Third-grade teacher Kyle Schwartz sparked a Twitter sensation after she posted notes online that her students wrote about the tough challenges they faced.

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Doug Hughes, a 61-year-old Florida mail man, was arrested after he landed a gyrocopter near the U.S. Capitol as a protest of government corruption.

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The city of Chicago settled a lawsuit for $5 million with the family of Laquan McDonald, a teen shot by police 16 times in 2014. The FBI is still investigating.

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Ursula Ward is the mother of Odin Lloyd. On April 15, former NFL star Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of the murder of her son in 2013.

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A new video released by the Islamic State is a music video rapping in German, promising suicide bomber attacks in Germany as well Times Square in New York City.

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Famed experimental chef Homaro Cantu, whose creative blend of science and fine dining won him foodie fans around the world, has been found dead at the age of 38.

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A Missouri inmate was executed on Tuesday night for killing a man in a fit of rage over child support payments 16 years ago.

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Officer Michael Rapiejko’s dashcam recorded the Arizona cop intentionally hitting an armed suspect, Mario Valencia, with his car to disarm him.

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Paid the IRS? Time to celebrate with a deal on a meal.

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A Mariana, Arizona police officer’s dash camera captured video of him intentionally running down an armed suspect with his cruiser in Tucson.

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A new promo clip for Bruce Jenner’s ABC interview with Diane Sawyer shows the former Olympic champion talking for the first time about his transition into becoming a woman, saying: ‘My whole life has been getting ready for this.’

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Just hours after meeting in person for the first time, Haley Fox is accused of beating her Internet boyfriend of two years over the head with a baseball bat.

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The singer of “When a Man Loves a Woman” has died at the age of 73.

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A man kneeling nude on the side of a street in Appleton, Wisconsin informs the cameraman that he’s “just looking for Ashley” before walking away.

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Robert Bates, a 73-year-old insurance executive and volunteer reserve deputy sheriff in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been charged with manslaughter after “accidentally” shooting a suspect.

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Jailed former Nebraska and NFL running back Lawrence Phillips is now accused of murdering his cellmate in a California prison.

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