‘The Fox News Specialists’: Meet the Hosts of Fox News’ New 5 p.m. Show


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I LOV the show and wish you all the best but I watch fox everyday, most of the day anyway and am really mad about this one thing that I hope you will address more.. Could you address the question that the special prosecutor is supposed to work and investigate all the Russian inquiries so that our government reps can do other things to help this country move ahead to solve all these problems and that is gone. Dems, reps and FBI are holding hearings and investigations despite the special committees. They are dragging people along and I feel that the committee should get into all these things. What is going to happen is out of all the different hearings you ( we ) will get at least 3 DIFFERENT conclusions. I thought that if our agencies are responsible than why do we need a special prosecutor esp one who hired so many Dem slanted donors. Thank you for your time and your book is awesome! Jo.

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