Ben Keita: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ben keita

Ben Keita. (Facebook)

The death of a Muslim teenager whose body was found hanging from a tree in a wooded area has drawn the attention of federal authorities.

The death of Ben Keita – a high school student with a promising future – was initially ruled a suicide, but now authorities are reconsidering that finding.

According to KIRO 7, Keita, 18, was found hanging from the tree in Lake Stevens, Washington.

According to CBS News, the FBI released a statement on March 3 that said “it concurs with the conclusions of local police that ‘evidence collected to date does not provide any indication of a criminal act,’ but that it would reevaluate its position if new evidence develops.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Medical Examiner Changed the Cause of Death After Oddities Were Noted in the Case

KIRO 7 reported that the medical examiner initially ruled the death a suicide but changed the manner to undetermined because of a series of anomalies in the case.

For one, the television station reported, the rope was tied 50 feet up the tree, which is unusual for a hanging, and K-9s dispatched to the scene did not initially find Keita’s body, KIRO 7 reported.

According to CNN, “The autopsy report says his body may have been semi-frozen for weeks, consistent with winter, and could have been there the entire time he’d been missing. But his feet were about 2.5 feet off the ground — no need to look up — and the area supposedly was previously searched, the report says.”

CNN reported the rope was “tied to a tree branch at least 30 feet high.”

2. Keita’s Family Says Keita Was a ‘Happy’ Person Without Suicidal Tendencies

Keita was not depressed or acting suicidal before his death, his father told Fox News.

“Ben was a happy, young man,” Ben’s father, Ibrahima Keita, told q13. “We believe that somewhere, someone must know something about this case and we urge people to come forward and contact the police.”

He was initially reported missing. The missing poster for Keita says he was last seen at his mother’s home in Lake Stevens around 1 a.m. on November 26. CNN reported Keita’s body was found “by a passerby January 9, dangling from a long rope tied to a high branch.”

However, Lake Stevens Police said “Keita had not gone to work the day before his disappearance and had not gone to school for about three weeks prior,” according to CBS News.

3. An Islamic Organization Wants Federal Authorities to Investigate

According to Fox News, the Washington state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations “is calling for the FBI to investigate the death.”

“We just want to make sure that the expertise, the experience and the human resources of the FBI are brought to make sure everything is comprehensively investigated, no stone is left unturned,” Washington CAIR executive director Arsalan Bukhari told KIRO.

A January autopsy report says, according to CNN: “Although at autopsy I did not see any evidence of trauma beyond the evidence of hanging, the circumstances of the very high tree branch, uncertain location of the decedent for the six weeks prior to discovery (with a report that the area where the body was found had been previously searched), and lack of any reported suicidal ideation or attempts makes a definitive classification of the manner as suicide uncertain.”

4. Ben, who Was in High School, Wanted to Be a Doctor

Keita’s father said in a news conference that his son “was planning to graduate this year from Lake Stevens High School.” CNN reported that Keita wanted to be a medical examiner as a career.

Ibrahim Keita also said, according to The Huffington Post, “He was already in the Running Start program at Everett Community College and he was dreaming of becoming a medical doctor and work as a medical examiner. Now those dreams are over.”

5. Police Consider the Case Open Until They Receive Crime Lab Reports

Lake Stevens police said in a statement, according to The New York Daily News, “that the case remains open as they await results from the state crime lab after reports surfaced that they were going to close the case.”

The Daily News reported that the FBI’s Seattle office says it is “communicating with our police partners.”

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  1. That doesn’t mean anything, that a rope being tied 50 feet in a tree.
    Children hang themselves every day from the abuse of their parents ; and from the abuse teachers give them ; and from bullies at school .
    You are sure it was not a rope swing ?
    How come when a Christian Child hangs themselves the FBI isn’t called.
    That’s what all parents say. One other thing, boys like to climb trees . it’s a sad thing for a child’s life to be wasted that way, or was it .
    what’s a martyr ?
    But we all know, they’re just hoping it was a white man that had something to do with it. There’s always another story ,that we should consider, before jumping to conclusions.

    • “…they’re just hoping it was a white man that had something to do with it”. Aren’t you the one who’s jumping to conclusion? We’re all trying to see if it’s murder and not suicide. The race or ethnicity of the perpetrator(s) isn’t the criterion for the need of an investigation; justice is.

      • No not really, because if race and religion had nothing to do with it.
        Why did they mention he was Muslim ? This story should have been kept quiet until the authorities finished their investigation. But it wasn’t kept quiet, it was spread all over the news ,for one reason and one reason only to promote racial tension . My response should have been ( many people ) are hoping it is a white man ,behind this heinous act. Or is it just simply suicide as the corners report stated in the first place ?

    • Children DO NOT commit suicide everyday!. They usually love life because many more years are ahead of them. Ben seemed like he was full of life. He doesn’t look like he was disturbed kid,he was like every other kid. He also was smart, do you really think that Ben would climb a tree with a noose around his neck? This is a classic case of racism, the way he was hung was like the Klan. They hide behind the police and the sheriff’s office in the South.Whoever was so evil to do this crime must be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We will fight alongside Ben’s parents. Ben, you will be not forgotten by me and many other people around the world. This kind of hate must stop.Join “The Resistance”.

      • I had a friend a few years back that used to be an EMT. He told me how he had to respond to TWO separate calls in one day of children hanging themselves. They were both under 12 years old. He said it was the worst day in all of his career. Apparently, it’s more common that we think. I go out of my way to communicate and hug my child daily especially after a disagreement because his story is always at the back of my mind.

  2. If this were your child, and there were no indications of suicide you’d want answers. The media making whatever it is out of it doesn’t dismiss the fact the person is dead. The attempts to deflect or negate the possibility of a crime would not be your first thought. #Empathy

  3. Furthermore… if Muslims or POC were randomly attacking Whites in hate crimes (which is happening), you’d surely want the possibility considered for your loved one. Right?
    I really don’t understand why some folks are so threatened by the ugly truth being on full display.

    Our country in general doesn’t trust Muslims. Fact.
    Our country allows the KKK and other alt-right “Christian” factions to remain in existence. Fact.
    Muslims recently raised over $125k for the desecrated cemeteries of Jewish people. Fact.

    If you don’t see the tragic irony in what I’ve said you’re not paying attention.

    • You are an ass ! You have taking a common-sense answer ; and twist it to a racially profiled motive. The corner said it was suicide ; and I doubt very seriously, if that was his first case that he has seen concerning death by hanging. So yes ! Now you’re trying to make this young boy a martyr !!!!!
      Let’s go to blacklivesmatter, waiting for police to come by and shooting them with an ambush ! Let’s not forget about the Jewish cemetery that was just discovered a black man did it ! Or how about the violence in the streets in Chicago ? How about the riots in LA ? Oh there’s no need for concern !
      I don’t want to be driving, sitting at a stoplight and then some black person comes up to me and kills me because I’m white ! So you can blow your racially motivated comments out your ass !! Because ! That’s all you’re doing is spreading shit around. And another thing Muslims do not like any other religion but their own ,they are vicious ; and it is an evil religion .They have cut the heads off of Christians, Catholics, Jews hey Stone women in the street, throw gays off of buildings !! So yes ,it is a concern and it should be a concern to all citizens, but to jump to a racially motivated decision without having any facts. The corners report claiming it was suicide . The corner probably didn’t want to offend the parents. So he called the FBI to handle their irate Behavior ! That somebody killed there child . Maybe that poor boy was tired of the abuse someone gave him ? you don’t know and neither do I .
      In closing go F yourself

      • We can make an educated guess by looking at the boy’s death. The only marks they found were around his neck. 50 ft in the air? I am so angry, This kid was a normal ,everyday teenager, looked happy and educated. He wanted to be a doctor someday. This hardly sounds like someone who kills himself although we don’t know what really happened until they investigate further. So what I say right now is only speculation. Will we find out who killed Ben? There will be revolution in this country when the poor will rise up and start to revolt. Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam must really be angry about this, and I cannot blame him. We all want justice for this crime, Ben did not die in vain. He was hung by someone but we don’t have an answer. I rule out suicide. This was a hate crime..We will have justice for Ben.

        • It’s a good thing the FBI monitors all of these post ,you just been put on the terrorist list Daniel n page. Your email has been taken down too ….
          Talk about stupidity .So sad !

  4. Has anyone here ever actually tried to commit suicide or ever have suicidal thoughts towards life to a point in which you take action?? I’ll tell you right now PEOPLE NOTICE! Your parents when you stop eating, your teachers when you lose focus, your friends when you want nothing to do with them. There are always signs before a suicide in youth, you need to Get real if you think there aren’t. And we need to know IF they rule this crime suicide with the only evidence being a rope, after being missing for DAYS giving anyone time to get rid of tracks, they are doing it because of all of this negative attention. At Least investigate before jumping to a conclusion like leaving a murder on the streets.

    • No. There are not ALWAYS SIGNS. Many pre-meds fail to adjust to the pressure and jump from dorm-room windows during mid-terms. No one ever notices the signs.

  5. I hope Trump puts an end to Islamic agenda based groups like CAIR. Clearly they are pushing for the numbers to rise in America. Keep your “religion” in the desert, it doesn’t mix in the west.

  6. Two things stand out to me. 1) He missed school for three weeks prior to going missing, yet no further acknowledgement for this (at least in the article). That sounds very strange especially for someone with the goal of going to medical school. Missing even a day or two of school can greatly impact your grades. 2) The missing flyer mentions that Ben needed medication and without it the results be “life-threatening”.

  7. How about we just find out what happened to him, why does his race have to play a role? He’s a human being who died somewhat mysteriously and his family deserves to find out what actually happened to him, but I’m so over every thing being about race these days.