Donald Trump and Melania Trump are about to attend three inaugural galas, during which they will have their first dance as president and first lady.

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President Donald Trump and his wife Melania were affectionate during the Inauguration. See photos of the president and First Lady kissing at inaugural events.

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President Donald Trump delivered remarks at the Salute to Our Armed Services Ball on Friday evening, officially capping off a packed day of inaugural events.

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Hervé Pierre is the designer behind Melania Trump’s jaw-dropping ivory dress worn at the Inaugural Ball. Click here to read more about the designer who has managed to stay out of the limelight.

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At the 2nd inauguration ball the first couple, Donald and Melania Trump, attended January 20, the singer had an audio fail. Watch the video here.

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President Donald Trump delivered the 2nd speech of his inauguration evening January 20. He polled the crowd if he should keep his Twitter. Watch the video here.

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Donald and Melania Trump look stunning at the inaugural ball, as do Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric. See the best photos of the family at the inaugural balls.

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The highly anticipated Inaugural Ball is here, and the world is watching President Donald Trump’s first dance with First Lady Melania. What did the style goddess wear? Click here for the best photos.

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President Donald Trump arrived at the inaugural ball on Friday night and, before having his first dance, delivered a few brief remarks.

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What did Karen Pence, the Second Lady, wear to inaugural balls and Inauguration events? See photos of Mike Pence’s wife.

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Relive every moment of the inaugural balls with these photos. See pictures of the Liberty Ball, the Freedom Ball, and the Salute to Armed Services Ball.

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Tiffany Trump chose a pair of $798 British boots for the Inauguration and the shoes were flown in to Washington D.C. Read more about what Tiffany wore.

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See photos of First Lady Melania Trump, step-by-step through the Inauguration Day, from the swearing-in ceremony to the inaugural balls.

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President Donald Trump spoke from the Oval Office of the White House for the first time on Thursday evening in between inaugural events.

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How did the crowds at Trump’s inauguration compare to Obama, Bush, and Clinton’s? See photos showing how many attended here.

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Erin Boheme will perform for President Donald Trump at the official inaugural gala this evening.

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