entitled nowadays and his parents are probably thinking if they sue they’ll get money from the police department… I really doubt they will parents need to teach their kids discipline I’m speaking from a young persons perspective I know how kids are especially in cities like Anaheim

    • To the 22 year-old Hispanic: Thank goodness there are sensible people like you to put the other side of the story. I have been the subject of so-called low-level anti-social behaviour, too, and it wears you down after a while. The policeman ONLY responded because they chose to walk on his, and I believe others’ property, THEY should be held accountable, but they are not, not by their feckless prents, nor the society to which they belong. I have first hand experience of such ‘childen’ and their mob mentality – they think they can get away with anything and resent authority of any descriptuion.

    • Yeah they Screamed at you to get off their lawns. They didn’t attack, detain and shoot at you to get you off their lawns.

      • Watch the videos there’s more than one he clearly told him he wanted to talk to his DAD because talking to him did not work and if you watch other news videos it states he made MANY complaints this kid is a brat he was attacked by other teens that are bigger than the man he was threatened and he shot a warning shot at the ground in dirt which is the right thing to do he didn’t shoot in the air in the wall or in the direction of the teens he shot in dirt because he knew it would stay in the ground the only thing your doing is defending brats that disrespect adults and showing them it’s ok so they become entitled adults

  9. We can’t know for sure how the incident started, because the video starts after the officer has grabbed the kid. The kid says he called a girl a bad name. Not smart to react to use of such language, but certainly not to approach the man to confront him. Officer says the kid said “I’m gonna shoot you”. Kid says he said “I’m gonna sue you”. Easy to have a misinterpretation in such a situation. Even if he really did say “I’m gonna sue you” (as if there would actually be any legitimate case for such a suit, the officer is well within his rights – particularly on his property – to react to what he heard. And he did so with restraint, I felt. He grabbed the kid; he didn’t punch him. When the kid’s friends started to surround him, the officer drew back, seeking to keep from becoming encircled – the right move. Then when they got to the hedgerow, you can see a second kid come in and try to wrest the boy free from the officer, and a third kid come along and push the officer hard into the hedge, causing him to lose his balance and fall backward over the hedge. Even then, he only drew his weapon when the crowd of kids started coming around the hedge to surround him again. He’d been assaulted by two of them already, and they were becoming more hostile. Now, I don’t know about the shot that was fired, because the camera went off them at that moment. All I know is that no one was shot. Whether this was an accidental discharge, or a shot into the ground to frighten the crowd off, that was the effect of it – they, including whoever had the camera, ran. He wasn’t the one who escalated this, and at no time did he show an intend to use the firearm to harm anyone – at least not in the video I saw.

  10. This is all over kids walking on his lawn? Please, this man has no business being a policeman and from what I have heard lately the L.A.P.D needs to take a good look at all of it’s officers as they are off the hook.. I’m not saying that they are all unfit but certainly enough to take a good look. This definitely not the first time L.A.P.D has come under fire for it’s uncontrolled offices. Less be proactive and do something now..

  11. everyone makes it out like these were just teen, well teens have killed many cops. one looked like he was about to pull his knife.. wake up america these kids are punks and if my kid did this he would pay the price with stiff punishment. Learn to respect other peoples property. I was yelled at when i was a kid by some big old dude for riding my bike across his lawn, he got in his car chase me down gave me hell, guess what I respected his property and never did that again.

  12. Although the officer didn’t handle the situation well, he was provoked by most likely disrespectful teenage boys who hadn’t listened to many requests made by the man not to walk on his property. This isn’t an issue of racism or anything like that, its not worth protesting and vandalizing the poor man’s house; its just a frustrated home owner who was sick and tired of disrespectful kids not listening who felt threatened when it seemed like they were ganging up on him and assaulting him.

  13. Wait! He pulled his gun out only after he was sucker punched in the face by the black kid in the brown shirt. Here’s another example of people leaving out crucial facts to manipulate people online and crucify the police. If you hadn’t seen the video you would’ve believed it was another white cop killing another innocent (so called) non-white person. The future does not look good.

  14. Riots outside his home? In hiding elsewhere because of the violence? The APD isn’t going to protect his home forever, and once they’re gone, his life is going to be a living hell. Because those kids live their. Their families live there. He’s never going to be able to leave his house without worrying that the kids are going to simply tear out his beautiful landscaping the moment his car rounds the corner. Rocks will be thrown through his windows at 3am. His car will get egged. They might even torch his car with a molotov cocktail. Because they *live* there. This wasn’t some gang-banger that he was rousting miles away in Los Angeles. This was a neighbor.

    I have just one question for him: Regardless of how righteous you feel about what you did, was it worth it? Was teaching that kid a lesson, was that worth the hell that you’re going to go through for as long as you live there? Because you’re going to have to sell your house, you know. You’re going to have to sell your house, and move somewhere else where people don’t know you, because you’ll never get a good night’s sleep in that house again. What on Earth possessed you to think this was a good idea compared to just calling the Anaheim cops or installing a white picket fence like your neighbor two houses down to keep the kids off your lawn, or just ripping up that stupid grass that doesn’t belong in a desert altogether and replacing it with some kind of thorny xeriscaping that would have punished the kids all by itself if they tried to shortcut through it? You have made your bed, dude. It’s a thorny bed, that will prick you bloody every night for the rest of your life until you’re forced to flee this neighborhood in fear and set up in some other neighborhood where people don’t know your name, but it’s your bed, all your own. Are you happy now? Was it worth it?

  15. Christian, did your dad take a photo of your scrotum to verify that you were kicked there? This could matter in court because it was never caught on video. You are right it was inappropriate to for him to do that to a 13-year-old boy. I hope both your left ball and right ball are feeling better soon.

    • lol I was thinking the same thing this kids a liar and what 13 year boy tells someone he’s going to sue him I really doubt it

  16. This isn’t an immigration issue. It’s an issue of abuse of power.
    Yes, it’s disrespectful for kids to walk on people’s lawns. It’s been happening since the beginning of neighborhoods with lawns, though, and it in no way, shape or form warrants the conduct elicited from this out-of-control cop.