Donald Trump signed executive orders advancing the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock (DAPL) and Keystone XL. Trump once had investments in Energy Transfer Partners.

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Hillary Clinton will campaign in Tempe at Arizona State University on Wednesday. Watch a live stream of her event here.

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Arizona has unexpectedly become a battleground state, and with six days left to go until Election Day, Hillary Clinton is still within a few points of Trump.

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Des Moines police officer Anthony “Tony” Beminio was one of two officers killed in ambush-style attacks in Iowa Wednesday morning.

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Hillary Clinton returns to Las Vegas on Wednesday, rallying just two days before early voting ends in Nevada and just six days before the general election. Watch a live stream of her event here.

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Urbandale Police officer Justin Martin was one of the two police officers killed in an ambush in Iowa early Wednesday morning.

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Donald Trump had a massive rally today in Miami, Florida as the election draws near. See photos and stories here.

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Donald Trump will hold a rally in Orlando, Florida this afternoon, his second of three rallies in the state today. Watch it live here.

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The victim of a deadly school stabbing in Canada has been named.

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The latest polls from North Carolina show that Donald Trump is beginning to take the lead in this crucial battleground state.

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Hillary Clinton will win the election over Donald Trump by a comfortable margin, predicts Moody’s Analytics, a model with 100 percent accuracy since 1980.

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A black church in Mississippi was burned and vandalized, with the words “Vote Trump” written on its side.

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About five million Floridians have cast their ballot in the 2016 election, and the numbers are looking much better for Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton.

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New Hampshire has become a battleground state this election cycle, as Hillary Clinton’s clear lead has eroded. One poll even shows Donald Trump ahead.

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While all eyes are on Mosul, Iraq, a new photo report purportedly released by the Islamic State shows their ongoing battles against the Kurdish PKK in the most populous Syrian province.

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Scott Michael Greene, 46, has been identified as the suspect in the ambush-style killings of two police officers in Iowa.

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