Donald Trump’s Nashville Rally: The Photos You Need to See

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  1. America is full of stupid people…no smart or ethical person would support the most corrupt human ever to be elected thanks to our undemocratic electoral systrm, russia, flynn, the fbi…it took a lot to bring down hillary. Not President with moral authority.

        • I don’t care what 45 looks like. It’s his lying and instability that make me and should make everyone set up and take note. Stay away from Fox News as they are completely biased. 45 is a pathological liar and he is too sick to be in charge if our fragile country

      • Are you kidding? That has to be one of the most idiotic remarks th as the I have seen since this campaign began. I don’t normally comment on anyones’ physical apperance,but since drumpf has no problem judging people on the way they look,I have no problem. Soooooo, obese? Hillary Clinton? You need to get y our eyes checked. Your boy drumpf looks like a walking heart attack. His mouth has been used to spout cruel,moronic remarks so often that they could use it as a picture of an anus in a biology class. Where do you get off calling zMrs. Clinton an alcoholic? Do you spend time with her? Have you ever met her? Oh, of course you have,otherwise you wouldn’t spew nasty remarks about someone that your are not fit to clean the f of poop off her shoes. You are just a despicable as your Master is. I am so sick of the pure meanness that drumpf has instilled in his little cult followers.

    • Hillary Clinton has stated many times that she did not send or receive “Any information” that was marked classified on her e-mail at her house.
      This was a lie.

      110 emails in 52 email chains contained classified information at the time they were sent or received.
      36 of those chains contained secret information at the time they were sent or received.
      8 of those chains contained confidential information at the time they were sent or received.

      When an FBI subpoena was issued to turn over the server, Hillary had the e-mails bleached, which is against the law since it is Govt Property.
      At a Congressional hearing, those involved in deleting the server pleaded the 5th amendment (Will not answer questions) in order not to incriminate themselves in the crime..

      • obviously no one told u the election’s over. true story, has been for awhile. so the time limit on lame ‘yeah, but hillary….’ deflects is long over. u ll have to get some new materiel. sorry.

    • You’re an idiot. There is no evidence that Trump was working with Russia to win the election. Its pure hysteria that idiots believe. Trump isn’t corrupt. Hillary is. She is bought and owned.

    • Well, we support him here, so you wouldn’t like it in Tennessee, lol. Please stay wherever you are. Don’t let our high job availability, low taxes, and surplus state budget tempt you.

    • you are either a black lives matter criminal, a muslim, a liberal democrat, an offended, entitled snowflake, incredibly stupid, or a combination of one or all of those things. Stop listening to the democrat rhetoric You are evidently stupid and gullible enough to be brainwashed, and you have been. This is the LEAST corrupt person to ever have been elected, and he won even AFTER the democrats allowed over 3 million illegals to vote, and even AFTER the DEMOCRATS cheated. Trump did not take down hillary. The American people did, you idiot.

      • You need to look up “snowflake” in the Urban Dictionary … it references Trump-type followers … if you’re going to appropriate a term, at least get it right, dude. LMAO!

    • Please define his “good work,” ‘cuz everything I’ve seen so far has been a disaster!

      hat’s “good” about Trump’s work?

      • That’s funny, because they certainly don’t support any Democrats, only the most conservative Republicans or did you miss the last 50 years?. Seems that when the Democrats pushed through civil rights legislation in the 60’s and became the Party of Lincoln, the KKK switched allegiances to a party that was a few shades lighter and much more friendly to their way of thinking.

      • Trump was the KKK’s party of choice . . . and repeatedly made it known throughout and after the election . . . got to get out of the bubble, dude and stop drinking the Kool-Aid . . . the world’s passing you by!

  2. Looks likes lots of empty seats in the upper bowl. Maybe people are finally really paying attention to his actions, rather than falling for his sound bites?

    • OBESE??? Guess you haven’t seen Donnie Boy in his golf slacks!!!! LMAO!!!yeah, there’s a reason why this rally took place in the South … Trump’s minions feed off each other’s racism!!

  3. Idiots believe Trump was working with Russia to win the election. Bigger idiots believe Hillary isn’t corrupt.

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of people. I never knew there were so many racists in America. Thank you trump for exposing them!

    • Trump you and the people who voted for the border wall will have to pay for it! Let’s see how many will step up to pay for your wall. We the tax payers of this country are not going to pay for your wall! So if you make us the American tax payers pay for your wall that means you lied to us, AGAIN! Where we really need the border wall is on the Canadian border so we can keep the Russians OUT! Now that I’ll be glad to pay for…

  5. I am so sad for our Country! That so many Americans would actually vote for a known conman and criminal, a pervert, who is now giving our wealth to his billionaire buddies He will screw all these hoodwinked believers royally. He has already started by ruining healthcare. It will be so unaffordable or inadequate that none of them will be covered. His tax cuts will give billions to the absurdly wealthy, and these ordinary Americans will only see a few dollars, but they will miss plenty they have been taking for granted. They and all of us are going to pay big time for having this crooked evil idiot President.

  6. TRUMP IS YOUR PRESIDENT! Too bad more than a handful of the Snowtard protesters didn’t make it to Trumpapalooza yesterday in the Music City. The Trump camaraderie was great, but watching you all whine & cry would have made it just that much better!

    • Wake up America we were infiltrated by corrupt Republicans Nazi communist that has taken our White House and our country over. They started by taking our House, Senate and now our Supreme Courts. They infiltrated by putting corrupt Republicans Nazi communist in our corrupt Electoral College. They stole our country without firing a single shot. Stand up America before they take our democracy our rights away! Sincerely a very sad American citizen!

  7. WANTED FOR MURDER Electoral-Elected Donald J Trump for following his comrade bad hombre Vladimir Putin. Just like Putin, Trump killed innocent civilians in Yemen! Lock him up and throw away the key!