Perquita Burgess: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Perquita Burgess claims former Bill O’Reilly sexually harassed her and once called her “hot chocolate” when she worked a Fox News briefly. Burgess previously kept her name out of the media, but later came forward in an interview on The View on April 20.

Burgess first came forward on April 18, but attorney Lisa Bloom did not reveal her name. A day later, O’Reilly was fired by Fox News. After hearing that news, Burgess “felt triumphant,” she told The View.

Here’s what you need to know about Burgess.

1. Burgess Said She ‘Felt Triumphant’ When O’Reilly Was Fired

After hearing the news that O’Reilly was fired by Fox News, Burgess said she felt “triumphant.”

“I felt triumphant” when O’Reilly was fired, she told The View. “Very cathartic.”

Burgess also said she was “mortified” to hear President Donald Trump defend O’Reilly. On April 5, Trump told the New York Times that O’Reilly shouldn’t have settled, adding, “I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.”

“What Trump said was, ‘I don’t think he did anything wrong,'” Bloom added on The View. “He didn’t day ‘I don’t think he did it.’ He doesn’t think sexual harassment is wrong. [Trump has] made that very clear.”

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2. Burgess Says O’Reilly Called Her ‘Hot Chocolate’ & Leered at Her

Perquita Burgess, Bill O'Reilly hot chocolate, Bill O'Reilly accuser

Perquita Burgess. (Twitter/@firefire100)

Before Burgess appeared on The View, Bloom told The Hollywood Reporter that O’Reilly “would never talk to [Burgess], not even hello, except to grunt at her like a wild boar. He would leer at her. He would always do this when no one else was around and she was scared.”

Burgess further explained to The View that she had a temporary job at Fox News when the alleged harassment happened. She said she was working for someone who worked for O’Reilly. Everything was fine at first, but a week and a half after working there, it began, she claims. Burgess said he would always walk by her desk to make a “grunting” noise.

At first, she didn’t think of it, but she said that she realized that he would always make that noise whenever he walked by her desk and they were alone. Since he never said anything to her other than making that grunting noise, she thought it was embarrassing. At some point, she decided to stop looking at him.

Three to four weeks after she was hired, they were on the elevator alone. She says he let her off the elevator first. As he was walking in front of her, he said, “Looking good there, girl,” which was the first time he spoke to her. She claimed that every time he walked by her, she could feel him looking at her cleavage and “leering” at her. Burgess said O’Reilly had no reason to be near her desk. She called it “street harassment at the office.”

As for the “hot chocolate” remark, she said that happened when she was eating lunch outside one day. Burgess claims O’Reilly saw her and said, “Hey, hot chocolate,” as he walked past her without looking at her. She was “mortified,” she told The View and took it as a “very plantation-al remark.”

Burgess said she never notified Fox about the alleged harassment at the time it happened because she was not a full-time employee at the network. However, she did write about it on social media in 2010 and 2014. She also told “friends and family members” about it.

She also said she didn’t even tell her temp agency because she didn’t want to ruin the company’s relationship with Fox “because they had a lot of people there.”

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3. ‘Bill O’Reilly Likes Black Women,’ Burgess Tweeted in 2014

Although Burgess’ Twitter account is now private, she revealed to The View that she complained about O’Reilly on the social network. However, these posts were written years after her experience with O’Reilly, but also years before The New York Times uncovered that O’Reilly and Fox News reached settlements with five other women who accused him of sexual harassment.

“I contacted @ fox news for 6 months a few years ago bill oreilly is a piece of XXXX,” she wrote in October 2010.

In March 2014, she wrote, “Bill O’Reilly likes black women… I’ll leave it at that.”

Burgess’ Twitter profile includes a dead link to the site “” and shows that she joined in April 2009.

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4. Burgess Is a Howard University Graduate

According to her LinkedIn page, Burgess is a Howard University graduate, earning her degree in 1992.

She only has a few positions listed on her LinkedIn profile. From 2008 to 2011, she was a Marketing Business coordinator at TIAA-CREF. From 2004 to 2008, she worked at Altria Corporate Services.

Burgess is also listed as a Howard University graduate on The site lists her skills as:

“Brand Management, Integrated Marketing, Direct Marketing, Market Planning, Marketing, Marketing Communications, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Positioning, Direct Mail, Collateral, Competitive Analysis, Market Research, Segmentation, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Brand Awareness, Consumer Products, Marketing Management.”

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5. O’Reilly Denied Burgess’ Claims on April 18, Calling Them Part of an ‘Obviously Orchestrated Campaign’ Against Him

After Burgess’ claims were published by The Hollywood Reporter, O’Reilly quickly sent a statement to CNN through his attorney, Marc E. Kasowitz. He denied her claims, calling them part of a campaign against him.

“It is outrageous that an allegation from an anonymous person about something that purportedly happened a decade ago is being treated as fact, especially when there is an obviously orchestrated campaign by activists and lawyers to destroy Mr. O’Reilly and enrich themselves through publicity driven donations,” Kasowitz said.

Although O’Reilly has denied the claims of sexual harassment, The New York Times reported on April 1 that O’Reilly and Fox News reached settlements with five women that totaled $13 million, between 2002 and 2016.

After Fox News fired O’Reilly, O’Reilly said in a statement that the claims are “completely unfounded.”

“It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. But that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today,” O’Reilly said.

Sources told CNN that O’Reilly will receive a “staggering amount” of money from Fox News as he leaves the company. One source told CNN that the payout will be as much as $25 million.

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  1. So let me get this straight, didn’t make obscene gestures or proposition “it”. He purportedly says ” hot chocolate ” and loses his job?

  2. Now i dont like Bill but why would you go on the view
    I know why cause those bitches dont care about facts already say anyman is guilty until proven innocent
    So yeah good choice to get your 15mins of fame

    • You are a dog…I’m sure bill didn’t mean it like that. You and the rest of the view can go f..k yourselves…get a nice payout hoe?

  3. Note the photos of her. Edited to show her face only. I couldn’t care less about Bill O’reily. That being said, I’m not believeing anything that this woman said. Let’s be honest. She has a prewtty much worthless degree, if she really has one. Black women are known for making this up. Marketing. How many unemployed people have that degree? Probably over a million. Also, talking about her cleavage shows she dressed completely wrong for work. This shows she was trying to draw attention to herself. She is extremely overweight and White men just don’t find that attractive at all. Black guys, yes, for some reason. And anyone who makes accusartions without identifying themselves are not to be believed. O’reilly may have something at one time, and she more than likely turned into this. And what was the sexual assault? She accuses him, but doesn’t say what he did. Lady, you are so clearly lying about this. Anyone who believes you is a fool, or a lawyer lookng to cash in, like you are. And you go the view, a man hating seriously stupid t.v. show for dumb women with nothing to do.

    • Learn to spell, you are really embarrassing yourself. Or stay away from the Internet until you finish First Grade. Grief, at least use spell check! And no, “Marketing” is an actual career, just because they do not offer courses in that at your sad Community College does not mean it doesn’t exist.
      I was mmad at her, but wow, you are all making me see why women are sick of this. Grow up.

      • You’re telling me to use spell check? Moron. Typos happen. I guess you’re embarrasing yourself. And sorry, but marketing is one of the most useless degrees there is. I know lots of people that got them and never found a job where it would be useful. I’m guessing you have one. You can believe this woman all you want. I don’t and I won’t. And if you do, you’re stupid. Or a black woman with a marketing degree working at Walmart.

    • Portuguese[edit]


      periquita f (plural periquitas)
      1.feminine equivalent of periquito
      2.(slang) pussy (the female genitalia)

      (woman’s genitalia) vagina, boceta, xana, fenda, passarinha, pepeca, perereca, racha, xavasca, xeca, xota, xoxota, aranha

      Her name is slang for pussy in Portuguese….???

  4. And let’s not forget her posting on one of the “look at me, do you want to hookup” websites. You can bet any photo of her on this she loks like a total slut.

    • What black female on Facebook, Instagram, or any of these mindlessly narcissistic “idiotsites” isn’t showing her ass or breasts? And don’t forget the pounds of icky hair weave with cakeface.

    • If you “need” to call her a slut, how about you use your real name? Coward much?!
      All of these posts are proving what I hoped was not true – you are all acting like asshats. Grow up!

  5. Wait… I am confused. Bill O’Reilly is a conservative. All conservatives are racist. Bill O’Reilly likes black women. Can we get a liberal Powerpoint for this? Is he a self loathign conservative who seeks black pussy on the down low like a gay rapper seeks dick? Is this completely made up bullshit to get money and BIll O’Reilly off the air? Will Bill O;Reilly just simply go to another conservative news organization and continue making the leaving Fox news completely irrelevant? So many questions….

  6. Gone are the days of Crack. These skank would be like the rest who would do anything for another hit. Now these baby hood rats wants respect.

  7. To the Naysayers: Apparently Fox feels her, along with many other allegations have enough substance to warrant his dismissal. O’Reilly is getting 25 million, he will get hired again once this dies down.

    • WRONG, it is the advertisers who are afraid they might get protested against by the Naive masses that wanted there commercials pulled from his 1hr time slot. that cost FOX money.
      Even news agency Bow down and lick the boots of money and forgo the truth or not till proven!

  8. This is a tad confusing. Well, for people who need Editors.
    Sexual assault is not being called names that make you uncomfortable in the workplace – I will give you “harrassment” big time, but how can you say that he assaulted her when that is a physical thing? That TOO MANY of us have been through! She was not raped!
    This is ridiculous! Heaven forbid anyone ever mention chocolate again. Or say anything… well, it seems super cool to mock the President. That’s safe! Or to say that “No conservative writer/speaker is coming to any University I am aware of!”

    The Left is wily and winning. I refuse to be a jerk, so I guess I “lose”. But this is just the beginning, we all might as well give up all of our Constitutional Rights now. OR… WAIT! Hell No! No way. I am sick of the lunatics running EVERYTHING, and I don’t know when this started, this insane PC garbage (It’s the new rock/paper/scissors. Political Correctness beats Your Constitutional rights!)
    Come on, fellow adults, what are we going to do about this?

  9. a plantation type remark for calling her hot chocolate???!!!! r u kidding me???!!!! the boys in my neighborhood have called me that from time to time. BLACK boys. i take it as a compliment. this biatch is reaching for some big bank!

    • She’s trying to help her Muslim Democrat Buddies !

      You know let’s play the race card !

      I’m a poor woman card !

      I said some things to women, trying boost their depressing morale ; and maybe they’ll forget how f****** ugly they really are.

      And let me tell you this black chocolate she’s ugly !

      She’s more like melted chocolate on the sidewalk…

      All nasty unattractive to no one but to mr. Vibrator !

      She’s a goddess ? Ha ha

      Let’s scrape off 10 pounds of makeup and them weaves, see how ugly she really is ?

      We might find out, that this chocolate has nuts !

  10. As a woman who did suffer REAL harassment – I can tell you she sounds like she is full of XXX herself. Saw the video where she claim he “grunted” – gag – the sound was like someone CLEARING HIS THROAT.
    I worked with a bunch of men would yell FELLATIO and groan and moan like sex sounds ( please sounded nothing like clearing their throats) and called every woman sluts, Cxxxs, whores and so on having spent a lot of time in male dominated activities, bad language is not the worst in the workplace, it is far worse to have your work marginalized and be marginalized.

    See her pictures where she sexualizes herself…. and then she complains – about a friendly compliment? A “plantation-al remark.” again sickening how these sleazes get away with tarnishing other people (when they cannot succeed on their own)

  11. I don’t believe that black woman for one minute. Look at he mile long list of qualifications, tell me that you’ve seen such a list before attributed to one single person. She’s allegedly a marketing geniusm her “skills” include “Brand Management, Integrated Marketing, Direct Marketing, Market Planning, Marketing, Marketing Communications, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Positioning, Direct Mail, Collateral, Competitive Analysis, Market Research, Segmentation, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Brand Awareness, Consumer Products, Marketing Management.”. and yet listen to her on the View, how many times did she say “Whatever”. and never mention exact dates, only references to “a few weeks later”. And notice how NO ONE else was ever around when O’Reilly allegedly made these remarks.
    Lastly, here’s the list of the 5 women and the dates that they settled: Juliet Huddy (2016) Rachel Bernstein (2002) Andrea Markis (2004) Laurie Dhue (2016) and Rebecca Diamond (2011). All white meat, no dark chocolate, ha ha.

    • Black women do this constantly. Men, too. In the black world, they make up everything about themselves. It’s called fanalizing. It’s the only way they can impress people, they think. Blacks have so little self esteem, they hate themselves. So they make up their life as they go along.

  12. One thing she left out is what she did 16 years ago, when she was 18. She sexually assaulted and raped me. I was to embarrassed to say anything and i still wont give my name because i will be the target of every news agency in America and i need my privacy. Do not trust this woman because she is a sexual predator!

  13. There’s absolutely nothing “hot” about that “chocolate”! It looks more like a steaming pile of dog excrement!

  14. I don’t believe a thing she has spewed! This is just another liberal agenda take down. If we look into this further, I bet she is or was paid along with those other accusers by the DNC or some Hillary crony. I mean Perquita Burgess states she is a preachers daughter and Harlems harlot. I reckon that should be creditability in itself. I mean, preachers kids don’t lie… DO THEY? RIGHHHHT! I thought so.

  15. why would anyone do this there are much better looking African American woman at Fox News then her why was it just her saying this and i dont see the Hot Chocolate her mouth and nose are messed up like i said there are a lot better looking at Fox News if she lied i hope he sues her into poverty

  16. “He would always do this when no one else was around” – right, so it all comes down to what she says versus what he says. But somehow everybody (at least as media claiming) are believing her story 100% but not his. People, get the facts straight, this accusations has 0 facts to prove it and hi is ‘innocent until proved guilty” per our judicial definition. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11, states: “Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.”.

  17. I think Ms. Bloom is on a mission, she was during Trump’s run also. So, get it right… listen to her talk. (grunt noise changed to clearing his throat). (Saying “Hay Hot Chocolate, while she was eating lunch). Think about that. She said he would not look at her. Maybe he was not talking to her. I think FOX had not choice after Dems went after the sponsors and they lost 60 of them… The plan was according to Bloom, “To take O’Reilly down” and they and chanting victory. She has 2 tweets out there after being shut out of FOX and not doing a good job… so she commented on Bill… That is meaningless tweets compared to the new allegations. Bloom is Gloria Allbrights daughter. Go figure.

  18. Hitting on that???? Get better than that for 5 dollars on Compton Blvd. Wouldn’t f**k that fat fugly sow with a dog’s d**K