Donald Trump’s Louisville Rally Photos: Pictures of the Crowd & the Event

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    • You’re an idiot snowflake. This president has done more in 50 days than Obama did (for the American people, not Muslims) in 8 years. Dullard.

      • Yap, look up “snowflake” in the Urban Dictionary, where the term originated. You’ll see it specifically refers to your ilk.

      • You’re right, Yap. Trump has had more scandals and failures in his first 50 days than any other previous POTUS. Thanks for pointing that out.

      • Capacity at the arena is 19,500 and that’s with a full court basketball court. And Orange Clown Boy only draws 5,000 to his rally? No love there…HA!

        • I was there. Freedom Hall seats about 19K but more than 19K showed up because people stood up in the rafters, sat on steps and were seated on the floor. Packed house and everyone had a great time.

          Crooked couldn’t even fill up the foyer at a community college and Timmy Kaine drew 20 people at his last rally. LMFAO.

          • @Louisville your claim that “because people stood” …. LMAO … you sound just like the Conmander-in-Chief with his bogus, laughed-around-the-world claims that there were 1 to 1.5 million people at the mall for his inaugurination!!!

        • What job growth … I thought the Liar- in- Chief promised 25,000,000 new jobs! Other than those employers that he paid corporate blackmail to, or those previous to the election that had already committed to new hires, where are all these 25,000,000 jobs?
          Also, if you understand anything about geography, you’ll see overwhelmingly that the states that supported Trump in the election are the most dependent on the government. Thank god for n liberals states; without them, Trumpires would be in a world of hurt!

      • That’s it…resort to name calling…limited vocabulary. Oh yes he had done a lot…cuts to the elderly…children…healthcare..epa. yep you are right. You must be so proud. Invest in a dictionary.

  1. I received an invite on line. I drove 2 hrs to get there. It looked as though the crowd was just normal working class people! It was certainly a packed house, and the energy was tremendous yet peaceful! It was well worth my drive!!

    • Per Sean Spicer: “@AriMelber not if @HillaryClinton becomes nominee – probably tough to get excited aboutt someone under FBI investigation.”
      1:49 PM – 20 Feb 2016

  2. I attended the rally. All stands (main and upper levels) were taken except for a section that was right behind the press where no one would be able to see as well as all the seats on the floor. I was on the floor. As far as the protestors, I didn’t see a single one until leaving at the end of the event and it did not seem like a large group although they were in a dark area so it was hard to see. Barely heard them at all.

  3. No one saw the protesters? Well, that’s because we had to protest from a designated area across the street (several thousand people showed up).

    Freedom Hall holds 18,865 (basketball) or 19,200 (for concerts)…but Trump said over 25,000 showed up…so FAKE NEWS