Brittany Simpson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

brittany simpson

Brittany Simpson mugshot.

Brittany Simpson, a 31-year-old South Carolina woman, is accused of shooting her father to death after he tried to kick her out of the family’s $1.8 million home.

Robert Simpson, 66, worked in the film industry, most recently on the latest Stephen King movie, Mr. Mercedes, according to his obituary.

Police accuse Brittany Simpson, of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, of fabricating a story about an intruder, and then dumping a gun and other evidence in a nearby creek.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Brittany Was Staying in the Family Home Without Paying Rent

robert simpson

Robert Simpson. (Obituary)

The murder originated from a spat that occurred when the Simpsons decided to evict their daughter from the family home, where she was living without paying rent, according to People Magazine.

Her sister, Brooke, told police that “Brittany had been given a 24-hour notice to leave the home by that day,” The Post and Courier reported.

Brittany’s mother, Susan, even went to court to get her daughter removed from the home. Susan Simpson “asked a magistrate court judge on March 31 to have Brittany Simpson evicted from the address. A judge signed the eviction order on Thursday, May 4,” reports ABC4.

Brittany’s mother, sister, and sister’s boyfriend were all in the home when the shooting occurred, reports The Post and Courier.

Susan Simpson reported hearing a popping sound and her husband yell. She said that she, her other daughter Brooke, and Brooke’s boyfriend ran downstairs and saw Robert Simpson’s blood seeping out of the master bedroom door, the newspaper reported.

brooke simpson

Brooke Simpson. (Facebook)

The family patriarch was shot in the chest and briefly survived, reports the newspaper. Live5News reports that Susan told police the family was going to change the locks on the home.

2. Police Retrieved Evidence From a Nearby Creek After Brittany Blamed an Intruder

robert simpson, susan simpson

Susan and Rob Simpson with daughters Brooke and Chelsea. (Facebook)

Brittany told police an intruder had broken into the family’s home and killed her father. When police arrived, she was sitting with her mother and sister, Brooke, and claimed “she ran after someone on the dock,” reports Live5News.

However, the story started to unravel when police “found her clothes and a gun submerged in a creek,” reports People.

ABC News 4 reports that police allege Brittany eventually “confessed to officers that she killed her father” and that, in a 911 call, “you can hear Brittany tell her sister that someone came into the home through the backdoor and shot their father. Her sister said the smell of gunpowder was still in the air and their father was locked in a room.”

According to The Post and Courier, Brittany has been charged with murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Complicating matters, according to Live5News, a presumptive test for gunpowder “came back negative” for Brittany and two males in the house, but a “small reaction was observed from both Susan and Chelsea, reports say.”

3. Brittany Has a Disability & Claimed She Was at a Gym Before the Slaying

Brittany’s lawyer told People Magazine that she had a disability, although the specific nature of it was not released.

According to the Post and Courier, Brittany “told officers that she had been swimming at the I’On Club and had returned home to find the back door open.” She is accused of demanding to her mother, “Why did you leave the doors unlocked?” the newspaper reported.

The 911 call came in around 6 a.m. Brittany was “observed swimming from 3:29 a.m. until 4:44 a.m. and she then went to the gym area. Simpson was recorded on camera leaving the gym a few minutes after 5 a.m.,” reports Live5News.

The television station reports that Brittany’s other sister, Chelsea, accused Brittany of killing their father because she was “unstable,” accusations that hurt their mother to the degree she had difficulty breathing.

4. Robert Simpson, Who Was From London, Worked in the Film Industry

rob simpson

Rob and Susan Simpson. (Facebook)

Robert Simpson’s obituary says he was born in 1951 in London, England. He studied at the University of London International Programmes before immigrating to the Charleston, SC area in 1975, according to the obituary.

He and his wife Susan were married in 1981 in England. The obituary said that Robert worked in the film industry and was on the verge of retiring.

“Rob was passionate about his work in the film industry and was on the cusp of retirement after thirty years. He was an active member of the National Brotherhood of Teamsters, and currently working on the production of Mr. Mercedes, written by Stephen King,” the obituary said. “His favorite pastimes included golf, tennis, boating on the creek and entertaining family and friends, especially with his varied musical talent.”

According to the obituary, Robert was “known for his positive outlook on life, sense of humor and being the ‘life of the party,’ he will be greatly missed by family, friends and co-workers.” The obituary adds that he was survived by his wife of 36 years and four children: Chelsea, Brooke, Taylor, and Brittany.

People recalled Robert Simpson fondly in the obituary guestbook. “I worked with Rob and he was always a real man which is hard to find these days.. I will always remember him as a kind man that always cared about others before himself. I will miss you Rob,” wrote on friend. Another wrote, “Rob will always have a special place in my heart. His kindness, friendship and sense of humor will always be remembered. He will be sadly missed and my heart goes out to Susan and their children in this difficult time.”

5. Brittany Was Once a Popular Athlete

brittany simpson

Brittany Simpson.. (Facebook)

According to The Post and Courier, ‘Brittany was a popular athlete in her teenage years.”

She graduated from Wando High School, and then attended the University of Miami and the College of Charleston, reported the newspaper.

There were signs of trouble, however. A neighbor told Live5News that she had a “trespass order” against Brittany for coming repeatedly unwanted to her residence, and that she may have seen Brittany running to the dock area after the murder.

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    Whether Brittany’s lawyer, and Brittany’s sister, Chelsea, have MEDICAL PROOFS of Brittany’s Disability and “Instability” or not, we will have to await a further blog, in order to find out!… but, if true, the DEMAND that Brittany simply leave the family home (despite Brittany’s age!… and regardless of whether Robert and Susan considered themselves “competent” to address Brittany’s difficulties!), would appear– on the surface!– a COLD RESOLVE to whatever behavioral problems Brittany was manifesting! For simply put, if Brittany was truly Disabled/ unstable… and Robert and Susan felt overwhelmed by whatever Brittany was displaying!… then the “principals” in this family– I feel!– were NEGLIGENT in their handling of their daughter’s situation! Nevertheless… and again, unless proofs for their daughter’s behavior is revealed!… I suspect that there is another reason for Robert and Susan’s demand that Brittany leave their home!
    Many “parents”– today!– view having children, as simply something “one does”!… i.e., many people desire to have offspring, because those with whom they have learned the lessons of parenthood, have attended to “quaint notions” of what parenthood entails! And so, conceivably– similarly!– Robert and Susan may have been taught the “conventions of parenthood”, by family, friends and peers, who have merely “followed the conventional lead” of others! And with such mindsets, it may be less about LOVE… and about a desire to create a truly noble soul!… than it is about “keeping up with the conventional wisdom”! Now… this is not to suggest that these parents didn’t LOVE Brittany!… but, that their LOVE may very well have been secondary to their “other goals”!… and “other commitments”!
    And so… and as such parents follow the “conventional wisdom”, and “conventional parenting memes”!… when one’s child is “of age”, then it’s time to “remove the bird from the nest (or, so goes, the “conventional wisdom”!)”! And because Brittany… maybe!… didn’t appear to want to “fly” from the home on her own (or!… was simply UNABLE to do so!), the “wise thing”– or so thought!– for Robert and Susan, was to EVICT THE BIRD! And!… and of course!… Brittany will find her way– somehow!– and “that (as it goes!), will be that”!
    Well… I– for one!– am not of that “school” of thinking!… and I DO NOT believe in the setting of some kind of arbitrary “age limit” on when a child/ adult child should “leave the nest”! And, my MAIN REASON, is simple!… one either L-O-V-E-S one’s child/ adult child, or one is merely a “parent” to one’s child/ adult child! But further… if in one’s planning for a child, one has failed to look at the potential of MEDICAL PROBLEMS that one’s child or children may experience, then one would be NEGLIGENT in addressing the necessary protections needed, should one’s child run into problems! And so… when the MEDICAL PROBLEMS occur, and one decides to “cut and run”, then one– I suggest!– was never TRULY “in the corner”, of one’s “planned offspring”! But equally important, is one’s protection of one’s children, when environmental and social pressures become manifest, and which act to undermine the ability of one’s children to exhibit CONTROL!… in other words, one’s child or children may feel “SWAMPED”!… and thus, are unable to DEVELOP!
    This latter scenario, may very well have been the case with Brittany! Not having a “vocational place” to “hang her hat” on… and Robert and Susan frustrated with not knowing the reasons why!… Mr. and Mrs. Simpson may simply have decided to “lay down the conventional law”, and abandoned any further intervention in her VOCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT! And, which may have resulted in Brittany’s sense (YEA, REALIZATION!), of abandonment!
    But another factor may also have been “behind the scenes” in Brittany’s inablity to COPE!… and that is, a “hidden sojourn” into drugs! And in this just aforenoted scenario, Brittany may have suffered significant cognitive impairment (e.g., short term memory loss!), that/ which may have– and currently does!– effect her ability to demonstrate COGNITIVE CONTROL (and so… requiring COGNITIVE DIAGNOSIS and a COGNITIVE MODALITY, to effect a REMEDIAL SOLUTION!)! But, then… the just aforenoted, is but, speculation on my part!
    In Luke 15: 11 to 32, we are informed of the tale of the PRODIGAL SON! And without reciting the details of this story, the Prodigal Son was one who went off out into the world, and who succumbed to the temptations of the world!… and , in so doing, lost every physical comfort he possessed!… but, rather than reject his son, and abandon him (a son who had clearly sinned!), his father entreated his LOST SON, and restored him to a state of grace!
    In closing… WE CANNOT ABANDON OUR CHILDREN!… AND EVEN IF THERE BE BUT A S-L-I-M H-O-P-E OF REDEMPTION! And if Brittany was unable to escape her struggle!… and she needed the help of others (and especially, her parents!) to defeat her demons, then it would be a GODLY RESOLVE, to have continued to share in her pain and suffering!… and for as long, as one was able! This CANNOT be about the PERCEPTION of other family members, friends, or peers!… but ONLY, about the UNDILUTED LOVE one should have for one’s child, or children!
    In 2 Corinthians 12: 14 we read:… “…For children should not have to save up for their parents, but parents for their children…”… and in 1 Timothy 5: 8 we read:… “…If anyone does not provide for his own, and especially his own household, he has denied the faith, and is worse than an unbeliever…”
    The “laying up”– I offer!– is not merely about STUFF!… but about spiritual values, knowledge, wisdom, emotional strength, and L-O-V-E!… and without which, our children may lack what is ESSENTIAL!
    Please!… no emails!

      • Exit!… since when have you begun speaking on behalf of the medical community? And!… leave the elves alone!
        Please!… no emails!

    • How dare you put or assume any blame on the parents!!! They would never abandon brittany or anyone. They we’re retiring this summer & the house was up for sale, in order for them to down size. Brittany was being helped to get somewhere to live & without doubt would also have been helped financialy & emotionally, as she & her siblings all their lives!!! So your suggestions she was being thrown out is so far fetched from the truth, i suggest you get your facts right in future & be very mindful of what you print!!!

    • I am a Godly woman and I have to say until you have had to deal with a mentally ill family member you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. And, any psychiatric professional or counselor will tell you one of the worst things that you can do is have them under your roof. They can be a threat to one and all. You can love them with all your heart and want them to be cured with every part of your being but if they are not willing it is to no avail and someone or many are the enemy. This then opens the ugly door for disaster. Love them always, meet them somewhere, encourage them, and this is all if they will allow it.
      I grieve for their loss for the Father and the daughter.

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  3. There’s a LOT more here than we know now. 31 is a tad old to still be living at home and IMO it is unusual not only for parents to evict their own child but to be so vehement about, going to court, etc. Hopefully more will come out at trial.

  4. knowing this family for years leads me to say to all who are commenting—you are just showing your ignorance! SHUT UP

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