A train crashed at the Hoboken, New Jersey train station on Thursday morning, leaving one person dead and at least 100 injured.

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Frederick Harris III was convicted of the grisly murder and dismemberment of his elderly parents in Pennsylvania.

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Shimon Peres, the former Prime Minister and President of Israel, has died. Click to find out how the 93-year-old died.

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Shimon Peres spent over six decades in public life. Click to learn about the former Israeli prime minister’s family.

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Eyewitnesses say on video that an El Cajon, California man was unarmed and had his arms extended when police shot him. Watch video, including live reports.

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Nathan Carman and his mother went missing after setting sail for a boating trip. Nathan returned safe while his mother is presumed dead. He was previously a murder suspect in his grandfather’s death. Read more on this developing story here.

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A black man witnesses say was unarmed was shot by police in El Cajon, California as his sister watched, sparking outrage. Watch a Facebook Live video of the scene.

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Donald Trump spoke at a massive rally in Melbourne, Florida today. Thousands attended his first rally after his debate against Clinton. See photos here.

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A new photo report purportedly released by the Islamic State shows a man in “Wilayat Hama,” Syria being forced to participate in a public amputation after a sharia court charged him with stealing.

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Elon Musk announced an amazing vision to colonize Mars. See photos of what the spacecraft will look like and how the vision will become reality.

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Hillary Clinton held her first rally after the presidential debate in Raleigh, North Carolina. See pictures and stories about what happened here.

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Does Donald Trump’s debate claim that ISIS owns “oil all over the place” hold up to a fact check?

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Brian Trainer was identified as the Washington D.C. police officer who shot and killed Terrence Sterling, an unarmed man on a motorcycle.

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Body cam videos were released by Washington D.C. officials showing the aftermath of the police shooting death of Terrence Sterling.

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Hillary Clinton will make a stop in Raleigh for a rally just hours after the first presidential debate. Watch a live stream of her address here.

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Protests erupted over the Washington D.C. shooting death of Terrence Sterling, an unarmed black man. People are upset the officer’s body cam was turned off.

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