Marinna Rollins & Jarren Heng: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

marinna rollins, jarren heng

Marinna Rollins, left, and Jarren Heng, with the service dog, Cumboui, before he was shot. (Facebook)

An Army veteran who was arrested after she shot and killed her service dog on video has been found dead. Police are investigating her death as a possible suicide.

Marinna Rollins, 23, was found dead in her Fayetteville, North Carolina, apartment Sunday morning, the Fayetteville Observer reports.

Rollins and her boyfriend, active duty soldier Jarren Heng, 25, were arrested last month after Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office began investigating the Facebook video showing the dog’s death, the newspaper reports.

Cam, the service dog fatally shot. (Facebook)

The disturbing video showed Rollins and Heng tying the dog, named both Huey and Camboui, to a tree before shooting him five times and burying him, police said. Animal advocates spread the story about the dog’s death on social media, calling for “Justice for Cam” in a Facebook group.

A cause of death for Rollins has not yet been made public. Heng is still facing criminal charges and is free on bail pending trial.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Rollins Posted on Facebook Cam Was Going to a ‘New Home’ Before Uploading Videos Showing Her & Heng Shooting & Burying the Service Dog

marinna rollins jarren heng

Marinna Rollins and Jarren Heng. (Facebook)

Marinna Rollins’ estranged husband, Matt, who is also in the military, adopted the dog from the Cumberland County Animal Shelter in January 2016 and named him Huey, WCSH-TV reports. The Maine news station spoke to her husband and sister before her death. Rollins and her husband are both originally from Windham, Maine.

When her husband was deployed to South Korea, he left Huey with her, he told the news station. He left the dog with her to watch while he was overseas for a year. While he was in Korea, her husband said Rollins contacted him and said she had changed the dog’s name to Camboui, calling him Cam, and had registered him as an emotional support animal. She said she had become attached to the dog and didn’t want to give him back.

Matt, Rollins’ ex-husband, said when he returned to North Carolina, he was not able to take the dog back because he moved into an apartment, according to the news station. He told WCSH he saw on Facebook on April 15 that Rollins and her boyfriend, Jarren Heng, were looking for someone to take the dog. He then said she told him the dog was taken to a shelter.


Rollins and Heng also posted on Facebook about the dog, with Rollins writing, “great last day with the pooch! Sad he has to go but he will be much happier where he is heading off to :).” Heng replied, “he’s gonna have such a great new life.”

According to police, the dog was killed between April 16 and 17. Video showing the dog being shot dead and then buried was uploaded by Rollins, police said.


The first video, which you can watch below, shows Cam tied to a tree while Rollins, shirtless and wearing camo pants, stands near him with a gun. She asks Heng, who is recording, “tell me when,” and he replies, “go ahead.” She cocks the gun and shoots Cam at close range. As Cam moans, Heng says, “get him,” and she shoots the dog four more times. Heng then says, “let me hit him, let me hit him once,” and they begin laughing. “Oh shit, that’s his nerves going,” Rollins says as the dog twitches on the ground and the video ends.

In the second video, Rollins can be seen laughing as she fires several shots into Cam’s dead body. Heng then says “goodbye Cam” and Rollins says, “good night.”

The third video shows Rollins dragging Cam’s body to a spot where they are burying him, covering the dog with a blanket. She can be heard saying, “It’s been real Cammy, I love you, you’re my puppy, you’re a good puppy, but…”

Heng then tells Rollins to bury the dog “deeper in there” and tells her “good job” before shutting off the camera.

Her sister contacted authorities about the video on April 19, WCSH-TV reports, and an investigation was launched. Court documents show that the dog was Rollins’ service dog and that the microchip had been changed to show her as the owner. But her husband’s name remained on the adoption papers.

“I want people to know Huey’s real story – not what they’re getting from Marinna and Jarren – someone who actually knows what happened,” Matt told WCSH-TV. “They’re just going to say whatever keeps them in the least amount of trouble.”

Matt, who asked that his last name not be used, said Rollins and Heng did not own a rifle, and purchased the gun specifically to kill the dog.

“They didn’t just get drunk and decide to kill Huey,” Matt told Popular Military. “This was premeditated, they had planned this.”

2. The Pair Were Both Charged With Animal Cruelty & Released on $25,000 Bail

marinna rollins, jarren heng

Marinna Rollins and Jarren Heng. (Cumberland County Jail)

Rollins and Heng were arrested on April 25 on charges of felony animal cruelty and conspiracy. They were both booked into the Cumberland County Jail and held on $25,000 bail.

According to WCSH-TV, Rollins and Heng learned they were wanted on the charges on April 24. Matt, Rollins’ estranged husband, told the news station he received a drunken phone call that day from Rollins, who said she needed to go to jail and might hurt herself. Matt said he found Rollins and she began throwing things, wiped ice cream on her face and threatened to use a razor on herself. Matt called 911 and police were able to take Rollins to a hospital, where she was placed on suicide watch. She was transferred to jail the next day.

Heng surrendered to police later on April 25. Rollins and Heng were both later released from custody after posting bond and making initial court appearances, according to police.

Police told the Portland Press-Herald that Rollins was found dead Sunday morning at her apartment after her friends were unable to contact her. Officers went to check on her and found her deceased. An investigation into her death is ongoing.

“There was evidence that our detectives were able to locate that suggested this was a suicide,” Fayetteville Police Lieutenant Todd Joyce told the newspaper.

3. Rollins Received a Medical Retirement Form the Army in January & Was Being Treated for PTSD

marinna rollins

Marinna Rollins was found dead two weeks after her arrest. (AFN)

Marinna Rollins, a native of Windham, Maine, had been stationed at Fort Bragg after joining the Army in 2014, the Army Times reports. She was a multimedia illustrator, the military newspaper reports.

Rollins was separated from the military in January 2017 on a medical retirement, according to the Army Times.

Matt, her estranged husband, told WCSH-TV that the two were a year apart at Windham High School in Maine, and had been dating before they joined the military.

“In high school, she was the goth-emo girl,” he told Popular Military. “I was a star football player.”

Matt began dating her in 2013, while he was already in the military and she was pursuing a career in the Army, he told Popular Military. Matt said Rollins had been expelled from a college in New York after being involved in a domestic dispute.

She was deployed to Korea in September 2014 for a year, and they married shortly before she left, he said. The couple had been separated since February 2015, but became friendly again shortly before his own deployment to Korea, leading to his decision to leave his dog with her.

According to her husband, Rollins was stationed at Camp Casey in Dongducheon for about four months before she was forced home early. He and Rollins’ sister told WCSH that she suffered a “traumatic event,” which they declined to go into detail about, while serving overseas. It left her “emotionally troubled.” Matt said Rollins returned from Korea as a “different person” and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and four other personality disorders.

An Army veteran, Joshua Parham, posted on Facebook after Rollins’ death that he was assaulted by her while they were serving together in Korea. He said Rollins had already suffered a trauma before the incident involving him, which he had since forgave her for.

“I was focusing on the Army and showing what’s going on in the Army on helping people and sexual assault,” Parham said about what he was doing in Korea when the incident involving Rollins occurred. “I am writing this to show my actions are against the Army not her. Marianna Rollins news of her killing herself has a big effect on me and I just pray she has peace.”

Parham wrote, “This is a case where the Army just let her go with meds and didn’t really help and let her get by with things and she never thought she would be in trouble Army that’s your fault.”

Matt told the news station that Rollins began dating Heng at some point around her medical retirement from the Army. He said that’s when things started going downhill for her.

Matt said Heng believes “he’s the most important person in the world” and was very controlling of Rollins, he told the news station.

“I’ve listened to the way he talks to her and it’s disgusting,” Matt told the news station. “Her attraction to Jarren is that they share similar personalities, and she identifies with that.”

He told Popular Military that Heng hated the dog.

“I think he convinced Marinna to get rid of Huey,” he said.

4. Heng Is Assigned to a Unit Within the Army Special Operations Command Stationed at Fort Bragg

jarren heng

Jarren Heng.

Specialist Jarren Heng is assigned to a unit within the Army Special Operations Command based at Fort Bragg, the Army Times reports. Colonel Robert Bockholt declined to tell the military newspaper his unit or military occupational speciality. Bockholt also did not say when Heng enlisted in the Army.

It is not clear if Heng has faced, or will face, military discipline in addition to the state criminal charges filed against him.

Heng is due in court on May 16. He faces up to 44 months in prison if convicted of both charges.

5. He Was a Track Star at the University of Nebraska Before Joining the Military

jarren heng, jarren heng nebraska

Jarren Heng. (University of Nebraska)

Heng is originally from Norfolk, Nebraska, according to the Norfolk Daily News. He graduated from Norfolk Catholic High School in 2010, where he was a track star.

In high school, Heng led Norfolk Catholic’s cross country team to four straight state titles and was the team’s top runner, while also winning two state titles in track.

Heng went on to attend the University of Nebraska, where he was a member of the Huskers cross country team, according to the school’s website. He was named the team’s most valuable runner in 2012, his junior season, before an injury plagued senior year.

According to the Huskers website, Heng was a Spanish major. He received Academic All-Big Ten honors in 2011 and 2013, and the Big Ten Sportsmanship Award in 2013.


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Me too…that heartless piece of shit. Hopefully her scumbag boyfriend will do the same


What else is new. Suicide is the only way out for all these scumbags. The quickest way to put them out of their misery. It’s a curse dude. It will be haunting the rest of them for the rest of their miserable lives.


I hope there was a video that leaks out. This way we can laugh like the disgusting bitch laughed at the poor dog. The scumbag boyfriend will get away with it. It’s odd…all of a sudden all these ailments have come out about her and trauma. This is the first time I’ve seen it. A pig is a pig. The military screwed up letting a nutcase in and now they’re doing damage control. She wasn’t a combat soldier. She was “emo” short for goth or whiny teenager who was fascinated by death. PTSD? Everyone has a form of it. Too bad it ended the way it did and she wasn’t raped in jail and then shanked to death. I hope he is.


Look at is eyes…heartless…true evil incarnate.
He should be put down…he will kill again.


He was put down, as all pit-bulls should be put down. The sooner we eradicate this breed, the safer our children will be.


thanks for showing that slimeballs like you are the problem, not the dog.

true statement

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I have a pit bull and he is the most gentle dog in the world (he even plays with our cats) It’s not the breed that’s bad. If there is a pit bull who’s bad it’s because of the OWNER. I’m sure if the dog had a violent past at all #1 he wouldn’t have been up for adoption and #2 She wouldn’t have been able to register him as a service animal. What these 2 did is outrageous and pure evil. I hope she’s burning in hell while being attacked by the hounds of hell for all of eternity. RIP Cam


Labrador Retrievers are responsible for the most recorded bites on humans and the most insurance claims. Over 13 percent of dog bites are from Labs.(around 8 percent of dog bites are from pits.)
It’s not the dog, it’s the owner.


military women!

She never saw combat NEVER! I have 5 tours and have been to Korea 12 times and have NEVER ever considered what this douche bag and her demented friend did. Rot in hell!


I’ve said it many times, the US military is a young single man’s game.
Oh well, she took care of herself. Now when will the gay guy whack himself?


You cannot justify this and take it out on a dog no matter your pain.or trauma.


Thanks for ridding the world of yourself you evil hag. May Jarren follow in your footsteps.


According to her estranged husband, Matt Dyer, Marinna hanged herself with a belt from a pull-up bar in her apartment. Her friends were trying to reach her and she was discovered at 3:45 a.m., when the police were called. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel sympathy at all. I just keep reliving the 3 videos she and Heng made of killing Huey, using him for target practice and then dragging his dead body to a shallow grave all while LAUGHING! No… sympathy from me, ever. Huey is the one who deserves sympathy and an honorable burial.


These two weren’t the sharpest tacks in the tool box, blatantly admitting their guilt online. Sure would be a shame if one of Jarren Heng’s military buddies treated him the same way he and his twisted girlfriend treated Cam.


He was assigned to a unit within Special Operations Command – but was only a specialist. He majored in Spanish in college. Which means he was probably just a linguist.

He’s a self-centered narcissist who will have this crime follow him for life.

Karen Bousquet

She was a twisted, psychotic, sadistic narcissist. Just like Jarren Heng. Don’t forget that name. He is the only one now to be held accountable. He needs to get the most severe punishment. And why hasn’t he been dishonorably discharged from the military??? God help me if I hear one more idiot decry her suicide as a result of her PTSD. The bitch just couldn’t bear to live knowing her name would be forever associated with torturing an therapy dog to death?? Doesn’t get much sicker than that. Good riddance, you piece of trash whore.


It would be super for someone to go Jon Snow on Heng’s face. For those of you not familiar, Jon Snow from “Game Of Thrones” defeated the evil Ramsay Bolton, who brutalized and raped his half sister, Sansa Stark and killed one of his young half brothers, Rikon.


its a goddam dog for fuksakes. you people are acting like she murdered a baby.. PTSD is a real problem she wasn’t in her right mind when she did that.. get over it. she’s an army vet who served her country. Not for shitty people like you to torment her to her death. smh


Know the difference between mental illness, and personality disorders. And anyone who can so callously kill an animal, particularly companion animals are most often associated with psychopathy. She was branded narcissistic PD. Look it uo and read accounts of people who bave personal experience. This behavior did NOT come from PTSD or any other mebtal illness, and even if she had treatment for those, the fact that she is a narcissistic PD shows that her severe lack of empathy and inflated sense of self would not have been addressed because it is ingrained in her personality.


PTSD my foot! She was already showing signs of a psyco before she ever entered the military. She was expelled from college for a domestic violence incident? Still, sad case. I would imagine where she is now is much, much worse than where she left. There is no RIP for those who die in her unfortunate condition.


She was a multimedia illustrator. Never saw combat. Cut it out with the whole “she served our country” garbage. She behaved disgracefully to the uniform and PTSD was not the cause of her remorseless, twisted behavior. Only a coward would take pleasure in torturing and harming an innocent, defenseless creature animal or human. If she din’t want Huey, he could have really helped other vets but she thought it would be fun to kill him instead and make a video about it. She and her orangutang boyfriend can just erase themselves. We are not obligated to have any kind of empathy for her when she clearly displayed she has none and is capable of committing disgustingly brutal acts.


An animal life worth more than a human life ? You Neanderthals sure do love your dogs. disgusting


Ted Bundy was human. Also Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacey, Brenda Spencer, and many other serial killers. Know what they all had in common? They tortured and killed animals. Their lives were not more than an innocent animal’s and neither is anyone else’s who engages in such behavior. We don’t need this type of seed to spread. And funny how you should call those who have empathy for the defenseless “neanderthals and disgusting” when those you take up for run around in their underwears getting drunk like trailer trash garbage torturing an innocebt creature who can’t fight back. That’s not “neanderthal disgusting” behavior at all. They shoould have been summoned to have tea with the Queen of England. And no, mental illness does *not* cause this type of behavior. Certainly not Bi polar or PTSD. Personality disorders on the other hand *are* associated. But those are not mental illness. Disorders, yes. Illness, no. They are ingrained within a person so they cannot be treated in the same way. In fact, most psychs refused to work with these types due to how manipulative they are. So take your lecture of “worth” and stuff it.


Oh poor girl – she could have had a career as a cam whore. Now she’s just a dead dog-killer. Oy vey the cruelty.. lol.

PS. what’s this PTSD nonsense? She never saw combat so how did she get that? By doing the whole barracks?


She was stationed in Korea for 4 months. Apparently she assaulted a fellow soldier who was a transvestite. According to family, she came home on medical and was a different person. Claimed PTSD from that incident. I agree with you on a wasted career on camera.

Jack C.

Why does it not make news when countless animals are shot in “hunting” videos while “sportsmen” laugh about it? Apparently an animal must be domestic to have any value to human “kind.”


So…of course you’re a vegetarian, wear vinyl shoes and belts, right? Most people do not invite an elk, moose or wild boar into their homes to live as a valued companion.


Good!!! Glad she killed her sorry ass self. Maybe the boyfriend will follow her to hell. Another “ptsd” pussy vet that never saw combat that won’t be mooching off the tax payers. Peace out bitch!!!!

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