Cristy Campbell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Cristy Campbell is being sought by the Glen Carbon, Illinois Police. (Facebook)

An Illinois woman has been found dead after she drove her SUV into a lake with her infant son inside following a fire at her home that killed a man, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Six children escaped from the Thursday morning fire at the home in Glen Carbon, Illinois, owned by Cristy Lynn Campbell, 32, and rescuers were also able to save the infant from Campbell’s SUV, the Belleville News-Democrat reports.

Campbell’s body was found at the lake about four hours after driving into the water. Her baby son is expected to make a full recovery, police say. Authorities have said the fire and the incident at the lake are connected, and had called Campbell a “person of interest” in the blaze, before she was found dead.

Police said they are still investigating both incidents and say many details about what happened have not yet been determined. No information about the person who died in the house fire has been released by authorities. A neighbor told the newspaper that Campbell lives at the home with her husband and seven children.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Campbell’s Children Sought Help at a Nearby Walmart After Escaping From the Blaze

Firefighters responded to the blaze at Cristy Campbell’s two-story home at 15 Dogwood Lane about 5:30 a.m., police told the Belleville News-Democrat.

Two of Campbell’s children ran to a nearby Walmart to seek help after the fire started. The six kids, all siblings, were all accounted for after the fire, but an adult was found dead inside the house, police said.

The children, who range in age from toddlers to teens, were placed into the care of relatives, according to authorities.

“They are receiving emotional support,” Glen Carbon Police Lieutenant Wayne White told reporters.

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2. Her Infant Son Was Pulled From the Lake by Paramedics, Who Performed CPR on the Baby Before He Was Flown to a Hospital

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Cristy Campbell with her family. (Facbeook)

Not long after the fire, rescuers responded to Silver Lake in Highland, Illinois, about 15 miles away from Campbell’s house in Glen Carbon. A silver Nissan Armada was found in the lake with an infant inside. No one else was in the SUV. Campbell’s neighbor, Sherry Ricker, said the SUV pulled from the lake belongs to Campbell’s husband.

“That’s her car,” Ricker told the Belleville-News Democrat.

A passerby saw the SUV in the lake and called police. Paramedics jumped into the frigid lake to pull the infant to safety, KMOV-TV reports.

“One of our paramedics had jumped in the water already and retrieved an infant from the water,” Highland Fire Department Captain Brad Menz told the news station. “They did do CPR on the infant, took the child to the hospital, child was eventually flown to a St. Louis hospital.”

Menz said, “We had guys go into the water with cold suits and we were able to pull the vehicle out of the water.”

The baby boy’s condition isn’t known.

Campbell’s body was later found at the lake, at about 11:30 a.m., the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

3. Campbell Gave Birth to Her Son in December & Has 6 Other Children

Campbell gave birth to her son in December, according to posts on her Facebook page.

“My baby boy turned 2 months old yesterday! He weighs 10 lbs 2oz. Hes gained an oz a day since birth!,” she wrote on February 11.

She has six other children and posted several photos of them on her page.

4. She Was an Illinois Native Who Worked in Accounting & Finance

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Cristy Campbell. (Glen Carbon Police)

Campbell was a native of Illinois. She attended Edwardsville High School in 2003 and studied accounting and finance at American InterContinental University, according to her Facebook page. She graduated from the online university in 2006 with a degree in business administration, accounting and finance.

She worked as a billing clerk at T-J Transport, a Highland, Illinois-based shipping company, according to her Linkedin profile.

Campbell also says she worked at the Lumiere Place Casino & Hotel in St. Louis, and previously at Accountemps, Domino’s Pizza, Scott Credit Union and Taco Bell.

5. A Neighbor Called Campbell & Her Husband ‘Nice People’


A neighbor, Mitchell Langenhorst, told the Belleville News-Democrat that Campbell, her husband and children were a “normal” family.

“They were nice people,” another neighbor, Sherry Ricker, told the newspaper. “I was really surprised, but I’m glad the kids are OK.”

Glen Carbon Police Lieutenant Wayne White said police had responded to the home “several times” in the past for “day-to-day” calls, but didn’t provide any other details.

“Our hearts and our thoughts and our prayers go out to the entire family for their terrible loss,” White told the News-Democrat.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Campbell was divorced in Madison County, Illinois, in 2012 from a man she refers to as the father of her children on Facebook. In the months before the divorce, Campbell obtained an order of protection against her then-husband, alleging abuse. The order was dismissed about two weeks later, the newspaper reports.

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      • There have been cases like this. It’s a little obscure, but there was Susan Smith back in the 90s and there was a recent case in Florida a few years ago, where a woman tried to kill herself and her kids by driving her vehicle into the ocean. It’s a sign of a severe psychiatric disorder, not necessarily bipolar disorder, but something like it. Usually there’s some change in their lives that triggers the mentally ill person to have a complete breakdown, probably the addition of the new baby in this case. I and the rest of my family can speak with some authority on the topic since the mental illness runs strong in my family.

  1. Normal family?!? I think not. Another crappy mother marrying, having a ton of kids and divorcing another crappy man.

  2. Sounds like she has postpartum depression. Too much responsibility with all those kids and working, too much pressure.

    • If you’re being abused or whatever the case, seek help, don’t try and kill everyone in your family just because you’re unhappy! Those poor children now have to live the rest of their lives without a parent, due to your selfish act!

  3. Oh well. Marrying African men doesn’t usually work out. They are abusive. Mistake to marry him & have a bunch of half breeds.

    • Ha ha!!! I knew the racial thing would come in SOONER rather than later!!!! Too funny, I was just talking to a friend today about this!!! So many comments and how many are true????

    • You’re just about stupid. Marrying outside of your race, has nothing to do with this. A person of any color can abuse someone. Please stop breeding your stupidity!

  4. Her body was just positively identified.
    She burned her house down and one adult in the house died, probably beforehand, and may be her ex? Fortunately, the children were able to leave The Blaze, as Glenn Beck is insane.

  5. Such a heartless mother. Drive away from your burning house with your children chasing you down the road! Then you go and drive into a lake with the intentions of killing your 3 month old. If you’re being abused or whatever the case, seek help, don’t try and kill everyone in your family just because you’re unhappy! Those poor children now have to live the rest of their lives without a parent, due to your selfish act!

  6. Overwhelmed….exhausted…..unhappy…..confused…….stressed….alone…..lost….impossible, abusive “husband”…..felt she had no other solutions…!! Just a guess..!

  7. The body in the house POSITIVE ID: Justin Cambell was shot. A bulet entered the head and exploded out the other side of the skull leaving no doubt as to what had killed him. The body was collected and is being tested for smoke inhalation to determine if he had been shot after the fire began.