‘The Fox News Specialists’: Meet the Hosts of Fox News’ New 5 p.m. Show

‘The Five’: Meet the Hosts of Fox News’ 9 p.m. Show

The Five is moving to 9 p.m. now that Fox News has fired Bill O'Reilly. Meet the show's six hosts, who are all veterans of FNC.

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Fox News Schedule Without Bill O’Reilly: ‘The Five’ Moves to 9

Fox News has announced what its primetime line-up will look like without Bill O'Reilly as the 9 p.m. anchor. Here's a look at the full schedule.

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  1. Why does the federal government need to be involved in health care. I believe free market access is sufficient. Can’t we just attack the issue and not destroy our whole healthcare system?

    • Hey!… BOWLING FOR DOLLAR$!… didn’t I see you coming out of a strip bar in Las Vegas with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, arm-in-arm!… your MUG looks “Casino-like”! And… is it true you were a part of Shine’s “MAN CAVE FRATERNITY”? Wow!… if only Suzanne Scott would release t-h-e t-a-p-e-s!… the things we could learn about the “PROS” at Fox News (wink, wink!)!
      Please!… no emails!

  2. Having the media for checks and balances with the President would be okay if they were fair and honest, but that sure hasn’t been the case.

    • I agree this show, and the people on the show, should be on CNN. Sounds like an anti-Trump show to me. Really FOX, your the only news show I watch. If you start having shows and guests like this, and actually pay people on your station to like this, I guess there will be no news show left for me.

      • Have always enjoyed the passion Eric Bolling has for his beliefs. Kat has some great one liners and love her on the Gutfeld show. Eboni spoke way too much, too loud, interrupted the conversation too many and needs O’Reilly to rein her in. I thought this was going to be Eric’s show. Am really on the fence.

  3. Tuned in to Foxnewsspecialist today and was not impressed. Love the Five and now watch them at 8:00 but won’t be watching this show.

  4. I’ve been a huge Bolling fan forever, loved him on The Five, and any time he filled in for O’Reilly or other hosts. The show today was underwhelming, despite having a really good interview with President Trump. Eboni was shrill and bossy, and Kat does better on the Gutfeld show. Sorry, I was looking forward to this, but it’s a very loooooong way from the smoothness of The Five. Eric seemed in he background, rather than in charge. Step up, Eric. I’ll stick around a few more episodes, to see ……

  5. Sorry. You had the President grant you an interview and we tuned in for it and got MARK CUBAN and Ebony bashing Trump and little Trump!!! Sorry–Show was horrible. I am so disappointed in Bolling. Horrible way to repay Trump. Fox is going Left and it begins with this show. Bye Fox!!!

  6. OH HELL NO! If I wanted to listen to this kind of Anti Trump TRIPE I’d turn to the Liberal BS Mecca…MSNBC. And having Cuban on the first show…or even AT ALL? Caban’s problem is that he is soooo jealous of Donald Trump. Cuban is a narcissist extraordinaire. The two women are unqualified and ridiculous. Bolling…..get out of there. Good start Murdoch’s wives on pulling down a good network.

  7. oh i thought i was watching stupid 7th graders fighting over a girl who just got braces. i feel so sorry for Eric. fox please don’t do this to him. its like i just can not even explain it. fox please get rid of this show. we have a group of friends who get together for an unwinding work day and have a glass of wine and we really miss the five at five. we need a reasonable show at this time. fox you are really missing the boat on this one.

  8. I am very disappointed in this liberal show! Eric Boling is the only host I would watch. Last time to view unfortunately!

  9. Your new show is a joke! Loaded with left-wing Libs who control the dialog. You’ve lost me as a viewer!!

  10. I lobbed the five and Eric Billing. New sow is a horrible format. No allow anyone to finish their thoughts. Eric you were terrific on the 5 but getting a new show has gone to your head… And you are always cutting off everyone. Sad display.

  11. Love Eric Bolling, but this show is horrible. The co hosts are terrible. Fox you are better than this, fix this disaster!

  12. Had to turn your show OFF today. Krystal Ball is sooo irritating and interrupts. Get rid of her from Fox altogether. Cat seems a little full of herself, yuck.

  13. You did not do your new show any favors by having someone like Krystal Ball on today. She is a total looser.

  14. Eric, love you and the new show but Ebony needs to leave or calm down. She’s not in a race and she’s too pushy. I thought she was a little disrespectful to Kellyann, not that KAC can’t take Ebony down. Just saying.

  15. Fox news specialists…can’t take any more of everyone constantly & often loudly talking over each other at the same time….the worse one is blondie….didn’t her mother ever teach her any manners?!!! Besides it’s not like she’s a world scholar & has opinions that are show stopping…..even though she seems to think she knows better than everyone else..including the experts! I thought that Eriic was this show’s moderator but he certainly isn’t in control at all. Don’t see this show making it in the long run unless someone takes control & only lets one person talk at a time….even if it means that someone has to put a muzzle on blondie.

  16. Sorry, Eric, this show will not last. Kat is out of her league and I am tired of her one-liners. She sounds like an amateur. No chemistry here.

  17. Eboni is hard to watch. She dominates all the conversations, talks extremely fast, interrupts constantly and has made us not want to watch the new show.

  18. Eric, Katt and Eboni will end this show. They talk over and look and act like silly teenagers…they were so rude to Pat Buchanan. They act like know it alls……they are bringing you down.

  19. Eboni is so hard to watch. She is loud, always interrupts, dominates the conversation, I want to hear what others are saying other than just her. Love Eric but, please find someone else to take Eboni’s place. We can’t stand to sit through another Eboni show

  20. This show stinks. The blonde bimbo is annoying, always interrupting everyone and yelling. She is a diehard Hillary and obama lover. Sorry Chelsea Manning is a traitor and should not have been released by obama. Blonde sees this as okay, no problem with people releasing government documents for money to Wikileaks’s.

  21. I agree with the others, Eboni is terrible. She acts like the show is all about her. I think she ruins the show and the show wo u ld be so much better without her.