Donald Trump will speak at CPAC for the fifth time today, but this time, he’s doing so as U.S. President. Watch Trump’s speech right here.

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Adam Purinton allegedly made racial slurs before shooting three people at a bar in Olathe, Kansas. He was charged with first degree murder February 23.

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Alan Colmes is survived by his wife Jocelyn Crowley, a professor. Jocelyn Elise Crowley is the sister of Monica Crowley.

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A Black Lives Matter activist caused a stir in South Carolina when he leaped over a barricade to capture a confederate flag.

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During an appearance at CPAC 2017, Kelleyanne Conway talked about her boss, President Donald Trump, and her path to success.

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Fox News political correspondent Alan Colmes is dead at the age of 66. He died February 23 and leaves behind a wife.

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Alan Colmes, the Fox News contributor and liberal pundit, is dead at the age of 66. Learn more about Colmes’ death.

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Today is the first full day of CPAC 2017. The Republican speakers include Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence and Ted Cruz.

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Anaheim protests devolved into riots over an off-duty LAPD officer shooting his gun during a scuffle with a group of teenagers. See videos and photos.

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Christian Dorscht, 13, had a gun pulled on him by an off-duty LAPD officer during a struggle in Anaheim. A video shows the officer firing a shot during the incident.

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Eight candidates shared their views in CNN’s #DNCDebate. Let us know who you think won the DNC Chair debate tonight in this poll.

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It now appears that the cops in Las Vegas are not buying Sarah Dunsey’s tale of kidnap and sex trafficking.

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The suspect in a triple shooting at a bar in Olathe, Kansas was arrested early February 23. He allegedly shouted racial slurs before opening fire at patrons.

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One suspect is in police custody after a triple shooting at Austin’s Bar in Olathe, Kansas. Adam Purinton allegedly shouted racial slurs before shooting.

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Standing Rock (DAPL) protesters burned fires as the government ordered the closing of a camp where clashes occurred over the Dakota Access Pipeline. See photos.

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Actor Darius McCrary’s wife is accusing the Family Matters star of holding their 16-month-old daughter over a pot of boiling water.

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