15 Pictures of Girls Who Did Puberty Right: From Awkward to Hot Bird

We all went through that horrifically awkward phase of life known as puberty. You felt weird, confused, and hormonal.  Not only that, if you were anything like me, you were probably ugly.  I mean, I’m still ugly, but I was super ugly back then. And I smelled weird until I learned to put on deodorant every day.  Anyway, we all know these people, some of us are these people, but these are the really drastic cases: those girls who went from totally not cute, weird looking little kid, to attractive females.

From Ugly Duckling to Swan


Toothy Grin to Soft Smile… but that’s a shirt downgrade!


Beaver to Dayum


Asian Guy to Cutie Pie


Bratt to Babe 


It’s All in the Teeth.


Indian Boy to Asian Gal


Hippy Bro to Classy Gal


Goalie to Some Guy at the Bar’s Goal


Goober to Hearbreaker


One Hair Color Was The Secret


Who’da Thunk It?


Your ex-ugly friends need to see this

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She Got Less Paintings Though


Some Say All Asians Look Alike, This Girl Doesn’t Even Look Like Her Past


Most Drastic Transition Goes Too…


Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces Might Be the Best Thing on the Internet

Pretty girls making ugly faces is the best thing to come around since planking and we've got Beyonce to thank for it. Jay-Z must be so proud.

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