Abeku Wilson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A popular fitness trainer and male model showed up at a Florida fitness center with a gun and shot and killed the general manager and another trainer, sending frightened people dashing outside to safety in their gym clothes.

Abeku Wilson began shooting inside the Equinox fitness center at the Shops at Merrick Park, killing Janine Ackerman, the general manager of the gym, and the fitness manager, Marios Hortis, according to The Miami Herald. Hortis initially survived the attack but has now died.

Police said that Wilson was fired for workplace violence and escorted from the building shortly before the shooting.

Witnesses reported that Wilson did not appear to be targeting people randomly but, rather, bore a grudge and came to the fitness center to even a score. He committed suicide at the scene.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Wilson Was a ‘Well Known’ Personal Trainer at the Gym

The scene unfolded on April 8 as Wilson walked into the fitness center wearing the black shorts and shirt of a trainer and “appeared in the main entrance of the gym, raised a handgun and aimed it at another man behind the counter,” reported The Miami Herald.

He shot the two gym employees before turning the gun on himself.

The newspaper described Wilson as a “well known personal trainer” at the fitness center. Among those he trained: Marc Sarnoff, a former Miami city commissioner, reported the Herald. Sarnoff told the newspaper that he saw Wilson the morning of the shooting and “He said: ‘Sorry. I’m just off balance this morning. Which was strange. The way he said it, he almost slurred his words. He wasn’t clean shaven, which was unusual.”

The actor Cristian De La Fuente also used the gym. He was seen visiting the hospital after the shooting:

Wilson’s Instagram site is filled with fitness and bodybuilding photos. “Crazy competition season to say the least!” he wrote with one photo. “This year I’ve walked away with a couple first place finishes, an Overall and as bad as last callouts, but ended the season strong with a 4th place finish at USA’s(national show) leading up to a disappointing 3rd callouts tonight! Bitter sweet but extremely happy with my progress and physique! Looking forward to 2017 the chase doesn’t end here! Victory is mine at the end of the day! More pics to come.”

People filled Wilson’s Instagram page with comments about the shooting. One person wrote, “oh God that is so sad…I am soo thankful my mom wasn’t in the front desk when it happened she was very close to him tho but woow 💔💔💔😔 God bless they’re family…”

Many writers expressed shock. One wrote, “Wow I’m in shock after reading this. He was a great trainer and always had a great spirit around me and had me in shape.”

2. The Shooter Was in a Dispute With the Murdered Gym Manager & Was Fired an Hour Before the Shootings

Police believe that Wilson was upset after an argument with Ackerman.

According to CBS News, police said the shooting “was a result of an argument between a disgruntled ex-employee and the gym’s manager. After shooting two former co-workers, police said, the suspect turned the gun on himself.”

According to the New York Daily News, police say Wilson was fired for workplace violence but haven’t provided specifics.

In a news release, police said, that Wilson “was terminated from his employment on Saturday, April 8, 2017, due to work place violence and was escorted off the premises. He then returned to the fitness center armed with a hand gun and shot the general manager, Janine Ackerman, multiple times. He also shot Marios Hortis, employee, multiple times, and then turned the gun on himself.”

The gym is located near an upscale mall in South Florida, in Coral Gables, and people in fitness gear ran outside during the gunfire, reported CBS.

Police reported that Wilson was an ex employee, indicating he had been fired, reported The Daily Beast.

3. Wilson Worked as a Model in Miami

😎😎😎🌴☀️🌴 #YouCantCancelMe #teamdarkskin #BeardGameWeak 😩

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Wilson had a modeling portfolio. His bio on the site describes him as “God-fearing, outgoing, charismatic, versatile, ambitious, kind hearted, and has a youthful and loving sense of humor. He has a positive attitude and appreciates and enjoys the simple things in life.”

The profile says his interests and hobbies were “Basketball, Track & Field, football, Weightlifting, listening to Jazz, R & B, and Hip Hop.”

According to the modeling website, Wilson “has been featured in various print ads and brochures. He has modeled the for lucky brand and a few up and coming designers, also having done various other fashion shows.”

4. Wilson Was Born in Boston & Had a Degree in Business Administration

On the outside, Wilson gave the projection of a successful person.

The modeling website bio for him says “Abeku was born in Boston MA. and currently resides in Miami FL, but also has lived in many places on the east coast, including New York City, and Atlanta GA.”

The bio said he was of “African heritage, His father hails from Ghana the culturally rich country in West Africa, While his mother was born and raised here in the United States. Abeku graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in International Finance and Marketing Accounting.”

About nine months ago, he wrote on Instagram, “With everything going on in our country it’s easy for us to point fingers at each other and fight over social media! But what are we really doing to help solve the problems in our society?! I realized I was doing absolutely nothing but fighting online and adding to the divide so I decided to change that and help in a way I felt would add not subtract from the community… I’m not a big protestor type of guy and felt I could be more productive by spending my free time mentoring underprivileged inner city kids! So I challenge my family and friends to do the same… Give back in whatever way you see fit to your community! Let’s make a difference together!”

5. The Two Victims Had Promising Fitness Careers

janine ackerman

Janine Ackerman. (LinkedIn)

According to the LinkedIn profile for Ackerman, she was the general manager at Equinox and was previously the assistant general manager. Before that, she worked for the Royal Palm in South Beach.

She wrote on LinkedIn, “With ten years of leadership and management experience in the hospitality industry I have a solid foundation of guest services and customer relations. I have extensive knowledge of hotel and restaurant operations and have the ability to plan and efficiently execute large and detailed events. My experiences have provided me with the communication skills necessary to excel in a multi-dimensional operation and create dependable, long-term relationships. I lead by example and am always eager to accomplish the goals at hand and enjoy fast-paced, high-energy environments. I am a quick learner and am always seeking to grow professionally and personally.”

The LinkedIn profile for Hortis (pictured above) says he had trained clients in Chicago and Miami. His LinkedIn profile begins, “It’s not work. It’s life. Discover inspiring career opportunities and unlimited potential for growth at Equinox. We are the leading luxury fitness and lifestyle company that achieves the extraordinary every day. We create an integrated approach to the well-balanced life – from personal training to group fitness to rejuvenating wellness treatments.”

Hortis was also a model, according to The Miami Herald.

Friends posted tributes to Hortis on social media.

“Marios, my heart is broken,” read one post. “I am so sorry that you were taken from this life so soon, and in such a cowardly and selfish way. You were one of the most brilliant & talented human beings I had ever had the pleasure of knowing. You were a master of your craft, an exceptional teacher, and you changed people’s lives for the better. Whenever I needed your help and advice, you were always there for me.”

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    • The lesson here is. don’t be a diick. She must have been a yuuuge biitch that someone would go through all that trouble.

      • The lesson here is Tim has a small “diick” and can’t deal with rejection. Anyone who would rationalize a murder of a woman for firing them, and calling them a bitch, is clearly compensating for either being completely inadequate or has the IQ of a Howler Monkey.. a “special needs” Howler Monday at that. Get a job, get fired, then grow up. I’d say you live in a trailer park in Alabama, but even they would have kicked your dumb ass out. Enjoy sleeping under the overpass and stop using free wi-fi from the local library.

        • Calm down man. It’s like Battle for the Planet of the Apes. This is where they start to revolt. You wouldn’t want to deal with a baboon with a tude. They’ll GO APE and throw poop at you

    • I agree with you Workingforaliving. Steroids might play a large part in this instance. My prayers go out to the families.

  1. I can tell you i felt the same way when i got fired. Unless you are a Robot not many folks handle certain desperate situations well. From all accounts this was a very good guy.

    • Tens of thousands of people get fired every single day. They don’t kill the person who fires them.. they get another job. He murdered two innocent people. He is anything but a good guy, and you require serious help if you think otherwise and, even more disturbing can relate. Who the hell hasn’t been fired at one point. Grow the F up! . He was a self centered prick who probably took too many steroids to win, and ruined three entire families forever. Yes, really really great guy. Good for both of you.

    • PS Sam. Most people handle “desperate situations well”. That is why every person who gets fired doesnt kill someone. Only the f-ing douche bag, loser, narcissistic (ps Sam you will have to look that last word up given your lack of education) pieces of %^$& kill people. You are one sick puppy to rationalize this shI*!

    • Stop this propaganda this is not a normal thing black men do not normally kill white women. It is white men who normally do mass shooting thus killing white women. Know your history.

      • No. You are lying. It is black males constantly committing mass shootings with regularity, with the trend INCREASING. Chicago shot clock(heyjackass) and any major city news station. Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, by Colin Flaherty, Into the Cannibals Pot, by Illana Mercer, The War on Cops, by Heather MacDonald.

    • Why she fired him is a reason for murder in what world? If she violated any laws or his constitutional rights, his remedy was to seek justice in the courts. You may try to justify this all you want, but it does not change anything. She did not deserve to die.

    • Well, I would imagine if he was a big enough piece of ^$%$ to MURDER two innocent people for getting fired (ah, haven’t most of us been canned at one point in our lives?) he probably had MANY reasons to be let go. Great on Social Media, a big piece of (&^$ in person.

  2. Stop with the propaganda black men do not normally kill white women. White men are the norms for mass shooting serial killers. 2 people were killed be humane feel some sorrow instead of spreading lies.

    • Black men commit about 50% of the murders in the US. ….they are about 6% of the population. See fbi crime table 6.

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  4. A black youth selling magazine subscriptions flipped out on me last weekend when I said, “Sorry, I’m not interested.” He immediately copped an attitude and asked, “In what? Not interested in the magazines or not interested in me?” That pissed me off so I came back back, “Not interested in ANY of it!” Then came the “victim’s tirade”—”all you white people watching Fox news immediately think any young black man is the shooter, the gangster, the Muslim, or some other potential threat—I’m sick of you people, y’all probably voted for Trump!”
    Gee Whiz! I wonder how well that attitude is working for him selling magazine subscriptions? Too many angry black lives with a chip on their shoulder looking for a reason to escalate hostilities. When you tack on all the body building “supplements” and working in a highly competitive field rife with adrenaline and the additional pressure of the stab-in-the-back nature of modeling…is anyone surprised this one snapped his cap?

  5. Violence, rape and murder by black people against anyone who lives in close proximity to them is what there is.BLACK PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS! They are NOT white people with black skins. They’re not very smart. They greatly love violence. They’re sadists, they lack empathy, they will kill you!

  6. Another example of a bleep Going Ape!! Hopefully he doesn’t have kids or if he does they EVOLVE further than he did. Lol