Reddit Downvotes the Internet with Downvote GIFs

In the Reddit universe it’s vote or die, with orange upvotes offering sanctuary to a post and blue downvotes banishing it to a pit of rejection. Many will submit their posts, but few will garner enough upvotes to reach the mecca of Reddit – the front page. Even in sorrow comes joy though, and blue downvote GIFs offer a positive spin on the sink or swim mentality of Reddit. Behold, the downvote GIF!

Downvote the world!
downvote the world

Captain America is no match for a downvote attack.
downvote captain america

Careful where you tread.
indy gets the downvote

Shaq doesn’t sweat the downvote.
downvote shaq

Death Star gets the downvote.
luke sykwalker downvote

Ace asked for it and he dared.
ace ventura downvote

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This is the fate of those who repost.
downvote attack

Cats will downvote anybody and anything.
downvote cat

The downvote assassin.
downvote assassin

Charlie Kelly gets the Mac downvote.
downvote charlie kelly

“I’ll be back… to downvote you.”
downvote terminator

Finally, an upvote.
upvote dance

Your friends would be so into this, share it!

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Via Reddit.

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