10 Creative Marriage Proposals to Warm Your Cold, Cold Heart

Austin Marriage Proposal
Getting down on one knee simply isn’t enough for some folks out there. Thanks to the internet, awesome marriage proposals that get help from motorcycles, robots, or Bruno Mars are not left unknown. These sweet displays of love are the perfect antidote to your cynicism.

The Pictionary Proposal
Pictionary proposal

Finally, an exciting board game night. Michael from San Francisco manipulated a Pictionary card on Photoshop to say “Marry Me” and then rigged the game so that Conny, his girlfriend, would have to draw it. He made a few fake guesses, like “propose” and “engage,” to make her work for it. After choosing the right moment, he shouted “Marry Me!” Then, remaining smooth, he pulled out the ring and asked, “Will you marry me?”

Pictionary Proposal drawing

This was her drawing.

Pictionary proposal

And here’s the proposal.

The Live Lip Dub Proposal

The ambitious Isaac Lamb of Portland is pretty much the bane of every other potential fiancee’s existence. He orchestrated a complicated dance spectacle to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” with 60 of the couple’s friends and family members. Amy Frankel sat in the back of a Honda CRV as it slowly rolled through the neighborhood, taking in the nearly flawless execution of this proposal. Bruno Mars even offered his blessing in a tweet, “Congrats to Isaac Lamb and the future Mrs … I don’t think I could’ve made a better music video for this song. Thank you.”

Record Breaking Whisper Chain Proposal

The message “Will you marry me, Kristina” passed through 59 people, breaking the world record for the longest successful whisper chain. Jake Bronstein started the whisper chain and his girlfriend, Kristina Hoge, received the message last, from a stranger. She said yes, and the entire crowd rejoiced.

Google Maps Street View Proposal

Google Maps Street View Proposal

Michael Weiss-Malik harnessed the powers of Google, where he works, to stage his proposal. Since Google doesn’t announce when it’s vehicles are passing through to take Street View panoramas, this proposal is most definitely the first of its kind. Check out Weiss-Malik at the Google Mountain View Offices on Google Maps for yourself here.

iPhone Commercial Proposal

Claude M. made his own iPhone commercial, using the phone’s features to deliver the message. The adorable video worked, of course.

Harry Potter and the Hollowed Out Book Proposal

Harry Potter proposal

Redditor trehlo hollowed out a copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and tied a ring at the chapter called “The Unbreakable Vow.” So sweet! Cue the Harry Potter puns.

Curtain Call Proposal (With Robots)

Erik Schroeder of Chicago used his 30th birthday as a ruse to get him on stage after one of his girlfriend’s performances at the Steppenwolf Garage Theatre. While up there, he popped the question, with the help of some robots. The cherry on top of this proposal came when the whole theatre broke out into an Elvis song. Side note: this looks like an awesome play.

Fake Movie Trailer Proposal

The unsuspecting Ginny went to the movie theater to see Fast Five, but one of the trailers hit very close to home. Matt decided that the best way to propose to his girlfriend was through a movie trailer because their love story is “making the movies jealous.

The Street Comic Strip Proposal

While “The Window” is usually a comic strip that appears on the windows of a storefront, to the amusement of Lafayette, Indiana residents, but it once played a role in helping a couple down the aisle. Joe Broussard called on the creator of “The Window,” Bids, to create a strip asking his girlfriend Shayla to marry him. Bids agreed, and this proposal was a delight for the whole community.

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Block the Freeway Proposal

In quite possibly the most romantic use of motorcycles, Hector Martinez stopped the I-10 Freeway in Los Angeles, with help from 300 or so bikers, to propose to his girlfriend, Paige Hernandez. Martinez came up with the brilliant plan as a way to incorporate the biking world into the proposal and her family, who watched from an overpass. The resulting traffic jam was totally worth it.

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