A former America’s Next Top Model contestant is in intensive care after being shot in Houston. Two other people were killed during the same attack.

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Speaker Paul Ryan conceded on The American Health Care Act on March 24. He and President Donald Trump agreed to pull the bill. Watch the full video replay.

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Adam Schiff, the Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, will be a thorn in President Donald Trump’s side and is butting heads with Devin Nunes. Here’s a look at his life and career.

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President Donald Trump is now responding following the cancellation of the vote on the American Health Care Act.

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Noura Jackson spent 11 years in prison for her mother’s murder. She maintained her innocence from the beginning and in August 2016, her conviction was thrown out and she was released.

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Speaker Paul Ryan is holding a press conference after reports surfaced that President Donald Trump asked him to pull the health care bill before a vote.

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A federal judge in Virginia, Anthony John Trenga, has ruled in favor of President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

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The unannounced visit from FBI Director James Comey comes four days after he confirmed there’s an ongoing investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

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U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who is 47 years old, is married and has two children at home.

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Shocking new dashcam footage shows a 21-year-old woman firing off rounds at police before being fatally hit by a cop car.

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Rodney Frelinghuysen, the chair of the House Appropriations Committee, says he will vote no on the American Health Care Act.

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The House Freedom Caucus is at the center of the debate surrounding the American Health Care Act. Who are the representatives in this organization?

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See the recent missing D.C. teen photos put out by the Washington D.C. police. Police caution that most missing teens are found after voluntarily vanishing.

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The United States House of Representatives is about to hold a vote on whether to pass the new American Health Care Act. Here’s how to watch online.

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An Amber Alert was issued in Cathedral City, California, for missing toddlers, Jayden Cortez and Carlos Cortez, who were in a stolen car.

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A string of missing teenager cases in Washington, D.C., has community members calling it an epidemic as police downplay the panic.

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