WATCH: Video Shows Cops Slam Colorado Sorority Girl Down Outside Fort Collins Bar

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A video showing Fort Collins Police slamming a Colorado State University sorority girl down to the ground face-first during an arrest outside a bar has gone viral after it was posted on Instagram on Saturday.

The video, which you can watch above, was posted by Barstool Sports with the caption “seems excessive,” has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, sparking controversy. The incident occurred on April 6, according to Larimer County Jail records.

Police said the woman had assaulted an officer prior to the start of the video. That is not seen in the 9-second video clip.

Michaella Surat, 22, was charged with third-degree assault and obstructing a peace officer after the incident, The Fort Collins Coloradoan reports.

Read more about Michaella Surat here.

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Michaella Surat. (Larimer County Jail)

Kate Kimble, a spokesperson for the Fort Collins Police, told the Coloradoan the incident remains under investigation. She said the officer used “standard arrest control” to subdue Surat after they were called to the bar for a disturbance.

Kimble said the officers were called to area near the Bondi Beach Bar in Old Town for a fight between two men. One of the men was Surat’s boyfriend, police said. Kimble told The Coloradoan officers were gathering information when Surat, “shoulder-checked the bouncer and an officer and then pulled her boyfriend from the area.”

Kimble told the newspaper that Surat was told she was free to leave, but her boyfriend was not. Surat did not leave the area and she then “physically obstructed and struck an officer,” Kimble said.

The incident was also captured on body-worn cameras, which will not be released at this time because of the pending investigation. The use of force will be reviewed by a supervisor, Kimble told The Coloradoan.


Some commenters and others on social media have said the woman did not need to be thrown down, while others said the actions by police were justified and that the video didn’t show the whole incident.

“Resisting arrest does NOT warrant this man to slam this woman into the ground. He could’ve grabbed her and cuffed her. If she was drunk it would’ve been 10 times easier to cuff her,” one person wrote.

“90 pound drunk slammed face first.. you are a f*ck head…. hope no one does you like that. You have to asses the threat,” another wrote.

But others came to the officer’s defense.


“Why don’t you show the ENTIRE video where she HIT the officer and they resisted when told she was under arrest? No, just show the cherry picked section to forward your cop hating agenda,” one person wrote.

Surat was released after posting bail.

You can read more about Michaella Surat and the incident at the link below:

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  1. Standard arm bar takedown. From what little was on before the cop did that, she simply could have not resisted as it’s not the police officers job to wrestle people.

    • So cops apparently have no responsibility to judge appropriate amounts of force. If you can dent the concrete it’s standard procedure. She wasn’t under arrest and she was intoxicated. Apparently the officers have no protocol for handling annoying drunk people who weigh 100 pounds. Just pound them into the pavement.

  2. Shame on this officer. Officers like this are not needed and given the guys in blue a bad wrap. He was way to excessive for the situation at hand. At the same time, I am sure her attitude is now checked. She should have let the police do their job when they arrived.

  3. Police People who do this force is wrong. They should help people not slam them too the ground. This is the work of the Devil not God s laws. It’s wrong they do this very wrong. It has too be stoped.

  4. The size difference is the same as throwing a child to the ground because they are being unruly. 90lb drunk chick vs. 180lb+ man, well we know who goes home and beats there wife.

  5. There is a reason someone was filming. No one pulls out their phone and films if it’s a peaceful exchange. Hopefully she will have more respect for herself and police
    next time.

    • Rarely in today’s world is there anything peaceful when cops show up. Cops have lost Respect from people by their Outlaw Behavior. There is a reason most people expect trouble from them, cops are afraid of most everything and many should never have been cops to begin with,

  6. Maybe she will think the next time before running her mouth or making an aggressive move to the officers. Good for them and teaching this little princess a life lesson.

  7. Looks to me like he let his emotions and his anger dictate his actions. From the video clip shown, I’d say he used unnecessary force.

    • unfortunately the vast majority of individuals wanting to be police officers have inherent temper issues. using their badge to release their aggression is sickening.

  8. This woman was clearly resisting. I’m sure this officer told her numerous times to put her hands behind her back. Do I think his actions were excessive? Nope! You can’t reason with someone who is intoxicated. Don’t feel sorry for her what so ever.

  9. Big Bad Police Officer, He was almost overcome by this Small Girl and he had to throw her to the concrete face first so he could feel like a Man again, Great way to make Citizens come to the aid of Police, Great Advertising for Crappy Police. This crap makes People Hate Cops. No need for this, no need at all,

    • Let’s pay the cops what we pay athletes and movie stars. The police risk their lives everyday. No one has a right to hit them. It is not the cops fault. Perhaps if you saw the clip from the beginning perhaps you would feel differently.

  10. Goddamn that was awesome. Some people just need to learn to respect the authority of the police. She got what she deserved. Hands down. And face down. Ha!

  11. You know that cop beats his wife too, and the idiots in the background who think it is cool to treat a woman this way and are actually laughing about it should be ashamed. They are just as un-evolved as the animals in police uniform. they should not only lose their jobs but go to jail and be sued.

  12. This cop throws this lady to the ground like a rag doll. Eleven police officers pulled Rodney King our of his car; beat him to a pulp; went to trial and all found innocent. This guy wearing a body cam and the video shot by a bystander will not be enough for even a reprimand. These guys have a license (badge) to do what ever they want in any situation. This guy has to take off the uniform some day; and what goes around; comes around.

  13. I laugh when I hear stupid people calling this a police state. I have been in countries that have a police states. There is no preliminary discussions, warnings, etc. It just getting your ass stomped and thrown into craphole of a jail. No attorneys, in alot of cases little or no food, no showers, most likely no medical attention. Get a grip people. The woman was warned and given an opportunity to move away after the altercation with an officer. She chose to do otherwise and showed signs of being aggressive again. Case Closed

  14. Wow, Police Brutality. And even as I share my opinion, “they” who is probably trying to cover their track, tried blocking my opinion. WTF……